Why Treadmill? Top 10 Benefits of Using a Treadmill

Regular exercise is the best thing for our physical health. Running is one of the best workouts you can do at home but it is better if we have a treadmill at home. There are many benefits that one can get from the treadmill. Let's find out!


Top 10 Health Benefits of Using a Treadmill

Regular exercise is the best thing for our body. If we maintain our weight at a moderate level, then it will help us to stay active. Running on a treadmill is better than running outdoors. 

Running is excellent for physical health, but it is better if we have a treadmill at home. There are many benefits which one can get from the treadmill.

  • Weight Loss

First of all, the treadmill is used for weight loss. According to Shapewhizz you can burn 100 calories for every mile while running on the treadmill. It means you can lose weight in two weeks with the help of a treadmill. You can change the running speed and add the level of intensity to your workout. 

Running is the best exercise for weight loss rather than other exercises. In Muslim society, a treadmill is the best thing for women because they can use it for weight loss at home rather than running outdoor.

  • Cardiac Health

Regular running on a treadmill is more beneficial for heart health. It can keep you away from cardiac problems. Regular exercise enhances the heart strength and circulation of blood in the body. More circulation of blood means getting more oxygen. It will help to work hard for longer. Running on a treadmill prevents high blood pressure. 

Running helps to lower blood pressure. A treadmill helps the body from a heart attack. Running on a treadmill helps the heart from fatty blockages in arteries. It helps to control cholesterol levels. You can monitor your heartbeat from the treadmill while running.

  • Psychological Impact and Source of Motivation

Running on a treadmill has a good impact on mental health. It helps your brain to function better and keep you happier. Running helps the brain to release an extra amount of endorphins. Endorphins are the chemical compounds in the brain which make you feel happy. 

Running on the treadmill is the source of relief from anxiety and depression. Happy feelings on a regular basis make you more satisfied with everyday routine work. This feeling helps you to motivate yourself. It creates a positive psychological impact on the human body.

  • Race Simulation

New models of treadmill have race simulation software which helps the athletes to make practice for race competition. Marathon races are the best example of it. You can control the speed and incline of the treadmill. It will help you on race day. With the help of a treadmill, you can train yourself for upcoming races.

  • Fitness Control

You can control your fitness if you are running on a treadmill. You can control all aspects as per your fitness level on the treadmill. It depends on whether you choose a light workout or an intense workout. You can control speed and incline, warm up and cool down on the treadmill. 

You can change its function from beginner level to experienced level. Running can be customized to the exact minute, kilometer and speed, etc. on the treadmill. Fitness levels can be checked on the treadmill also.

  • Reduced Impact

A treadmill is the best because it has a relatively soft surface to run out. It reduces the impact much better than running on the ground or outdoor surfaces. When you run on mud, dirt, pavement, or hard surfaces, your legs are negatively impacted, especially when you run fast. This can cause ankle, knee, back and joint problems. 

These problems become severe in old age. This means that your joints take less impact while running on the treadmill. A treadmill provides you a reliable surface for running and it prevents you from joint pain and other aches.

  • More Convenient, Safe, and Secure

It is more convenient to run on the treadmill because there is no need to go outside or anywhere. No need to go to the gym to exercise and no need to run on the roadside. If you have your own treadmill at your home, you can easily work out at any time while watching T.V.

Running on a treadmill is much safer than running outside. If you are running on the roadside, you have the risk of being hit by a car and getting in a serious accident. Running on your own treadmill at your home is absolutely private and secure if you don’t like people watching you while workout. A treadmill is truly beneficial for women as it can prevent sexual harassment, especially when running alone at night.

  • Muscle Building

Running on a treadmill is useful for muscle building. It helps to improve leg muscles. The more you run on the treadmill, the more the leg muscles will build up. Your leg muscles will become stronger as you run on the treadmill. The treadmill is not only beneficial for cardio or your stamina. It also helps build your arms muscles because you swing your arms while running on the treadmill.

  • Bone Density

Running on a treadmill helps to build bone density. Bone density is the number of minerals in your bones that enhance the bones' strength and durability. The more you run, the more minerals will produce in your bones. The treadmill will help you to prevent bone diseases such as osteoporosis or painful joints. Running is great for strengthening bones.

  • Easy to Use

A treadmill is very easy to use. There is a control panel and you can choose the settings by pressing buttons as you want. If you don’t understand its settings, then there is a complete instruction manual. You can learn its settings by following the instruction manual.

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Running on a treadmill truly does have endless benefits. There are a lot of benefits of running on a regular basis. You can prevent yourself from heart diseases, joint problems, and mental issues by using a treadmill. You can boost up your muscles and stamina too. Treadmills are easy to use, safe, secure, private and convenient.

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