What are the Harmful Effects of Using Headphones?

Headphones are generally used for a variety of purposes. Wearing headphones or earphones all the time have shocking side effects on the brain and heart. You must take breaks when using headphones.

Headphones can damage the ears if used for a long time at high volume, and they can lead to partial and complete hearing loss. Therefore, it is necessary to consider reducing the use of headphones or finding alternative methods. Here, we have mentioned some harmful effects of prolonged use of headphones. Let's read to the end!

Harmful Effects of Headphones
Side effects of using headphones

Side Effects of Using Headphones for Long Time

Handsfree earphones are frequently used to listen to music on public transport or talk on the phone, but studies have shown that the danger of headphones exceeds what some might imagine.

Headphones & Earphones

Earphones were invented for the first time in 1980 AD; With the aim of giving individuals the freedom to listen to their favorite music anywhere and at any time without disturbing others.

Headphones have met with great demand among young people, adolescents, and children, so they use them excessively and at the highest levels of sound, but they are not aware of the great risks that earphones cause them, so in this article we will mention the side effects of using headphones for long time.

Harmful effects of prolonged use of headphones

Headphones can damage the ears if used for a long time at high volume, and they can lead to partial and complete hearing loss. 

The danger of headphones and their long use exceeds the dangers of hearing and ear infections, and may even harm the brain and brain functions as well, and this habit is spread all over the world a lot.

Neurologists recommend avoiding them, or at the very least, reducing their use, and using them only at the necessary times and here are some of the most important risks that headphones pose.

Some shocking side effects of using earphones for a long time are:

Hearing loss: Headphones amplify the sound, so they pose a great danger to the ear, because the sound filter is very close to the sensitive structure of the inner ear, and thus increases the likelihood of hearing loss, as exposure to a high level of sound vibrations for a long time causes hearing loss. The high-energy sound waves kill hair cells in the inner ear, and also cause hearing problems and ringing in the ear.

Eustachian tube dysfuction: Eustachian tube dysfunction is defined as pressure abnormalities in the middle ear resulting in symptoms such as ears popping, aural fullness, ear pain, tinnitus, autophony, muffled hearing, etc. The sound strength, and its intensity of up to 85 dB, leads to eustachian tube dysfuction, especially with the prolonged use of headphones.

Turbulence: The headphones generate a sense of turmoil in their users, because they separate him from the surrounding noises, sounds, and especially in public places, and thus his life is in great danger.

Ear infections: In the ear there is wax to protect the ear, and on this wax many types of bacteria and fungi gather, in normal conditions the amount of these bacteria does not increase in a way that harms the ear and makes it vulnerable to infections, but the danger of the earphones comes because of their frequent use and closing of the ear hole, which raises the temperature of the inner ear, especially with the strength of sound vibrations, and the high level of humidity inside the ear, and this environment is very suitable for the growth of bacteria and fungi, which exposes the ear to infections.

Infection with some types of ear bacteria, due to the exchange of use of headphones between individuals, hence the earphones are classified as personal items that are not desirable to share.

Infection with microbes and germs, as a result of neglecting to clean and sterilize the headphones continuously, so it is advised to sterilize the headphones with a cotton swab moistened with Dettol, or medical alcohol to ensure that they are sterilized and disinfected from microbes and pathogens.

Headphones affect the brain negatively, because the sound waves and vibrations entering the ear affect the arrival of sound signals to the brain, and thus the body loses its ability to send sound signals to the brain, and this means that the headphones cause a disorder in the ear nerve.

Tips for Using Earphones

Well-known brand headphones are preferred; To ensure their quality and efficiency, and to prevent the dangers arising from harmful sound frequencies emanating from the ears from poor headphones.

Avoid using headphones during exercise, in order to protect the body, especially the ears, from great dangers. During exercise, blood flows a lot to each of the lungs, muscles, and heart, while the blood flow in both ears is minimal, and thus the possibility of complete or partial hearing loss, or ears exposure to sensitivity. The brain is also very busy giving orders to the muscles, and listening through headphones distracts the brain, and thus the possibility of sports injuries increases.

The use of headphones should be reduced, due to their danger to the ear and brain.

To prevent hearing problems with headphones, reduce listening times, turn down the volume of headphones below the recommended level to limit exposure to loud noise, replace earbuds or in-the-ear headphones with over-the-ear headphones and use noise-canceling headphones that block out external sound allow people to enjoy their music at low volumes.

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