How Video Marketing Can Grow Your Business?

Video marketing is a digital marketing strategy that relies on video and audiovisual material to promote a business brand, increase sales or get leads. Let's see in detail how video content marketing can help grow your business.

Benefits of Video Marketing
Benefits of Video Marketing

How can Video Content Marketing Help Grow Your Business?

Marketing is an essential part of the overall success of a business. It covers all the steps involved in customizing your products, messages, sales, distribution, customer service, as well as other commercial actions to satisfy the wishes of your customer.

There are many ways to market your business with today's digital platform, email, social media, YouTube, etc. Whether we like it or not, video is very present in all the digital channels we use.

Video marketing is an aspect of content marketing alongside email, social media, and traditional marketing.

Video marketing is an online marketing tool that is based on the use of audiovisual images, mainly through the Internet, to achieve different objectives of the marketing strategy.

Video marketing is a fast and effective way to market your products and services. It can also help you improve your online presence, promote better brand awareness, allow you to increase engagement, and build trust. 

Video advertising is a subset of video marketing that helps companies generate sales for their products or services.

Simply, Video marketing is about adding videos to your content marketing strategy. 

Video marketing also allows you to create followers around a certain topic, social cause, product, service, or important promotion for your business.

According to some data, good audiovisual content when using video marketing has a positive impact on sales and ROI (Return on Investment).

The good news is that you don't need much to get started. With a good camera or a decent smartphone, you can also make great videos for your business.

The Benefits of Video Marketing for Your Business

Video content is used as an effective visual storytelling tool that has 3 great advantages: getting your message across, boosting your brand, and having a greater impact on your audience as a medium.

Let's understand what are the benefits of video marketing and how can video content marketing help you grow your business?

Videos help promote your business: 

With video, you can promote your products or services and increase your conversion rates from potential customers to buyers. 

You can create videos to provide an educational foundation for your business to potential clients, even so, they can test your services. You can make a product video to highlight the features of your products, as well as to attract and retain customers.

Videos are shareable content: 

Videos are likely to be shared on Social Networks, especially if it is something emotional or humorous. Sharing is important if you want to make video marketing viral. 

Videos help in SEO positioning. A longer time spent on the page is well seen by Google and being shareable content will reach more people generating more traffic to the web. 

If you put a video on your web page it will attract the user and the permanence on the page will be greater. 

Videos transmit a lot, in a short time: 

Undoubtedly one of the main advantages of video is that it delivers a deep message to the user in a short period of time, sometimes even seconds. 

The video is capable of telling a lot in a short time. The messages are usually clearer, more direct and highly visual. This makes it easy for the user to connect with the brand, retain the information and interact more.

The ability to mix and reinforce verbal discourse with images, sounds and text information makes video a unique format and an ideal tool to convey not only a “tangible” message but also an emotional, even personal one. For this reason, it is not surprising that video marketing is the strategy with the highest return on investment (ROI) with 63%, unlike blog posts with 25%.

Videos help make connections easily: 

Video content can be fun, educational, inspiring, motivating, even personal, easily attracting attention and reaching more audiences than other media. Videos can help put a face on the name and allow the audience to see the true nature of your business and offerings.

Videos help nurture conversations: 

Videos are content that can be shared through web channels in the form of online messages or publications, which not only allows the initial consumer to enjoy it but also opens the window to share it to other audiences through social media.

As seen in the statistics, the video encourages action. Either leaving a contact, downloading something, or a purchase. It also works on many channels: web, social networks, email ...

Videos help create an effective sales process: 

Videos are easily processed and can just as quickly get people's attention. This is great for helping you gain recognition for your brand. Videos incorporate visual and auditory content to convey messages.

Around 71% of B2B marketers and 66% of B2C marketers use videos for their content marketing. 

A video that incorporates text, music, and photographs makes it an ideal medium for conveying compelling content, attracts users for longer to your website, and is a great way to increase sales and subscriptions to your email and your reach on social networks.

Videos help drive traffic to your website: 

Videos can be used to drive traffic to your site. Product reviews, video ads, or video tutorials from social media, email, or other platforms can direct viewers to your website to increase the number of visitors to your site. 

Also, your videos on social media sites can ensure you reach potential customers who might not know you online.

Videos help capture the full attention of the user: 

Currently, users face a large saturation of information or messages as they are exposed to the bombardment of between 3,000 to 5,000 daily information, of which only 5 or 6 are relevant to them, that is, that all content that involves an effort and is not compensated with some value will be liable to be ignored.

The video has a dynamic format, light and easy to consume, so by using it our chances of reaching the consumer increase.

Videos help "humanize your brand": 

The video allows you to generate closeness and establish a more personal bond, this takes on special relevance now in those areas in which the population has been confined and limited to social interactions. This aspect is important because people need "that human part" from day to day that allows them to cover part of their routine needs, so it is a good opportunity to get closer to users and generate a community around your brand.

Videos improve the user experience: 

You are going back to the product explanatory video. When you want to buy something and you have doubts, a video explaining the characteristics of the product or its advantages helps you make a decision, makes it easier for you. 

Product explanatory videos, interviews, people talking… make it more real and credible for users. This adds a tone close to your brand.

Don't just think about brand video, there are thousands of possibilities. Webinars or live shows are also video content, what is special about them? They allow users to interact and feel part of what is happening.

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