Tips on Choosing the Lighting for Your Marquee Party

Organizing a grand party on a limited budget is not a big deal if you know how to make your venue look splendid with the correct lights and decor options. Here are some important tips on choosing the perfect lighting for your marquee party.

Lighting for Marquee Party
Lighting for Marquee Party

8 Tips on Choosing the Perfect Lighting for Your Marquee Party

Marquee lighting has been a traditional way of decorating and catching everyone’s attention. Outdoor parties have become more popular after the pandemic. Open space gives you endless options for decorating the venue. 

Talking about decorating the venue, after choosing the correct party tents, pole tents, stretch structures, and frames, flowers and lights are the basic options to decorate your party place.

If you choose a marquee, it’s necessary to light up the tent along with the natural light. Throwing grand parties on your limited budget is not a big deal if you know how to make your venue look splendid with the correct lights and decor options. So, here we have listed some tips to ease down your selection chaos. 

1. Light Up Your Surroundings:

If you look at a place with creative eyes, every outdoor location has an entry and exit point. Light up the path which your guest can follow to reach the main marquee or your place of celebration.

Lanterns and big white bulbs are functional and attractive for this purpose. You can incorporate fairy lights on tree bark or small bushes near your marquee. Place apex frames and decorate them with bulbs and lights. It’s a fabulous idea for your guests to have a special place to take Instagramable pictures.  

2. Help Create Themes and Moods:

Theme parties are the soul of outdoor parties nowadays. Lightings have a significant contribution to setting the mood. For instance, dim lights set a romantic feel. Bright disco lights are perfect for a birthday or some other celebration. Blue and pink lights for kids’ parties look absolutely gorgeous.

You can also choose other colored lights based on the character chosen by the kid. Marquee lights are another classic idea to light up the venue with the names of the party hosts. You can also pick a monogram marquee light with the initials of the host of the party. 

3. Use Shapes to Add a Chic & Vintage Look:

Vintage parties had a cliche technique of using lights in geometric patterns. You can use different apex frames hanging down the marquee roof. Add strings of lights to these frames. This idea will add a vintage and chic look to your venue.

For a better traditional look, you can add shapes like hearts, love, smiley faces, and other relatable shapes. For the bar area, you can add the shape of a bottle with marquee lights. These ideas will really add an oomph factor to your party. 

4. Use Letters to Define The Purpose of a Space:

Every area of your party has its own purpose. Instead of adding standard nameplates, you can use marquee lights to define the area. This lighting tip can also be applied to your home.

You can use different marquee letters together to form words like Relax, Home, Family, and Love, for your living room, bedrooms, etc. Similarly, words like Bar, Wash, Dance, And appetite can be used at their respective places. This creative way of using standard lighting is really a clever and economic way of decorating a place. 

5. Chandeliers Lighting for Wedding Marquee:

Wedding parties are more lavish than birthdays or other regular celebrations. This particular day needs extraordinary kinds of arrangements. Outdoor weddings usually have marquees and pole tents. Along with flowers and other preferable decors, lighting has all the power to transform the final appearance of the location. 

For weddings, marquees require more sophisticated and classic lighting. Chandeliers are the most suited of all for such events. Chandelier lights are also called candelabra lamps. These branched ornamental lights have several design options, in terms of length, light colors, and structure. Chandeliers are mostly mounted on walls and ceilings. The newly designed chandeliers are now available with LED lights. You can choose different colored lights according to the theme of your wedding party. 

6. Festoon Lighting for Marquee Parties:

Festoons are also considerable for online and transparent marquee roofs. These lights add a dramatic look to the venue. It looks like floating stars over your head. Festoons lights got their name from the Latin word ‘festum’, meaning garlands and wreaths.

Marquees, party tents, and other stretch structures at the party can be accentuated using these absolutely gorgeous strings of lights. Wrap these strings around the trees, or spread them above the pathway. Festoon lights are mostly seen hanging over the seating area at party halls and outdoor celebration venues. These are UV-resistant, waterproof lights to tolerate all kinds of harsh weather conditions like storms, rain, and heat. 

7. Fairy Lights for Outdoor Parties:

Fairy lights have become the most popular party lights due to their affordability and durability. You must have a pair of fairy lights at home right now. These lights have become synonyms for Christmas lights. Fairy lights are made up of LED lights that are quite a money and power saver compared to standard light bulbs.

Outdoor events have several natural objects that can be easily glorified using fairy lights. These lights are super easy to install and available in styles; light curtains, tube lights, and LED bulbs. These lights are available in all rainbow colors with different lighting speeds and styles like blink, slow fade, fast transitions, and permanent lights. Check out online websites for the best quality at low prices. 

8. Party lights and Lasers for Private Parties:

Adult life with booze and music is incomplete. Be it a pool party, beach party, or some outdoor event, party lights set the mood for your party. Disco lights have always been a must-have party light for decades now. Lasers are the upgraded version of disco lights.

Every private party looks lifeless without vibrant colored lights. Music beats synchronized with lasers and party lights boost the energy of the event. Portable rotating lights, disco ball lights, Led lights with Bluetooth, and DJ stage lights are some of the popular options in this category.

Laser lights on the other hand are more vibrant and look absolutely rocking with party lights. New 3D laser lights have different modes of transitions with different shapes and styles. You can even customize them to display your names using laser lights.

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