Team Management Tools to Improve Your Team Skills

If you are looking for the best business solutions to manage your team effectively and improve your team skills, Here are some effective team management tools you should consider having for your business.

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All Professionals Need Team Management Skills

Best Team Management Software and Tools to Improve Your Team Skills

Collaboration and work coordination are very important, especially in today's changing work settings. As we now juggle between working in the office and working remotely, it is important to stay connected with your team while keeping the team's communication skills efficient at all times. 

Now that remote working is considered a necessity, having a systematic way to bridge the gap between colleagues, in terms of work requirements, meetings and other day-to-day activities is necessary. And the best way to do it? With the help of team management tools and online productivity software.

Digitalization is a crucial part of increasing productivity. If you want to be more productive in the digital age, adopt productivity tips for digital nomads to create a dedicated workspace and have a shot at hacking their growth.

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Team Management Tools Your Company Should Have

Communication is just one of the many things that you need to consider when in a remote setup for your business. The importance of life skills lies in your ability to adapt to all circumstances and succeed in the renaissance and prosperity of the environment. When managing a team, it is also important to aid in boosting their work quality and productivity. Remember, your company grows when your team grows professionally too.

So how can you manage your team and help them stay organized and efficient while working in or out of the office setting? Here are 7 types of effective team management tools you should consider having for your business.

Process Street

If you are looking for a business process management solution, Process Street is one of the ideal team management tools available out there. It offers a mix of collaboration, managing business procedures, helps minimize mistakes and can help you save time and money along the way.

What's great about this software is that you can document your tasks and track your progress, up until you complete the project as planned.

From transferring documents to scheduling due dates, role assignments and tracking the progress of your team members, Process Street has it all. It also features regular email updates to help the rest of the team in the loop.

Proof Hub

Proof Hub is a team management software and online project management tool rolled into one. What makes Proof Hub different from other team management programs is that it can provide one-on-one group chats and Kanban boards for task management, all in one easy-to-access dashboard. Managing files can be used through its built-in system as well as an area where topics and projects can be discussed.

Additionally, the software also features an online proofing tool and a time tracking tool, allowing you to save money by having all your productivity tools available in one place. It also offers easy access to your Google Calendars, Google Drive,  OneDrive, Freshbooks, and Dropbox.


Running a remote team can be quite difficult, especially in terms of communication and collaboration.  Make it easier for your team to pick each other's brains during working hours with this all-in-one communication tool - Slack. You can use it on your desktop or as a mobile device on your phone. Conduct meetings or communicate privately with your team as needed. The great thing about Slack? You can connect it with other productivity applications like Salesforce, the ever-reliable Google Drive and Trello. You'll stay on top of your day-to-day activities and stay connected with each other while staying productive with this tool.


Do you have part-timers or freelancers on your team? Track their work times, projects finished and create invoices with a click of the button with this time tracking software. What's great about this productivity too is that you can easily evaluate and see the actual working hours of your team. Working hours can be recorded and can be flexible at the same time. Billing projects are done faster, giving you more time to do other things for your business.


One of the most common problems with collaborative and remotely working teams is accessing files and other software and data. It can be a headache to constantly reset passwords or to constantly bug someone else to do it for you.

With 1Password, you save time by having your password lists available in one, safe, secure and encrypted space. Managers need to remember one single password to get access to a password list essential for day-to-day activities at work. The tool allows approved team members to access shared platforms with a single click.

And here is a bonus!


Working remotely limits communication to work-related issues. Birthdays, anniversaries and work milestones that are usually celebrated in an office setting are now slipping under the radar.

Bonusly helps companies highlight and celebrate these milestones, even in an isolated environment. The software features rewards and recognition features that helps employers show appreciation to one another. The management can send in points and bonuses to the employees working efficiently and productively thru this online tool.

The concept is quite easy. Employees win points for performing well and helping each other out. These accumulated points can be redeemed for real-world rewards - Amazon Credits, Sephora, Groupon, Adidas, Airbnb, Chipotle, Dunkin Donuts or PayPal cashouts.

Weekdone Team Compass

To cap off the workweek and to keep the rest of the team engaged and goal-driven, you might want to try this goal-setting and productivity tool called Weekdone Team Compass.

What makes it different from other productivity tools is that it helps team members stay on track and focused on their daily tasks. As for managers, they receive an automatic progress report every end of the week, giving them a batter's eye view on employee productivity, engagement and collaboration.

The dashboards are quite appealing and easy to use, come with a rating scale for tasks, provide feedback templates and pulse surveys to better understand your team.

Weekdone Team Compass can be integrated with Slack, Jira, Asana, Google Tasks and more.

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Why Do You Need to Invest in Team Management Online Tools?

To grow and to create a more ideal working environment for your business, it is essential to invest in a team management system. Such systems leap and remove boundaries that delay or hinder productive work, especially in a remote setting. In today's blended workforce, flexible online tools and software are the keys to growth and success.

Team management software and other productivity tools make it possible to bring together employees, managers, clients, and freelancers in one collaborative, efficient and productive roof.

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