The Most Effective Acne Treatments That Really Work

Looking for ways to treat acne and get rid of pimples as fast as possible? Here are the most effective acne treatments that really work to remove pimples permanently and maintain youthful glowing skin.

Acne Treatments
Acne Treatments

The Best Acne Treatments That Really Work

There are a dozen of home remedies and treatments that assure to treat acne. But, these have some sort of limitations in terms of benefits. Certainly, you have to wait for months to see the difference and the result seems not-so-satisfactory. 

Aesthetic Science is way more advanced in terms of downtime and complete removal of acne. The best thing is that these are nonsurgical and most effective acne treatments that really work.

Do you want to know what these could be?  

Here they are! 

Non-Invasive Acne Treatments 

  • Light Therapy

Visible light therapy is used these days to overcome mild to moderate pop-ups. Blue and red light therapies are fairly used in a dermatologist’s office.

Blue light therapy is a phototherapy that comes with antimicrobial effects. It is really effective at killing bacterial infections in your pores and oil glands. A trusted source states that over 77% of acne cases saw improvement in it. It lets your skin get rid of free radicals. These are the biggest aging factors that oxidize and cause wrinkles, acne. With this phototherapy, you see a significant decline in the symptoms of acne and redness. 

Red light therapy is also a nonsurgical acne treatment that promotes the healing of acne scars. It does not cause inflammation. However, it is less effective than blue light therapy. 

This light goes deep below the surface and quickens repairing tissues. This shows highly impressive results in chronic acne conditions. 

  • Chemical Peel

Chemical peels are cosmetic treatments that can improve the conditions of your face, hands and neck. It makes your appearance better. Once applied, the cell turnover begins rapidly. As a result, the new skin underneath appears. It looks smoother, less wrinkly and youthful. 

However, this treatment is more effective for acne scarring. But, skin doctors may use it in combination with laser or other therapies. 

  • Retinoids and retinoid-like drugs

These contain retinoic acids or tretinoin. It is often used for removing moderate acne. The doctor may prescribe it as creams, gels and lotions. He shares their application procedure. They can be applied in the evening. You may start with three times a week and then, shift it to daily. It prevents clogging of follicles. Besides, you should follow the instructions strictly, such as avoiding the application of tretinoin and benzoyl peroxide together. It could be dangerous to follow your own way. 

Take into account that topical retinoids make your skin more sensitive to the sun. They may turn it dry and red, which leads to skin discolouration. 

  • Azelaic acid and salicylic acid

It’s an acid that the yeast produces. Azelaic acid comes with some amazing antibacterial properties. The cream or gel having 20% azelaic acid can soothe your skin and remove breakouts effectively. Doctors recommend it to be used twice a day. The expecting lady & breastfeeding mother suffering from this skin condition may be prescribed azelaic acid (Azelex, Finacea). It comes with the incredible benefit of no skin discolouration. However, there are some side effects seen when you use it. Your skin may turn red and meagerly irritate.

Another one is salicylic acid. It can help in preventing breakouts. It washes off clogged pores and leave-on products gently. But, redness and discoloration may be there when you use it. 

  • Sulfur 

Sulfur is no less than a blessing as a gel or cream. It works similarly to benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, but is a little gentler than these on the skin.  

Acne or breakouts spread due to excessive moisture and oil clogging. Sulfur dries out the crust of your skin. Your skin secretes excessive oil or sebum. This amazing ingredient dries it out and removes all possibilities of clogging pores. The dead skin cells also dry out, which are easy to get rid of. 

  • Exfoliation by Removing Whiteheads & Blackheads

As aforementioned, choked pores may end up in acne or breakouts, doctors may clean it up using devices. These help in gently removing whiteheads and blackheads or cysts. These are what topical medications fail to wash off. However, this method is a temporary improvement. But over time, your overall skin condition improves and the acne scarring fades away.

The dermatologist or skin specialist can combine any of these or laser therapy together for more impressive and quick results. Certainly, these treatments are highly effective and take less time to improve your acne condition. This can happen when you consult with a clinically certified doctor. Following his instructions can pay you off with smoother and softer skin.


The most effective acne treatments are non-invasive cosmetic treatments using chemical peel, blue and red light photo therapies, skin-friendly acids such as salicylic acid, retinoids and sulfur, etc.. These have the capacity to remove clogs and let the skin exfoliate. This is how the acne condition improves in a few weeks. 

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