How to Build a Fitness App to Make Workout Routine at Home

 Want to create a fitness app and make a workout plan at home? Let's have a look at the fitness app development market size and stats and learn all the essential information that will help you build a fitness app to make an exercise routine at home. 

Fitness Mobile App
Creating a fitness app

How to Build a Fitness App like Peloton that Transformed Fitness Routine at Home When the World Began to Shut Down?

The COVID-19 has brought lots of challenges in our life. However, the human natural tendency to get inspired by challenges and find opportunities has made our lives more convenient. 

One of its best examples is Peloton Interactive, Inc.- A New York City-based, exercise equipment, and media company. The company was founded in January 2012, it sold its first bike on Kickstarter(Public benefit corporation) in 2013 with an early bird price tag of $1500.

During Covid-19, the company experienced a significant rise in its sales as the home gym became more popular. In June 2020, the company launched its first health and fitness app to allow access to gym training classes on any equipment from anywhere and at any time. 

Further, it provides access to “Beyond the Ride” content such as post-ride stretching exercises and more. 

It was helpful for the people during the pandemic who earlier found it challenging to get a fitness trainer and to stay on track throughout their fitness journey. 

In this blog, we will walk you through all the essential information that will help you create an app like Peloton. 

Before diving deep into the fitness app development let's have a look into its global market size and stats.

Fitness app development market size and stats

The global market size of the fitness app was valued to be USD 1.1 billion in 2021 and is expected to rise at a CAGR of 17.6% from 2022 to 2030.- Grand View Research.

In 2020, according to the World Economic Forum, fitness and health software downloads have increased by 46% worldwide and it is expected to grow further in the post-pandemic era.

The market is primarily segmented on the basis of fitness app type, platform, device, and geographic region. The following graph shows the US Fitness app market size by device from 2017 to 2019. 

U.S. Fitness app market size

The global fitness market is expected to maintain its dominance, especially in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific region.

The main drivers behind this increasing market demand are

  • Growing awareness about fitness and health in people
  • Increasing use of mobile devices
  • The rising demand for in-home personal fitness experience.   
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How to build a Fitness app like Peloton

Peloton Fitness app
Peloton Fitness app

An overview of the Peloton, its features, and monetization strategy

The app offers more than 10,000  fitness classes from top instructors that include indoor and outdoor workouts, boot camp strength training, stretching, yoga, and cardio classes. 

The app offers an ample amount of services to its subscribers:

  • Provides personalized workout recommendations based on individual activity
  • Enables tracking exercise movements.
  • In the self mode, users can see themselves on the screen to match the movement.
  • A forum where like-minded people can share their knowledge for workouts.
  • Access to top-rated music.
  • Top 30+ coaches that exercise along with you. 
  • Fresh workout classes are broadcast every day.

Unique features of the Peloton health and fitness app

  • 10 types of workout classes: Strength, yoga, cardio, meditation, indoor running, outdoor running, cycling, stretching, Bootcamp and walking.
  • Flexible duration option: The classes range in length from 5 to 60 minutes means there is a guided way to get active.
  • Multi-platform accessibility:  The app is accessible on smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs. 
  • Peloton Profile: Personalize your fitness journey, track activities with a calendar, know your active days, exercise steaks, and achieve milestones. 
  • Gamification and rewards: It has added a bit of gamification and a reward system to keep users motivated.
  • View your metrics during workout:  Users can view their body metrics such as calories burned using a wearable compatible fitness tracker with ANT+ like the Apple Watch 6.
  • Apple Watch integration: Shows your live heart rate in the boxout on your screen during the class automatically, without the need to open your workout app on your wrist.

Monetization strategy of the Peloton fitness app

The app is free to download. However, the Peloton App Membership can cost you $12.99 per month, plus tax. Further, the Peloton All-Access Membership will cost you $39.99 per month and is exclusive to Peloton Bike and Peloton Tread owners. ( Peloton App Membership and Peloton All-Access Membership are different). 

Peloton fitness app
Peloton app membership plan

Steps to follow while developing a fitness app like Peloton

  1. Market research and analysis

Conduct online and offline market research to better understand what is in demand and what people pay for. Conduct interviews with the users, and fitness trainers. Also, find out how other fitness apps are working and what are their plus and minus points.

Try to find the problem in the current fitness app market, and define the problem scope and the users you are going to target. 

  2. Platform selection

As we have seen, the fitness apps available today are not limited to a single platform; they are integrated with Smart TVs and wearable devices such as smartwatches. Further, the app is available on different operating systems such as Android and iOS. 

Therefore it is critical to build a multi-platform fitness app that will be accessible across different devices and platforms. 

Find out essential features to add

Here are the basic and advanced features you can add to your fitness app. If you are not sure about the market demand, try to keep only essential app features initially. Once you launch your app MVP adds more features based on your user's demands. 

Basic Features 

Advanced Features

  • Personal profile management
  • Integration with other health apps such as Apple Health
  • Search and choose a class or trainer
  • Integration with wearable devices and sensors
  • App Setting and configuration
  • Gamification rewards and badges
  • Notifications and alerts
  • Advanced search engine and multiple filters to search classes, content, and trainer 
  • Social media integration and fitness forum
  • Automatic fitness report generator and analytics 
  • Access educational resources for fitness and health
  • Live streaming
  • Secure payment gateway
  • Sleep tracker
  • Track your calorie option
  • Geolocation tracker
  • Personalize recommendations for the next classes

  • Trainer on demand

  • In-app chat 

  • View History

  4. Develop a revenue model

It is always essential to ensure that you get fruitful incentives from your app.  It is what keeps you and your team moving and inspires you to become more innovative in your creation. 

Before creating a revenue strategy classify your app features and functionalities according to people's interests and determine what people pay for.  Based on app features, create a subscription-based service for the app users. 

You can also provide free service for the trial period and then charge users for your service. 

Here are some monetization options that can be used in the fitness app.

   1. Ads

You can advertise fitness products that are relevant to the users and their demographics.

   2. Sponsorship

Sponsorship is an amazing monetization strategy that will help you to increase your app revenue and customer base.

   3. Integration of e-commerce services for fitness products 

Integrating eCommerce business with the Fitness app is trending. You can easily reach your customers and also customize product recommendations according to users' past orders and interests.  

  5. Choose the right IT app development firm to create an app like the Peloton

Whether you are a start-up or an already established organization in the fitness and health industry. The need for expertise and guidance in healthcare app development is undeniable for any app to shine in the market.

So, here is how you can choose the right partner for your Fitness app development. 

  • Make a checklist of your requirements. 
  • Make a checklist of potential app development solution providers and their services.
  • Match your requirements with their services and solutions.
  • Check out their previous experience in fitness app development and similar services.
  • Arrange interviews with the few providers that you have selected. 
  • Evaluate them based on the solutions and services they are providing, and the development cost.
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Conclusion: The greatest advice 

“If you're developing a fitness app then it's always good to hire healthcare app developers rather than the jack of all trades.”


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