How to Use YouTube to Market Your Business: Your Guide to YouTube Marketing

If you want to promote your business, build brand awareness and increase sales, the YouTube platform will help you reach a large number of potential customers.

YouTube has become an effective marketing tool because visual content has the potential to grab consumers' attention and convince them to buy the products and services. 

Here's how to use YouTube to market your business: Your comprehensive guide to YouTube marketing.

YouTube Marketing
YouTube Marketing

How to Use YouTube to Promote Your Business: Your Comprehensive Guide to YouTube Marketing

YouTube is a great opportunity for marketers and advertisers to market or advertise on it because YouTube deservedly ranks as the second most visited website on the Internet after the search engine Google. 

YouTube viewers watch more than 1 billion hours of content every day, which makes it an important source that marketers and advertisers rely on in marketing and advertising.

Video marketing is increasing day by day in reaching and influencing the target audience, which is why some social networking sites such as Facebook rely heavily on video marketing.

YouTube has surpassed all online video platforms in the field of information and entertainment content such as latest news, movies, TV shows, pranks, adventures, diaries, etc., and has become an essential tool for e-marketing.

Many digital marketers intend to add YouTube marketing to their marketing plans during the current year 2021. This is not surprising, as the latest video marketing statistics indicate that video sharing on social media is more than sharing text and image content.

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In this guide, we will go through every step of YouTube marketing, starting from creating a commercial channel on YouTube and choosing the type of videos you will produce, creating stunning marketing videos, then optimizing your videos for search engines, and ending with promoting your videos on other platforms, creating a paid advertising campaign and using YouTube Analytics to measure your channel performance.

What is YouTube Marketing?

YouTube Marketing simply means using YouTube to produce marketing videos for a product or service. The YouTube marketing campaign includes different types of videos, such as promotional and educational videos, explanations, customer testimonials, live broadcasts, and more.

YouTube Marketing allows you to promote your brand in an engaging visual way that meets your audience's need to learn, enjoy, and connect with your brand.

We all know video production as a marketing effort is more complex than other marketing efforts such as designing images or writing content. But if you use YouTube marketing, you will achieve good results that will make you one step ahead of your competitors in your marketing efforts.

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The Complete Beginner's Guide to YouTube Marketing

You can use YouTube as an effective marketing tool for your small and medium-sized enterprises. Here is your complete beginner's guide to YouTube marketing. 

If you want to promote your business and earn money with YouTube, follow these 7 most effective YouTube marketing strategies:

Create a YouTube channel

Creating a well-managed YouTube channel with consistent content can help grow your brand and make money.

Don't follow the traditional steps of creating a YouTube channel, but follow some guidelines that will help you set up your new channel for commercial use.

Here are some YouTube tips for beginners to help you get started and create a professional YouTube channel to grow your brand and earn money:

  • Visit YouTube and set up your business channel's name
  • Create a YouTube channel using your Google account
  • Customize your YouTube channel
  • Make your YouTube channel discoverable
  • Use eye-catching channel art and thumbnails
  • Choose the perfect channel icon
  • Understand your audience
  • Research your competition.
  • Learn from your favorite channels
  • Upload your first YouTube video
  • Create great content, consistently
  • Ask viewers to subscribe

Multiple authorized users can log in at the same time with your YouTube Business account. You can also open and manage multiple YouTube channels with a Brand Account.

If you have created a professional YouTube channel, you can move on to the next step.

Choose the Best Niche for Your YouTube Channel

When you start developing your marketing plan and decide to add YouTube marketing to it, you have to define the goals that you want to achieve from YouTube marketing, for example, do you want the YouTube marketing campaign to improve the conversion rate of visitors to customers, or do you want to increase awareness of your brand, or do you want to increase the number of shares, comments and likes.

There are many types of videos that you can use in YouTube marketing, and each has goals that it helps to achieve.

There are many YouTube video ideas and profitable niches that you can choose according to your requirements. To help you decide what types of videos you'll produce in your YouTube marketing campaign, we recommend you to produce these 7 types of videos to achieve your goals. 

  • Promotional videos
  • Product explanation videos
  • Demo videos
  • Customer Testimonials videos
  • Brand videos
  • Blogger videos
  • Entrepreneurial videos

Knowing your goals will help you create the right videos for your channel. Start by creating the type of videos that you think fit your company and your goals, then gradually add others.

Create Stunning Marketing Videos

After you have chosen the best niche for YouTube marketing videos that you will produce based on the goals you are trying to achieve, you must compete with thousands of channels to intensify your efforts in order to come out professionally.

You can start marketing on YouTube professionally and simply by producing videos with only two components, the first component is a set of expressive images that are presented in the form of slides, and the second component is sound effects and voiceover.

Use tools to help you create videos with stock footage, audio, and voiceovers.. There are several companies that provide you with many video design and audio commentary services that help you produce this type of video. This type of video is popular with many well-known news channels and has a huge reach on social networks.

If you decide to move to the next level of professionalism, sharpen your creative energies and use video shooting and editing tips to help you shoot attractive videos and make professional-looking videos.

Optimize Your Videos for YouTube SEO

YouTube is the second largest search engine on the Internet after Google, and in order to achieve success in YouTube marketing, ranking high in the YouTube search engine is no less important than creating attractive, professional-quality videos.

So you have to take care of writing the video information correctly so that the YouTube search engine can index it correctly, and your videos may appear in the search results. 

When people search for topics related to the video, your videos should also rank high in Google search results.

Be short and straightforward when writing, and avoid using keywords that are not related to video content so that YouTube does not completely remove your content. Required information includes video title, description, hashtags, thumbnails, captions, subtitles, cards and end screens.

Comments, likes and subscriptions are very important to YouTube when ranking videos in search results, so don't forget to encourage viewers to comment, like, and subscribe to the channel, and take the time to respond to comments and interact with your audience. If you’re looking for more efficient ways to grow your account, there are various services online to choose from. Read more about the best sites to purchase YouTube subs on Business Computing World.

Promote Your YouTube Videos on Your Different Platforms

After you have captured your video and optimized it for Google, your video is not expected to go up in search engine results and you have just added it, so it is important that you promote your videos on your different platforms.

Fortunately, YouTube allows sharing videos in many places on the web with ease, and here are the best ways to promote your videos on other platforms:

Social media: Don't think that posting the new video in your social feed is the only option available to you, but there are other, more effective options, first you have to think about the reason for which you created the video.

For example, if the reason is to explain how the product is used, it is better to include the video in your responses to the audience’s questions about how the product is used, and if the reason is to introduce the audience to your brand, it will be appropriate to put the video under the “About” section of the Facebook page, and so on…

You can also use Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and other social networking sites to promote your YouTube videos.

Website and Blog: Add a YouTube icon at the bottom of the site along with other social media icons so that visitors can easily reach your channel, then integrate your videos into your site and blog pages as follows:

  • On the Success Stories page, add a video of your client's testimonials.
  • On the About Company page, add an intro video about your brand.
  • On the FAQ page, add a video on how to use the product.
  • On the blog, the post includes a related video.

Emails: Use your videos as content for the messages you send to your list of email addresses, and choose the appropriate content for each mailing group.

For example, submit a video of how the product is used to a new customer group and an introductory video about your brand to a potential customer group.

YouTube collaboration: Partnering with other YouTube channels gives you the opportunity to reach new audiences at no additional cost.

YouTube collaboration takes different forms, for example, you can create a video or playlist together, or list the partner channel in the right of your channel page as a featured channel that you recommend, and the other channel will do the same for you.

But before partnering with another channel, you just have to make sure that their audience is similar to yours so that the partnership effectively serves your YouTube marketing goals.

Advertise Your Channel on YouTube

In addition to your “organic” YouTube marketing efforts, which means creating a channel, making videos, and promoting them on your social platforms, you can add “paid” methods to your YouTube marketing strategies, by creating a paid ad campaign.

In the beginning, you should know that paid YouTube ads use the pay-per-view (CPV) system to determine the cost of your ad, which means that you will pay the cost of your ad in one of the following cases: Someone watched your entire ad if it was less than 30 seconds, or Someone watched 30 seconds or more from your ad, or when someone interacts with your ad, for example by clicking a CTA, card, or accompanying banner ad, meaning that you won't be charged for the ad if the viewer clicks 'Skip ad'.

Use YouTube Analytics to Measure Video Performance

You put a lot of effort and time into creating great content and sharing it across different platforms, congratulations on launching your YouTube marketing campaign, but you're not done yet. Growing your channel's success requires constant monitoring of YouTube analytics, to gauge the success of your YouTube marketing campaign and make appropriate adjustments when needed.

YouTube Analytics tells you detailed information about key metrics that you should watch out for, including: 

  • Watch time
  • Traffic Sources
  • Demographics
  • Sharing Service Reports
  • Viewers Comments

Therefore, if you want to improve the performance of your YouTube channel, you need to understand your data.

You must use YouTube Analytics to determine what your audience does and doesn't like so that you can keep what works, let go of what doesn't, and achieve your goals.


To wrap up this guide, we owe you a reminder and motivational tip:

The reminder: The competition within YouTube is fierce, and every minute 500 hours of videos are uploaded. If you want to succeed in YouTube marketing, you need to make sure that you have the time and resources to publish high-quality content on a consistent basis.

Motivational tip: Your success in YouTube marketing will come with time and practice and can yield amazing results that are well worth the effort.

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