Why is Video Marketing Important to Your Business?

Video marketing is a fast-growing, forward-looking marketing strategy that can be used to promote your brand, raise awareness, create engagement, and increase sales.

In this article, we will explain the reasons why video content is critical to a successful digital marketing strategy.

Video Marketing
Why is Video Marketing Important to Your Business?

4 Reasons Why to Use Video Marketing to Grow Your Business

It is essential to discover fresh and distinctive marketing methods in the fast-paced world we live in. In order to distinguish your product or service from the throng of marketers that are fighting for your prospective customers, it's crucial that you get every advantage that you can get to enhance your market reach.

Video marketing is nothing new, but it definitely is a strong and successful component, today more than ever before, of any marketing strategy. 

Often individuals would prefer to see a two-minute movie than to read the same material in 15 minutes with their busy schedules.

Presenters at the marketing and sales conference of INBOUND appeared to agree that around half of all content marketers produced a video in 2019.

But according to the B2B content marketing of the Content Marketing Institute, just 60% of B2B marketers utilize pre-produced video to sell content for 2019, and only 10% use live streaming. But these metrics are steadily on the rise and forward to 2021, 61% of marketers consider video as a 'very important' part of their marketing strategy.

Before we delve further into how video marketing can help you in promoting your business, let’s understand what exactly does video marketing entail.

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is the use of videos to promote and market your brand or offering, increase engagement on your digital and social channels, generate leads and drive sales.

Marketers use video marketing to reach their target audience with video content and advertise their business, service, or product. You may utilize Video Marketing to increase website traffic, social media engagement metrics, email registration, and enhance customer service. In short, video marketing is not only about increasing sales.

People are visual beings, therefore we enjoy videos. Today, video is a major marketing tool for companies and marketers, with more than 100 million hours of video on Facebook and more than 1 billion hours on YouTube viewed every day.

The constant upward trend in video preferences — over text – gives you the chance to interact more effectively with your consumers. It's time if you're not in the game already. 

 Why is Video Marketing So Powerful?

Video content is a powerful way to connect with your target audience on an emotional level and spread the message in a way that is easily accessible to a large audience. 

Video Marketing gives your business the opportunity to quickly showcase important features of your products and services, generate leads and increase your sales.

Video marketing is effective for both (business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing strategies.

4 Compelling Reasons to Adopt Video Marketing

People are increasingly watching videos, but for your business, what does it mean? Are videos even worth the inclusion in your marketing strategy?

The statistics certainly suggest so! Not only do videos promise increased confidence among your customers, but they are also a perfect avenue for building powerful marketing strategies that propel your brand ahead of the competition.

Major brands and businesses have already hopped on the video marketing bandwagon and if you haven’t already, the best time to start would be now!

And if you are thinking that video creation is a cumbersome affair, an online video editor such as InVideo can be of immense help to you.

Here are 4 compelling reasons why videos should be an integral part of your marketing endeavors in 2021.

1. Videos Enhance Conversion Rates

Video should be seen as an investment - HubSpot says that conversion may be increased by 80 percent by adding video on the landing page!

Watching an attractive video presenter may impact purchasing behavior and encourage a visitor to convert to a lead (or convert to a customer!) rather than read the same material alone.

The proper emotions conveyed by video content are a great marketing tool via video! In addition, they may act as integrated lessons or testimonials, depending on the perspective.

2. Video is a big compliment to your efforts for e-mail marketing.

We are all flooded with emails, and it is an increasing struggle to persuade someone to really read your email. Using "video," you can enhance the email open rate and decrease the unsubscription metrics seamlessly.

Video in an email leads to an increase of 200-300 percent in opening rates — an astounding figure. But in most situations, you cannot dispute that watching a video is simpler than reading and sitting, right?

This is especially powerful when you show how to utilize or communicate something that you cannot experience in the written word with the same intensity.

3. Search Engines Love Video Content

Search engines search for information-rich resources and there isn't anything like a video that attracts more and more lengthy pages.

Not only that, YouTube is behind Google's second-largest search engine. You may add a lot to your search exposure if you include your video on YouTube and your website.

What's more, your odds of being discovered go through the sky if you promote your film through social media!

4. Videos Help instill Trust Amongst Your Audience

Video is the ideal method to build your business and brand's personality that allows you to connect with and trust the audience.

90% of consumers think product videos are useful in the decision-making process. The more films to educate your consumers and enlighten them, the more trust you develop. And confidence means sales.


Video marketing isn't new, but as video becomes more accessible, more video information is consumed than text. If you can utilize videos creatively to meet their business objectives and consumer requirements, your firm may benefit from greater returns with video marketing.

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