7 Common Skin Care Mistakes You Need to Avoid

If you follow a skincare routine but don't good results, you may be unconsciously making skincare mistakes. Here, we have mentioned 7 common skincare mistakes that you need to avoid.

Skin Care Mistakes to Avoid
Common Skin Care Mistakes to Avoid

These 7 Common Skin Care Mistakes Should Be Avoided

Getting into a skincare routine is only the beginning. Many people go about their daily and weekly routines, using products they've had for years or treating all four seasons equally when it comes to skincare. That's just two of the most common skincare blunders; there are plenty more listed below. Maybe a few of these apply to you. It's not too late to turn things around and enhance your skin in the short and long term.

This blog post can help you in improving your skincare routine.


1. Using Comedogenic Ingredients (Especially If You Have Acne)

This is a clever way of saying "clogs your pores." It's one thing to look for oil-free products if you're prone to breakouts or have particularly oily skin. Look for non-comedogenic (non-pore-clogging) products to supplement your ingredient exclusions. Most brands won't advertise their products as such, although they could say they're developed for acne-prone skin, which is a start. However, typical skincare products like cocoa butter, coconut oil, algae extract, and lauric acid are only a few examples of very or highly comedogenic substances. Sure, they're nourishing and anti-aging, but those benefits can come from several components that won't clog your pores.

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2. Not Layering Hyaluronic Acid

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As a super moisturizer, Hyaluronic acid is deserving of all the accolades it receives. By sucking moisture from the air, it can hold 1000 times its own weight in water. (It's also highly moisturizing on its own.) If you use hyaluronic acid in the winter, remember to use a moisturizer afterward to keep the component trapped inside the skin's barrier. If you don't, and you're in a dry, cold environment, hyaluronic acid seeks moisture deep within the skin rather than on the surface. This further depletes moisture levels, leaving you with even dry skin than before. According to a doctor at a prominent skin clinic in Andheri, it's best to put a moisturizer over your serums at all times, but especially in dry settings where the lack of humidity takes a toll.

3. Improperly storing your goods

We're not suggesting that you keep all of your skincare products in a separate tiny fridge. However, we don't recommend storing your products in a hot or humid environment (the latter particularly applies to things like razors, trimmers, scissors, combs, tweezers, etc.). Most goods are good throughout the year in a range of natural mild and moderate temperatures, but they can quickly heat up and deactivate if exposed to direct sunlight on a hot day. When traveling, it's more challenging to keep track of temperature, but look for active components like Vitamin C, prescription retinol, antioxidants, and UV filters. These complex components are also on my mind for the following suggestion.

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4. Letting Products Go Stale

Skincare products aren't indestructible. You'll typically see an expiration date, but this isn't a hard and fast rule—some unopened products will stay indefinitely. In contrast, others will expire considerably sooner once you start using them. Instead, consider how long it has been since you first opened the package and exposed it to light or oxygen. (Look for the small jar emblem on the side of any product; the number inside the tiny jar tells how long the product's powers last once the lid has been popped.)

If your product contains light- or oxygen-sensitive chemicals, the design will usually reflect this (by keeping air and light out). Regardless, keep an eye out for products with open-top lids or clear packaging, as their expiration dates are likely to be earlier than those with opaque, pumpable packaging.

5. Exfoliating excessively 

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Many of us over-exfoliate our skin in the pursuit of clear, smooth, and bright skin by using chemical-powered serums and physical scrubs every couple of days (or even more frequently). The truth is that your skin doesn't regenerate quickly enough to withstand repeated polishing. You must let your skin cells spend their brief lives before peeling or cleaning them away, or you will end up with reddish, irritated skin since there will be no newborn cells waiting to ascend.

6. Becoming complacent after seeing results

Skincare is a long game, and seeing benefits can take months of consistent use. This is especially true with retinol, dark-spot removal, acne treatments, and other anti-aging and resurfacing regimes. Conditioning skin to these solid chemicals and indeed "turning over" to display a brighter complexion. To sustain results, regardless of the products you're utilizing, you'll need to keep using them (or take equivalent preventative actions). If you get to day 90 on retinol and say to yourself, "Great, I'm done, my face looks great!" and then stop, you'll revert to your pre-retinol skin in a matter of weeks, warns the expert from Andheri's premier skin clinic. A routine should be a lifelong commitment, with tweaks as needed; you'll rarely be able to eliminate a hereditary, environmental, or age-related condition without perseverance and patience.

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7. Sleeping Improvidently

Hopefully, you already have a nice night cream and skincare routine in place. But it's all for naught if your sleeping environment isn't up to snuff. We're talking about a room that's too cold or too dry, or pillowcases that haven't been washed. All of these factors may wreak havoc on your skin. In the winter, add moisture to the air with a humidifier to avoid skin drying and breaking out. Keep your pillowcases and hair clean to prevent bacterial and product accumulation in your pores, which can lead to blemishes.

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