Why is it difficult for us to stop running very quickly?

Stopping running quickly is not easy or normal. If you are going to stop, it will be difficult and it can be a little painful. Here, we will tell you why it is difficult to stop running suddenly.

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Why is it difficult to stop running very quickly?

Why is It Difficult to Stop Running Very Quickly? Scientific Analysis


We all feel sore during running and try to stop, but we have a hard time stopping while running. Stop running is not easy or normal.

If you are going to stop, it will be difficult and it may be a bit painful. You may even get stuck, but this does not mean you are lazy about running.

You have to exercise regularly to take advantage of it. In this article, we will tell you why it is difficult to stop running while mentioning the benefits of running.

The reason for the difficulty of stopping while running

You may wonder why you are responsible. Your body simply can not stop suddenly while running or moving in general because it is subject to the laws of physics that govern everything in the world around us.

This phenomenon explains Newton's second law, known as inertia law, The body tries to maintain its state of stillness, And the moving body tries to maintain its kinetic state, in the absence of external force affect the body, and in the case of running, the whole body in a state of mobility so it tries to maintain that position, and the greater the mass of the body, increased self-limitations, so you will find that your little brother can stop running easier than you, because his mass is less than your mass .

The phenomenon of inertia does not appear in the case of running only, but can be observed in the daily activities, for example, while riding a moving vehicle, when standing suddenly find that all the passengers moving forward in their bodies non-automatic, in an attempt to maintain their mobility, from the tram or bus during the movement, it is better to descend in the same direction of movement so as not to fall.

We also notice that in the ceiling fan, even after the power outage, the arms remain slightly moved by inertia.

Running aches and knee pains

Sometimes you may feel a desire to stop running because of the pain in your legs and your feeling of the stiffness of your feet. This is due to muscle fatigue and the need for energy after consuming the sugar stored in the muscles.

The sugar in the muscles turns to lactic acid. This acid blocks the movement of the muscles. That feeling after minutes of stopping during the running or continue to exercise but quietly, and that the long exercise muscle to the energy industry of oxygen and sugar inside the liver, muscle is weaker, and this leads to fatigue of the heart, so when you feel pain you have to stop running until not harm your muscles.

The importance of running exercise

Running from the types of sport that increase the burning process and it affects the body even after the practice days, running is a suitable solution to stimulate blood circulation and strengthen the heart muscles and get rid of excess weight.

Running exercise is a treatment for those who suffer from respiratory problems because it helps the lungs to function properly and naturally, remove the body from the fat in it and remove the laxatives that give the appearance of the body is inconsistent.

Running exercise organizes the heart rate, which gives it strength and helps it to perform its functions well and increases the body's immunity to be able to resist diseases, giving you a strong body and health.

Running exercise reduces laziness, gives the body vitality and activity, and helps the person to get rid of tension and anxiety, and give the body a fit appearance and raise fitness, and it drives the body to feel thirst to get enough water, and help in the secretion of sweat to get rid of the body of toxins.

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