How Do SEO & PPC Work Together To Benefit Your Business?

How SEO and PPC can Work Together to Drive Your Business Goal?

PPC and SEO are integral parts of inbound search marketing techniques. Despite this, I have observed many marketing teams plan and manage their PPC and SEO independently, which can result in significant inefficiencies. The benefits of integrating SEO & PPC into a comprehensive search marketing strategy for improving site performance are explained below.

SEO & PPC for Business
How Do SEO & PPC Work Together To Benefit Your Business?
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What Distinguishes PPC From SEO The Most?

Although many of you should already be familiar with SEO and PPC, a little review is always helpful.


Search engine optimization, or SEO, uses various strategies to improve a website's visibility and position in organic search results. This can involve: 

  • On-Page SEO - Keyword analysis, content creation, and the effective use of SEO-optimized meta tags.
  • Technical SEO - site speed, indexing, mobile friendliness, crawlability, security, site architecture, and structured data.
  • Off-Site SEO - strategies to increase the authority and reputation of your site, exceptionally high-quality backlinks.
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PPC - 

PPC, or "Pay Per Click," is a search engine marketing tactic which requires advertisers to pay a fee for each click on their ad. 

But! But! But! 

Google rewards PPC campaigns based on the quality of pages' relevance and targeting strategies. PPC ad formats include Google Shopping, Display advertising, Social media advertising, Remarketing and Sequential remarketing.

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Basic Differences

  • The primary distinction between these two inbound marketing channels is that whereas PPC is a paid tactic, SEO generates organic traffic. 
  • PPC, as opposed to SEO, produces quick results. As soon as your advertisements are up, customers looking for the keywords you are bidding on will notice & visit you. But SEO takes time to show results. You have to wait for at least six months. 

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Can SEO & PPC Work Together To Generate The Desired Outcomes?

SEO and PPC Management Services complement each other nicely. Many SEO experts' observations & years of experience say - The two (SEO & PPC) call for a coordinated effort to ensure all components are operating as effectively as feasible.

Increased website traffic, click-through rates, and conversions are all benefits of an integrated search strategy that considers both SEO and PPC.

While not appropriate for every business, you should create a comprehensive search engine strategy rather than focusing solely on SEO or PPC for high-growth & aggressive marketing.

Giant Benefits Of Combined Strategy (SEO+PPC)

1. Insights Can Be Shared

  • Shared insights can impact organic and paid visibility by raising awareness and confidence. Cross-channel reporting will enable marketers to get a more comprehensive picture of the effectiveness of their digital advertising than ever before. 
  • It can facilitate you to gain insights into consumer behaviour, engagement, and conversion by observing how users respond to your organic listings and PPC advertisements. 
  • You can also learn which channels and strategies to concentrate on by observing how users respond to your organic listings and PPC ads.
  • With this knowledge, marketers can leverage successfully paid search ad copy in their meta descriptions or stop using keywords that rank highly organically (while investing that budget in more competitive keywords).

2. Client loyalty

A customer's likelihood of sticking with a brand increases when several channels are managed under one roof. This is because the PPC and SEO teams will be able to communicate efficiently to optimize campaigns and won't be in competition with one another or seeking to assign blame. As previously indicated, unified reporting can facilitate and streamline the process of demonstrating the client's value.

3. Better The Landing Page, Lower The CPC

The UX of landing pages can be enhanced with shared insights of PPC and SEO. Optimizing landing pages always helps websites rank higher on Google by raising quality ratings, which lowers the cost per click.

4. Enhanced Online Visibility

Integration of SEO and PPC increases search visibility. This will help build a strong brand presence in the marketplace and increase website traffic.

Marketers can increase their site's visibility on SERPs if sponsored advertising shows up for queries that return to local listings. This pushes SEO teams to make efforts to rank the content in the organic text results.

5. Save Lead-Cost

Targeting clicks in both sponsored and organic search results for high-performing keywords can enhance traffic overall. You can gradually switch high-cost, high-volume, or low-converting (but still crucial) keywords from PPC to organic search (and, thus, for free). 

6. Grow Brand Confidence

A higher Google ranking is essential for building brand trust, and if done correctly, a streamlined SEO and PPC strategy will help you achieve this objective. As we know, people only make purchases from websites that appear trustworthy or credible. They will recognize you as a reliable player if they see your sponsored search advertisements at the top of the page and your organic listing below. 

Must-Know Facts

  • Customers will grow skeptical if businesses are challenging to locate online, and they are more likely to trust brands they find on the first page of Google.
  • Your brand presence will benefit from your investment in SEO and PPC.

7. Improved Testing And Targeting

You can use PPC to target customers using commercial keywords at various customer journeys (Research, Comparison & Purchase).

Before committing to long-term SEO methods, you may test your keyword approach in PPC. You can also do A/B tests on your ad copy and landing pages to identify the most effective ones. Your organic listing and landing pages can use this information.

8. Re-marketing

After a first encounter with your website through organic search, remarketing enables you to stay in front of visitors and tailor your messaging to their interactions with it.

How To Gain Maximum Benefits From A Combined SEO & PPC Strategy?

Cross-channel reporting is made possible for marketers by fusing Google Search Console and Google Ads. This will enable reports to offer more specific information about how various search phrases are doing across both channels.

When using integrated reports, it is simpler to identify areas where your advertising is succeeding and failing. You can copy the wording from an effective PPC ad or campaign and use it in your website's meta titles or descriptions. This will enable you to convert some of the traffic from bought keywords into organic traffic, saving you money and raising your Google ranking.

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