Amazon Echo Devices to Automatically Delete Voice Recordings

Amazon has introduced additional privacy controls and easier ways for the customers. Now you can delete your voice recordings and stop sharing them with Amazon, Apple and even Google. Amazon Echo devices will now automatically delete your recordings.

Amazon Echo Devices to Automatically Delete Voice Recordings
Amazon Echo Devices: Alexa makes privacy even easier

Amazon Launches Echo Devices to Automatically Delete Your Recordings

Amazon has launched new Echo Dot, Echo Show 10, and Echo Dot Kids Edition, among others. The new range of Echo devices, featuring completely new designs, improved audio, and more powerful hardware.

Now, You can choose whether you want to save your voice recordings or not. Amazon’s Alexa is making privacy easier for you, with options like deleting voice recordings to customize your privacy settings. If you choose not to save your voice recordings, they will be deleted automatically after Alexa processes your request,"said Karthik Mitta, Director of Alexa Privacy at Amazon.

Amazon wants its customers to be transparent and in control of all of its products, especially Echo smart speakers, displays, and Alexa voice assistant. By putting the controls in users' hands, Amazon announced additional enhanced privacy controls for Alexa as well as easier ways to learn about privacy and how Alexa controls it.

Users will be able to review transcripts of Alexa requests for 30 days before the company starts deleting them automatically. "If you want to delete your transcripts before 30 days, you can always do so in the Alexa app or online," said Karthik Mitta in a blog post this week.

Amazon also provides more ways to manage your privacy experience simply by asking Alexa. Privacy control is just a 'Hey, Alexa" away. Amazon already had - “Alexa, delete what I just said” and “Alexa, delete everything I said today”, but they have finally added more.  If you want to delete all the previously saved voice recordings associated with your account, you can simply say, “Alexa, delete everything I’ve said.”

Before the end of the year, all Alexa customers will receive an email outlining the available privacy settings and features. This will highlight new tools and features, important privacy information, and additions to the Alexa Privacy Hub.

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