8 Most Beneficial Hacks to Grow SaaS Business with SEO

Do you want to grow your SaaS business fast? Follow these 8 most beneficial SEO tips to accelerate a software as a service (SaaS) company's growth rate in a competitive market.

Saas business Marketing Strategies
Saas business

How to Grow SaaS Business Fast: 8 Most Beneficial SEO Hacks for SaaS Startups

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the game of ranking, and with a set of strategies, you can have your website ranked. For instance, if you are a company that is looking to grow its SaaS business, you can try it. With a need for more cloud platforms, new companies are getting into this business. And if you are one of them, you can have the information you need from here.

Know the Keywords 

There are several different free and paid tools that you can use to know the best keywords for your campaign. When you are on digital media, you should understand how you can use keywords in your content.

Interestingly, some top tools are potent and strong enough to help bigger companies out. Some top tools for keyword research are

  1. You can try using Semrush for this help. It is one of the top tools you can use for this purpose.
  2. Ahref is a very well-known tool that can help you have resulted when it comes to keyword needs.
  3. PAA or people also ask is not a tool but still is a method to get keywords. You can also use it to figure out some similar questions to include in your content for better reach. 
  4. Answer the public is a new hype that is helping you with intention-based questions. The experts believe that if your users are searching with voice search, you can use it for help. Including its questions in your content and answering them would be a big help.

Website Speed and Mobile-Friendliness 

Making your application and website fast is one of the most important things to do. You should have the features of fast-loading, responsive, clutter-free, and engaging content. So, if you have the ability to get results in this, you can have results that work.

Try to know the content look and test your website with Google mobile site test. You should track how your website can be of the best speed.

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SaaS and Mobile marketing
SaaS and Mobile marketing

The Importance of Content

You always have a need for content to help your website grow. So, if you try to have a content strategy that can help you have more traffic, you are on the right track. 

 When people land on your website, they are bound to read to know about your services or products. There is no alternative to it, and you cannot get anything to replace this effect. With helpful and informing content, you have the help that improves retaining and dwell time. Moreover, you may have a lesser bounce rate.

When you get content for the onsite, you should have a strategy. Some experts would advise you to write blogs that can help you convert visitors.

Apart from the use of the content for the onsite, you should have a strong offsite content strategy. You can try having a strategy where you can prove that your website is an authority. With more knowledge about what you are selling, you can have more results in SEO as well.

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Know the Technical Stuff 

The technical stuff is one of the most important factors you should never overlook. With the help of SEO strategies, you can have a better technical website. There are a number of things that you can do to improve this part of your website.

Things like duplicate content, URL structure, structured data, and redirects are important. Apart from that, you should have XML sitemaps. Site architecture, canonical tags, and 404 pages.

With this strategy, you can win the losing game and get more traffic to your website.

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Website Structure

The website structure should be sound enough to help your users out. If you have a big website, you should have the right structure to give the search engine that it needs. Moreover, you should keep your website organized with this method. It helps the bots to crawl your website and take information from there. 

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Breadcrumb is a recommended strategy that you can use for several types of websites. With the help of the right structure, you can make navigation easier for visitors.

Indexing problems 

You should try to keep your website to the right indexing levels. For instance, if you do not want Google to crawl some of your pages, you can make them not index. You can use some methods to keep these pages from indexing. For instance, you can use

  • Block these pages with robot.txt
  • Try marking these pages non-index.
  • You should redirect these pages to your website.

Some top problems for a website can be low-quality pages, not indexed pages, and 404. You can also have crawl issues and duplicate content problems.

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The use of Canonical Tags

The use of canonical tags can help you choose which page you wish to index. If you have the same content on more than one page, you should use such a tag. You allow Google to know which content you want to index with such a tag. 

Some tips to improve your canonical tag include having absolute URLs with lower cases with HTTPS versions. You should use only one tag for each page. There are different places where you can add these tags. For instance, you can use it in HTTP headers, HTML tags, sitemaps, and redirects. These strategies can allow you to do better SEO for your SaaS website.

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search engine marketing
SaaS marketing through Ads

Social Sharing

Social sharing is a great way to grab customers' attention. If you are running a small business having a website is not enough. When it comes to organic growth, social media marketing is just as important for your brand as SEO is for your website.  Multiple businesses are attracting clients through Facebook or Instagram as well. Try to grow your Instagram followers and Facebook too. 

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Final Thoughts 

We talked about some top-ranking factors for the website. Things like the use of the right keywords, mobile-friendliness, and responsiveness are important. At the same time, you should avoid outdated SEO practices and know the right practices in technical SEO. With the best breadcrumb style, you allow the visitors to know about your website. 

At the same time, you should know if your website has canonical tags and use them correctly. Remove the indexing problems, and your SaaS website is ready to give you business. You can have results with these methods so that you do not have any problems regarding such problems.

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