Digital Productivity Tips Every Business Should Adopt

Digital transformation can help drive efficiency, optimize performance, create harmonious working environments, and enhance productivity in the workplace. If you’re looking to use digital transformation to boost productivity, here are digital productivity tips every business should adopt to have a shot at hacking their growth.

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Digital Productivity

How to Improve Your Business's Digital Productivity: Top 6 Digital Transformation Tips to Enhance Productivity

Digital transformation is the adoption and integration of digital technologies to create new — or modify existing — business processes and transform all areas of business functions to meet changing business and market requirements.

Much like any business these days, digitalization is a crucial part of increasing productivity. From using AI in the workplace to improving digital asset security, every organization that wants to get ahead of the competition would need to use new technology. Tech is the future and adopting it early can pay dividends down the line.

Digital innovation is disruptive everywhere, helping small teams gain the productivity of almost double the number of people on staff. If you’re looking to use technology to grow your business, boosting productivity means knowing the right tech for your needs. Here are digital productivity tips that every business should adopt to have a shot at hacking their growth.

  1. Use Mobile Authentication For Simpler Log In

For people who rely on privacy and security, mobile authentication that offers low-friction verification can be a game-changer. Organizations in the finance sector, for example, need robust security and better fraud detection while keeping the user experience straightforward. There are many methods you can use for authentication but almost all of them have weaknesses.

Passwords and OTP authentication represent higher sign-up drop and sign-in drop-off rates. This comes from the delay that customers experience, as well as the hassle of logging in. Passwords are also generally insecure and hard to remember, while OTP can be cumbersome to access in a busy environment.

To resolve this issue, you can use a one-click authentication system that combines phone numbers, device data, and SIM Card information. This makes log in simpler than even biometric authentication. Adding this system can help you with a frictionless login within the system, as well as lower drop-off rates.

By using such systems, you can prevent hassle for your customers, including support calls that take a lot of your time.

  1. Use One-Click Customer Authentication To Reduce Customer Complaints

One-click customer authentication can be a valuable process in any service that uses payment solutions. Rather than use something as insecure as a password with two-factor authentication, it’s best to use a less intrusive user experience. One-click authentication can be an effective way to improve your customer experience.

Customer authentication prevents users from creating multiple accounts that can be used for fraud. The best authentication systems use a “mobile number-SIM-mobile device” combo that prevents malicious entities from stealing customer identity. When combined with additional elements like biometrics, the entire system becomes full-proof.

With customer auth, you reduce cart abandonment as well as ease up your customer support line. Because you have better security, not only will your customer support lines have less traffic, you also get better app ratings and more 4 and 5-star reviews.

  1. Leverage Analytics and Metrics Through Digital Scorecards

When it comes to your employees, it’s important to measure your employees’ performance through the use of a digital scorecard. Digital scorecards combine several analytics data, together with additional metrics, to measure the productivity of your teams.

The most common issue with digital scorecards is that companies rely on a single metric to assess their team’s performance, but this is counterintuitive. Instead, it’s best to combine several analytics figures to see the full story. Metrics like engagement, customer satisfaction, planned to done ratio, and the first-call resolution can be useful for you.

When using metrics, it’s best to quantify their positive impacts on your workforce and their effectiveness. Analytics can also tell you the level of agility that your team has. Assess after a specific time what changes you need to do with the team and keep refining your approach.

Use project management tools to track tasks and milestones. Measure their productivity through the merit of their work and digital scorecards, combined with task trackers, can help differentiate what’s important and urgent to your needs. Add passwordless authentication to reduce barriers to task completion.

  1. Identify and Resolve Business Roadblocks

Businesses have roadblocks that get in the way of their productivity. These can be anything from a lack of automation, issues with collaboration tools, to securing customer accounts. It’s crucial to identify and resolve these problems before they hold you down even further.

Ask your team to help you identify the roadblocks they see. Even with simple customer feedback, you’ll see friction points within your general user experience. Once you have these issues identified, try to crowdsource ideas that can help resolve the issue.

For some organizations, it can be the addition of fraud prevention measures to your product like sim swap detection. For others, these can be as simple as improving automation and security through digital tools.

  1. Optimize Collaboration Through Cloud Tools

Nothing beats collaboration within the business. Depending on what you do, collaboration can include meetings, brainstorming sessions, catchup sessions, and even team building. Digitalizing collaboration is easier more than ever, and you don’t have to waste your time inside a meeting room too.

For starters, there are entire office suites now that allow you to build word documents, spreadsheets, and presentations together. This can help fast-track projects by simultaneously working with other members of your team.

Boost collaboration with virtual meetings, which should help your team work together even without getting up from their desk. Tools like Skype, Zoom and Google Meet make it easier to connect with each other. If you have remote workers, this can also encourage them to connect with your team.

As you go digital with Cloud tools, security will be a concern. You can add zero-OTP phone verification to make the process much more intuitive.

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  1. Use Expense Tracking To Simplify Receipt Audits

For small businesses, one of the most time-consuming tasks to do is taking care of your receipts. Tracking, adding, and saving your receipts can take a long-time, especially if you have multiple expenses done. These are more cumbersome for purchases done through cash.

Expense tracking software can simplify the entire process, making it easy to scan and save your receipts. Most expense tracking software is usable with mobile apps, which can take high-quality images of your original receipts. This can reduce the time you spend tracking them, as well as keeping everything in one place.

For employees, this can help them get faster reimbursements for company expenses. It can also reduce the likelihood of errors and delays, which translate into better productivity down the line. To prevent any fraudulent action, you can leverage device change detection that performs real-time flagging. This can protect your receipts as well as prevent other people from using your payment solutions.

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The Bottom Line

Improving your team’s digital productivity is a matter of knowing where you need the changes to most. Whether it’s a small leap or a bigger change, efficiency follows productivity, and the right technology can make everything much easier.

Follow our tips above and adjust them according to your company’s needs. Every company can use a boost in their productivity and these can help every organization grow in the right direction.

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