Three of the Best UK Kit Cars on the Market

 A kit car is a vehicle sold as a set of separate components that is ready to be assembled. Here are the top three best UK kit cars available on the market.

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Best kit cars UK

Here Are The Three Best UK Kit Cars Available on the Market

Car ownership in the UK is at an all-time high, with 36 million households owning at least one vehicle. But motoring is much more than a simple method of commuting in the UK – it has been something of a national hobby for decades, from weekend garage tinkering to track days and beyond. There’s something special about having a more direct hand in the maintenance and function of your car, even if knowledge about car repair is somewhat lacking for certain generations. All the more engaging, though, is the prospect of building one from scratch. This may sound daunting, even nigh-on impossible, but there is an expensive market of UK-made ‘kit car’ sets that provide all the necessary parts to put a vehicle together yourself. Here are just three of the top kit cars you can buy in the UK, offering a way to expand on your passion unlike any other.

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A Note on Building Cars

Before you start your kit car building journey, it’s important you understand exactly what goes into such a process. While building a car can be incredibly simple at times, it can also be complex – without the right knowledge, and without the right tools. For starters, you’ll need basic tools such as socket wrenches and screwdrivers. You’ll also need more specific equipment, such as an engine crane to help you install the engine block properly. That said – and with a little additional research beforehand – you’re ready to look into the right kit car for you.

Midas Gold

The Midas Gold has been around since the late 1980s, providing a unique and low-budget way to start out on building cars. Based on a unique chassis, and constructed using parts designed for the retro classic Austin Metro. Despite its austere source material, the Midas Gold is surprisingly swift and excellent fun to put together – and has a few clever design quirks hidden up its sleeve as well.

Caterham Seven 170

Caterham defines the kit-car market for many UK motorists with their Seven series, whether they’ve encountered one on the motorway or looked into kit cars before. The Seven 170 is an iconic kit car, and an excellent entry point for newcomers to car building in terms of build. Starting at £22,990, the model is not the most budget-friendly – but in return, you receive 660ccs of nimble driving fun, and you get to become that person with the Caterham on the motorway.

AK427 Cobra

AK Supercars, a family-run business started in Peterborough, is the company responsible for some of the most faithful kit car recreations of classic vehicles. They are perhaps most famous for the AK427, a replica of the AC Cobra replete with ladder chassis design. Its composite body is light and easy to fit, and AK even offers comprehensive support to help you put everything together. If the Cobra doesn’t take your fancy, they also offer a sleek GT40 build for that American supercar experience.

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Kit cars aren't nearly as regulated as a typical road car but there is a kind of mysticism. Some are complete custom creations, some are replicas or complete copies of older cars and almost all types of kit cars are from a variety of sports cars.

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