10 Top Enterprise Project Management Software

Looking for the best project management software for your enterprise? Here is my top 10 list of the best project management apps. Have a look. 

Enterprise Project Management,  Software

Top 10 Enterprise Project Management (EPM) Software

The challenges faced by enterprise organizations around the world are unique. Business success requires clear communication, alignment, structure, and proper planning in an organization with thousands of employees. With COVID-19, organizations must ensure that they have the right remote working software and technology to run smoothly.

Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to achieve all project goals according to specific requirements.

The project management software platforms provide communication, alignment, and planning functionality that facilitates collaboration and automates workflows. Project management professional (PMP) certification is very useful and necessary for the success and advancement in the field of project management.

You may already have project management software in place, but if you're looking for a new solution, then you're at the right place. Please find the best project management software for your team by checking out this list of top ten choices.

Enterprise Project Management, Software

10 Best Enterprise Project Management Software

Take a look at the key features of the top 10 enterprise project management software tools and choose the best project management software that meets the needs of your enterprise:


With TimeTracko, you can keep track of what your employees are doing in real-time. Using a live screenshot and video option, you can follow your employees' progress in real-time. It is productivity and project management software that is beneficial for small to large companies. 

Calculate how active your employees are by counting keystrokes and mouse clicks during work hours. By counting keystrokes and mouse clicks, you can determine the employee's activity level.

Sort URLs, apps, and software according to productive, unproductive, or neutral categories. By looking at their website usage and app usage statistics, you can determine who is productive and needs motivation.

With timeTracko's intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard, you can monitor employee computer activity, track project progress, and create detailed real-time reports. You can also determine whether an employee is productive or unproductive by tracking their time on specific tasks.

Key Features of Timetracko

  • Best employee monitoring software
  • Project management
  • Time tracking and record-keeping
  • Data loss prevention
  • Employee productivity management.


Clarizen is among the best project management programs on the market, providing a range of built-in capabilities that help companies cope with constant change. Clarizen combines powerful enterprise project management tools with a user-friendly interface that is easy to use, along with customizable dashboards that are easy to customize.

Throughout an organization's entire life cycle, Clarizen assists with developing strategic plans and executing them. The flexible workflows in Clarizen enable enterprises to increase productivity and focus. You can customize the workflows to fit your business.

Although its enterprise work management software supports in-context collaboration, it also engages every member of your workforce, improves engagement across the organization, and automates workflows to minimize duplication of effort.

Stakeholders can exchange emails, discussions, documents, and links, ensuring everyone has access to the same information. Businesses benefit from this software by making informed financial decisions, creating automated status reports, tracking time and expenses, and improving project performance. The integration of Slack and Zapier with Clarizen maximizes the software's power.

Key Features of Clarizen

  • Unlimited Portfolios, Projects, and Programs
  • UI is easily customizable
  • Managing resources
  • Planning your finances
  • Real-time 360-degree visibility
  • Dashboards customized to your needs
  • Collaborating with others
  • Automatic Business Processes
  • Sharing internally and externally.


Sciforma's project management capabilities include detailed performance assessments, safety rating, forecasting, and preparation. Businesses and organizations can manage their projects effectively using the platform's comprehensive management software.

Irrespective of the maturity of the PMO, the program is a useful platform. Sciforma is a stable and straightforward program. PMOs of all kinds can use Sciforma software to manage projects, track time, and collaborate with other teams.

Key metrics can be tracked in configurable dashboards and reports. With this framework, you can manage multiple projects, including information technology, new product development, research and development, professional services, and government projects.

Both PMOs and teams can use this tool: administrators can prepare policies and portfolios, while team leaders can use their project coordination and task execution tools. 

Key Features of Sciforma

  • Connects to the most common platforms. 
  • Managing multiple projects 
  • Best resource management
  • Project execution and task management.


Using Monday.com, you can connect and manage everything in your company's portfolio. You can easily execute each project step-by-step with this enterprise project management tool, no matter the planning or data insights. The collaboration and reporting features of Monday.com further enhance its capabilities, allowing you to eliminate switching between tabs and save time.

Apart from Monday.com's time-saving features, you will also find that this platform has numerous automation that empowers your portfolio and projects to reach the next level.

One click allows organizations to share workflow templates across departments. You can view data in various ways, build a platform that matches your workflow, and see a big picture view of your portfolio. 

Monday.com has an excellent workflow and encourages collaboration. It helps you manage projects at all levels of the organization, identify and resolve roadblocks, and communicate with them simultaneously. You can use this app to keep track of your team's activities and share updates with stakeholders.

With this enterprise project management software, you can be certain that your data is safe and secure since it adheres to strict security guidelines, allows you to set permissions for individual users, and controls access.

Key Features of Monday.com

  • Boards with no limits
  • Over 200 customizable templates
  • Views of multiple projects
  • Resource Management
  • Time Tracking features
  • Advanced Reporting and Analytics.


Currently owned by Citrix, Wrike is a work management system that can help remote and cross-functional teams improve performance and grow quickly. This tool allows you to view the progress of your projects from every angle, see workloads and important tasks clearly, and make informed decisions.

The flexible interface, dashboards, workflows, and tailor-made templates make Wrike easy to customize to fit your team's specific needs.

You can prevent risks, save time, and get results faster with Work Intelligence and automation features from Wrike. Your team can deliver on time and budget using Wrike's custom request forms to collect information, come up with rules, and auto-create and auto-assign tasks.

This enterprise management software supports collaboration by providing intelligent responses and voice commands. Using these features, you can communicate with stakeholders, shorten the feedback cycle, review, edit, and approve files and tasks as you gain insight into how your teams perform and ensure they deliver even better results.

Key Features of Wrike

  • Workflows, custom fields, and dashboards
  • Managing the portfolio of projects
  • Sharing of tasks and files
  • Approvals for projects and tasks
  • Keeping track of time
  • Team calendars
  • Managing resources.


Thousands of teams around the world trust Trello as an enterprise project management tool. Companies with 100 or more users benefit from Trello; it connects departments, enhances overall productivity, and offers the highest security, control, and support.

Trello offers users powerful features for tracking projects and fine-tuning workflows. Through native Dashboard views, you can also view how projects are interconnected and overlap, helping you to manage workstreams better.

Troello's membership and organization controls make managing project access, tracking progress, and monitoring activity across multiple boards while also keeping sensitive work private easy.

By automatically updating cards, assigning members, and reminding the team about due dates, Butler, Trello's automation bot, reduces manual work so teams can get more done with fewer clicks. Meanwhile, its unparalleled integrations and power-ups allow you to access hundreds of apps such as Evernote, Github, Jira, and Google Drive without leaving the platform. Project management is made easy with Trello's global teams and admin features.

Key Features of Trello

  • Fit for team Board Templates
  • Dashboard, Timeline, Team, and Calendar View
  • Advanced Checklists
  • Simple Data Export
  • Unlimited Power-Ups.

Project Insight

Businesses that offer care services to their customers can use Project Insight to provide online tutorials and training to their employees. In this way, employees can rely on them to provide comprehensive training materials regardless of the customer's level of experience.

Because it delivers results quickly, this interactive program is ideal for midsized businesses. There is no reason mid-sized enterprises have to suffer from unnecessary downtime and IT interference when they adhere to a strict schedule.

Key Features of Project Insight

  • Best project management for mid-sized businesses
  • Can help you look into the project progress
  • Interactive and user-friendly software.


With Infinity, project planning, resource management, team collaboration, and budget tracking are easy no matter how many employees your organization has.

The tool is like one-size-fits-all software, as you can use it to organize your entire business, initiate and plan projects, keep important data, manage tasks, and more. Managing larger projects into smaller tasks is easy with this tool. It groups them by department, assigns tasks and sets due dates, and allows you to keep track of how everyone is progressing.

As a result of handling so many tasks simultaneously, it is easy to ignore priorities and deadlines. Infinity doesn't allow this. Keep track of progress and deadlines with 6 different views, arrange tasks by priority and status with Gantt charts, and sort by the deadline with Gantt charts while staying on top of everything.

Key Features of Infinity

  • Project management skills for both internal and external projects
  • Manages human resources, deadlines, and schedules more efficiently
  • Keeps track of project deadlines and human resources invested.


The project management tool Asana can help you achieve success. No more juggling apps and emails! You can plan, organize, manage, and execute projects using Asana.

Working on multiple projects at once allows you to stay on top of everyone, track teams and tasks, and get real-time updates, so your employees meet deadlines on time, and you don't lose track of all the details.

It helps you find and share information both inside and outside an organization, including files, feedback, and project updates, in addition to enabling seamless communication between colleagues, clients, and vendors. Managing people across an organization becomes a breeze with Asana.  

Key Features of Asana

  • Create infinite tasks and projects  
  • Managing the portfolio of projects
  • Teams and Projects in the Private Sector
  • Reporting and search features for advanced users
  • Briefings for projects
  • Exporting and importing data


To survive in this cruel market, enterprises must break down barriers and execute efficiently in a time of relentless change and fierce competition. With Smartsheet, companies can work more dynamically and maintain leadership positions.

Smartsheet combines collaboration, workflows, and content, streamlines processes, and drives results. Due to its constant adaptation to the changing working environment, you can manage projects, portfolios, and resources across the entire organization.

By facilitating employee and stakeholder collaboration using Smartsheet, you can plan and schedule projects, tailor individual preferences, and customize individual work preferences. You can also generate real-time reports with rich metrics to gauge the progress of your team.

You can also use Smartsheet to plan and track your projects' resources, keep track of your spending, and manage your finances. This user-driven enterprise management software encourages your entire workforce to achieve the best results possible.

Key Features of Smartsheet

  • Scheduling and Planning for Projects
  • Managing projects and portfolios
  • Users can customize their experience
  • Developing a strategic plan
  • Keeping track of tasks
  • Workflow automation
  • The Management of Resources
  • Tracking your budget
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At Last

Did you find the best project management tool for your enterprise? Which one do you like the most among these 10 project management apps? Please let us know. 

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