Best Invisible Hearing Aids for Tinnitus

Hearing aids are something that people like to choose based on their sense of style. A lot of people suffering from Tinnitus do not like wearing hearing aids because of how visible they are. So, let us take a look at some invisible ones. 

Invisible Hearing Aids
Visible vs Invisible hearing aids

Invisible Hearing Aids for Tinnitus: How to choose the right one

When someone falls victim to tinnitus, they tend to keep hearing a buzzing, ringing, hissing, or beeping sound in their ears, even though there’s no source of these sounds around them. Like other hearing problems, tinnitus can also be dealt with by using hearing aids. 

A lot of people feel uncomfortable roaming around wearing a hearing aid in their ears. So, they want the type of hearing aids that are tiny in size and will be practically invisible in the eyes of other people. People suffering from tinnitus also often look for invisible hearing aids that will help them deal with their problem without other people seeing that they are wearing hearing aids. In this article, we will talk about invisible hearing aids that work to help manage tinnitus through different tinnitus management features.

As a person suffering from tinnitus can also be a victim of hearing loss problems, hearing aids for tinnitus come with double features. They help deal with both tinnitus and hearing loss problems. On one hand, they amplify sounds to make the user listen to them better. On the other hand, they feature special tinnitus management features like sound therapy, tinnitus masking, and auditory stimulation to help manage tinnitus. Read on to know more about invisible hearing aids that come with these features, and help deal with tinnitus.

Invisible Hearing Aids 

Hearing aids are something that people like to choose based on their sense of style too, apart from the hearing needs and all. Many people want to use hearing aids that won’t be too noticeable by other people. As a result, they tend to look for invisible or highly discreet hearing aids that will fit their specific hearing needs perfectly. 

These specific invisible hearing aids are also known as IIC or Invisible in Canal hearing aids. They are discreet and tiny in size. They are designed to comfortably sit deep inside the ear canals of the users. Most importantly, they are almost completely invisible to other people. 

However, everyone won’t be able to use invisible hearing aids. These hearing aids aren’t suited for some shapes of ear canals, like the small, narrow, or differently shaped ones. Also, another critical problem is dexterity. People with dexterity problems can face difficulties in dealing with these hearing aids, as they are really small in size. 

How to Choose Invisible Hearing Aids for Tinnitus

The smallest and the least intrusive of all types of hearing aids are the invisible hearing aids. You will find two particular kinds of invisible hearing aids in the market, ITC or In-the-Canal hearing aids and CIC or Completely-in-Canal hearing aids. These two types are specially customized to fit specific shapes and sizes of ear canals. ITC hearing aids can be placed in the ear canals partially, whereas the CIC ones can be placed in them completely.

Of the two types, choose the one that will sit more comfortably in your ear canals, and will suit your preferences better while choosing invisible hearing aids for tinnitus. If you have mild to moderate hearing loss along with tinnitus, invisible hearing aids will be perfect for you. These hearing aids work great for this range of hearing loss problems. 

You will find special hearing aids for tinnitus called lyric hearing aids that are also invisible. They sit some millimeters within the ear canal of the user, which makes them look practically invisible. You can easily keep them on all day long, as these hearing aids are more comfortable to wear than other traditional and usual hearing aids. 

Lyric hearing aids provide great support in managing tinnitus. These hearing aids provide increased input into the auditory pathway of the user that helps them ignore the annoying tinnitus noises they keep hearing inside their ears. 

Also, you can go for invisible hearing aids that provide tinnitus support through various special tinnitus management or tinnitus support features. Different models from both CIC and ITC hearing aids come with tinnitus masking features, along with audio stimulation, sound therapy, etc. These features will help you have relief from tinnitus and the bothersome sensations this condition causes.

Hearing Aid Features that Help with Tinnitus

Hearing aids for tinnitus come with unique features apart from sound amplification, noise reduction, sound environment adjustment, etc. These unique features help manage tinnitus. It is important to know that you can never fully cure tinnitus. Instead, you can try to manage the condition, and learn to live with it. Specific tinnitus features can help you deal with tinnitus by getting your hearing adjusted with the buzzing or ringing sounds and having some relief. These features are:

Sound Therapy 

External sounds are brought in for sound therapy that works to mask the problematic sounds of tinnitus. Any type of sound can be used as this external sound, such as low-level music, white noise, specialized ear masking noises, or even various customized sounds of your choice. It becomes easier to shift attention from the annoying noises of tinnitus through listening to these sounds. 

Tinnitus Masking

Tinnitus masking works in almost the same way as to sound therapy. Just like sound therapy, external sounds are also used here to cover up the buzzing or ringing sounds of tinnitus. But in the case of tinnitus masking, some degree of tinnitus sounds are masked to provide relief to the user, while some degree of the sounds are left audible to allow them to get used to those sounds. 

Auditory Stimulation

Auditory stimulation is another feature that uses external sounds. Hearing aids for tinnitus use this feature to provide relief to the users for a short period.

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Final Words

Tinnitus is something that you must not leave untreated. If you don’t seek relief from it immediately, it can cause you bigger problems. You can easily take care of this problem by getting hearing aids that provide tinnitus masking, or other features that can help you deal with tinnitus. If you manage to get appropriate hearing aids that come with all the relevant tinnitus support features, you will be able to get relief from this problem and get used to the annoying noises.

If you need invisible hearing aids for this matter, you can easily follow the above-mentioned guide in getting the ones that will suit your needs and preferences the best.

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