Top 5 Work from Home Productivity Tools

In this digital age, remote work has continually grown to become one of the largest workforces in the world. There are many tools you can incorporate into your strategy to align remote workers. The best productivity tools are designed to solve the most common challenges of working from home.

Work-from-home jobs and remote working generally focus on achieving specific goals and objectives with teams spread across different locations. Working from home does not mean that your employees have the ideal environment to be productive at home. There are multiple ways to keep them focused at work.

Every organization needs these five essential productivity tools for running remote work properly. With these top 5 work from home productivity tools, remote work can be very efficient.

Productivity Tools
Work from Home Productivity Tools

5 Best Productivity Tools for Working from Home

Tracking productivity while your employees work from home may be complicated but not impossible. Here, we will discuss some work from home productivity tools that can help your company exceptionally.

Time tracking software, project management applications, team communication applications, meeting applications, and file-sharing applications are five essential work from home productivity tools for any company to track the productivity of remote workers. Let’s discuss them in detail.

5 Work from Home Productivity Tools

Work from home jobs can pose several challenges for employers and remote workers. However, several tools can help manage these challenges and contribute to productivity. Here are 5 different applications that are essential for remote workers to help them cope with their daily tasks:

  • Time tracking software
  • Project management application
  • Team communication application
  • Meeting application
  • File-sharing applications

Let’s see how they can help you to organize and track the productivity of your remote employees:

Time Tracking Software

Time tracking software allows you to see what your employees are doing at a certain time. This software allows employees to record their time on projects or tasks. 

In this software, employees will need to log in using a unique id and then add tasks they are working on. When they are working on a specific task, they need to select it and turn on time tracking. If they need to take a break, they can pause the timer.

Most time tracking software will take screenshots within certain intervals. Also, time tracking may be disabled after certain minutes of activity halt. Also, this software may show how much time the user used their keyboard and mouse individually.

For helping the employees, this software may notify employees after certain minutes of inactivity. This software is very useful for organizations encouraging remote employees.

Project Management Software

Often organizations face problems in planning projects, allot resources, change management, or scheduling. Project management software can help organizations in that manner.

Project management software helps employees with their workflow and collaborate while working remotely. It allows employers to see the status of a specific work right at the moment.

This software helps drive projects, synchronize tasks, and achieve overall team objectives. Good software will allow you to handle workloads, distribute resources, and handle workloads.

Team Communication Application

Communication is the primary concern for remote workers. Without proper communication skills, it is impossible to collaborate effectively in a project. In such cases, team communication applications can come in very handy.

Team communication applications allow you to message your teammates and other employees in real-time. It allows one to gather necessary information about a project and gather necessary information. 

Google Chat, Whatsapp Business are some of the prominent team communication applications. You can instantly share different documents, pictures, and various other forms of documents with these applications.

Meeting Applications

Meeting applications are crucial for preparing the agenda and briefing. Without proper meetings, there can be various information gaps that can hamper a project. 

Zoom, Google Meet are two of the prominent meeting applications nowadays. You can host video meetings in this software and include all your employees in those meetings. Also, there are scopes to share files, presentations, and share screens to hold meetings effectively.

File Sharing Applications

Sharing files is quite important for remote workers. These files hold the daily work of your employees. So, whichever application you use for sharing files needs to be properly encrypted and maintain proper privacy.

Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer are some of the best file sharing applications of recent times. You can share a file immediately with the help of these applications. 

Some team communication applications and meeting applications also have the capability of file sharing. However, ensure those applications provide you with proper privacy and encryption while sharing sensitive documents.

Also, many file-sharing applications can now be used as collaboration platforms. For example, Google Drive can now have several applications to collaborate with teammates all over the organization easily. 

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How Productivity Tools Work

Productivity tools allow you to run the operations of your company efficiently. These tools allow your remote employees to manage their time properly and help in collaborating with each other effectively.

Productivity tools make communication more accessible and more efficient. Also, all your team members can get ideas of each task and what needs to be done, and when. 

With the help of these tools, remote work will be more collaborative and effective for an organization.

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Bottom Line

Accommodating remote workers is a must for any organization. Productivity tools allow organizations to engage remote employees and improve collaboration effectively.

Running remote works gets easier when you use productivity tools. You can embed the above-mentioned productivity tools to make your organization more remote-friendly and collaborative.

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