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What is the importance of mathematics in our daily lives?

importance of mathematics
What is the importance of mathematics in our daily lives?

What is the importance of mathematics in our daily lives?

By: Mahtab Alam Quddsi

Mathematics: It is a study of measurements, numbers, and space, which is one of the first sciences that human work to develop because of its great importance and benefit. The origin of the word "mathematics" in Greek, which means tendencies to learn, and there are many branches of mathematics in science, that are related to the numbers, including the geometric forms, algebra, and others. Mathematics plays a vital role in all aspects of life, whether in everyday matters such as time tracking, driving, cooking, or jobs such as accounting, finance, banking, engineering, and software. These functions require a strong mathematical background, and scientific experiments by scientists need mathematical techniques. They are a language to describe scientists' work and achievements.
As for mathematical inventions, they are numerous throughout the ages. Some of them were tangible, such as counting and measuring devices. Some of them are not as tangible as methods of thinking and solving. The symbols that express numbers are also one of the most important mathematical inventions.
Mathematics helps in analytical thinking. While solving math problems, data are collected, disassembled and then interconnected to solve them. 
  • Helps to develop the ability to think
  • Helps explain how things work
  • Helps to develop wisdom
  • Increases the speed of intuitive
  • Helps to make the child smarter
  • Money can be collected in mathematics when used as a profession.
  • It is important in a constantly evolving world.
  • It provides the child with an opportunity to get to the world

Mathematics in our everyday life

Mathematics is the pillar of organized life for the present day. Without numbers and mathematical evidence, we cannot resolve many issues in our daily lives. There are times, measurements, rates, wages, tenders, discounts, claims, supplies, jobs, stocks, contracts, taxes, money exchange, consumption, etc., and in the absence of these sports data, we have to face confusion and chaos.
Thus, mathematics has become the companion of man and his helper since the beginning of human existence on earth. When man first wanted to answer questions such as "How many?" he invented math. Then algebra was invented to facilitate calculations, Measurements, analysis, and engineering. The science of trigonometry emerged when humans wanted to locate high mountains and stars.
Therefore, the knowledge of this article arose and developed when human felt the need and mathematics are necessary for the long planning of life and also the daily planning of any individual.
Mathematical rapprochement is necessary for any process, so if anyone wants to reach the height of his life, he should not fail to believe in the role of mathematics in his life, starting with the ordinary citizen. Every day has a daily interest in mathematics. Mathematics is deeply related to the natural phenomenon, the way to solve many secrets of nature.
Mathematics is necessary to understand the other branches of knowledge. All depend on mathematics in one way or another. There is no science, art, or specialty except mathematics was the key to it. The discipline and mastery of any other science or art are very much related to the size of mathematics.

The most important uses of mathematics 

I think it is impossible to limit the uses of mathematics in everyday life so we will suffice with some of them:
Can you use any entertainment game without using numbers?
Can you practice any sport without using numbers to learn if you are a winner or a loser?
Can you do your work without using the numbers? If you are a teacher, collect your students' marks or a doctor, estimate the amount of medicine for the patient or an engineer, estimate the amount of raw material to be added to complete the work or even a leader in a battle. 
Can you enter the store without using the numbers?
Can prayers be organized without the use of numbers, and what is left of the time for the next prayer?

And much more, whatever you try, you cannot get rid of the use of this important science.
The importance of mathematics is that it is a method based on research and analysis, to reach the desired results, and is used for calculation and presentation of data; not only the use of this science in a particular field but the use of all areas of life and different sciences.

The uses of mathematics in practical life 

Mathematics is the language of science. It enables thinkers to test their ideas by doing many experiments. Mathematics is important for all professions in the world, relying heavily on the use of numbers and arithmetic. The use of mathematics in banking and financial matters, it is necessary to be accurate in the accounts to be able to maintain his money in an optimal manner.  Mathematics helps people manage money by balancing the checkbook or shopping at the most expensive prices.  It helps calculate bills (collection and subtraction of income and expenses), financial obligations of taxes, insurance, loans, and others.

The use of mathematics by many people in daily behaviors, such as: determining the amounts of food during cooking, and selling and buying, and follow-up times and commercial matters and others. It helps to estimate the quantity of food and bread to be prepared, where the individual needs to mathematics by calculating the amounts required according to the size of the pot, for example.
Mathematics helps learn data entry in many functions (such as engineering, science, computer programming, accounting, and banking) that rely entirely on mathematics.
Engineering and trigonometry help the player determine the way and angle that the ball hits to achieve the goal.

Playing music, understanding fractions and ratios helps to understand the rhythm of musical notes.
The calculation of spaces is important. When the wall is painted, for example, there is a need to calculate the amount of paint needed to perform this process.
Gardening: This process needs to measure the area of the garden and find out how much these trees produce to feed others, and also to calculate the cost of the plantations and the cost of selling them.
The animation designer uses linear algebra to show how the drawings are animated and converted, and also zoomed in and out.

mathematics in our daily life

The world of computers, where the creation of the new generation of tools and applications requires the use of a lot of mathematics, the theoretical study of algorithms is only a small part of the process.
Fashion designer, where perimeter measurements, waist diameter, in addition to mathematical algorithms are used to help create designs, calculate the amount and cost of the fabric required to carry out.

Architects, where mathematics is used to calculate the square area of rooms and buildings and also to develop dimensions of the ground area, and the space required for other areas, such as parking, plumbing, and others.
Development of computer hardware is done by mathematical theories. Developing the rest of science and interpreting its theories, especially physics, chemistry, astronomy, geography, etc.
Study the extent of population growth by environmental scientists, and the extent of population density.
Astronauts are using exact mathematical equations from how the spacecraft leaves the Earth's atmosphere to how the astronaut drives the vehicle.

Mathematics plays a major role in the development of modern technological means such as the Internet, which is one of the necessities of everyday life, which facilitates communication between people, and enables us to obtain information and search for its way.
Mathematics also plays a major role in cooking and in determining the necessary quantities. The individual must know the fractions and ratios, and the knowledge of the weight measuring units used, such as the cup, the weight, the liter, the gram, and others.
Mathematics is also important in the field of agriculture. Farmers must have sufficient knowledge of mathematical knowledge that makes them progress. The important benefits of mathematics in agriculture are:

Mathematics accurately describes weather conditions and analyzes acidity in the soil, allowing the identification of crops that can be grown in these soils.
Farmers need to know several mathematical issues such as their knowledge of units of measurement and how to convert between them.
Mathematics helps farmers to plan and determine sizes and dimensions, by determining the yield and quantity of crops, approximating the amount of return relative to the plot, and contributing to improved returns and expenditures and the calculation of expected losses.

The importance of mathematics to individuals

Mathematics is one of the most important sciences that cannot be dispensed with, and the individual's need for mathematics is no less than the need of society. When studying an individual or a person of mathematics, this will develop his thinking and scientific tendencies, Mathematics also works to express the most accurate and objective, and it helps us to manage time and planning things, economics and others.

The importance of mathematics to society

Mathematics is an innate approach to research and analysis to reach a solution to mathematical problems. Mathematics is a basic subject taught at all stages. It cannot be dispensed with. Some of the important roles of mathematics in society are:
The importance of mathematics in scientific studies: The conduct of studies and scientific research requires many skills in sports, which help in the development of studies and progress, for example, the study of physics or chemistry depends heavily on mathematics, including mathematical skills and mathematical matters, and lies the role of mathematics in the accuracy of conducting social research through the statistics branch.
The importance of mathematics in the development of social values: It helps mathematics in the development and refinement of personality, through the organization and accuracy, research and investigation and study, and helps to detect.
The importance of mathematics in cultural development: Like other sciences, mathematics influences civilization's development. Cultural development depends on the achievements of scientists and innovators, especially athletes. No one neglects the role of Arab and Muslim scientists in the development of civilizations. A great mathematician, Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi who created the theory of algebra and laws of arithmetic that helped develop modern science and technology.
By: Mahtab Alam Quddsi

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