5 Most Amazing Technological Advances that are changing the World

The world has seen many great inventions in the field of science and technology. 
Determining which of these inventions and technological advancements is the greatest, is not an easy task as such a list will always be subjective.
In this article, we have discussed the 5 most amazing technological advances that are changing the world and promise to make a big impact in the future.
new technologies
Five new technologies that are changing the world: Internet of Things, Big data, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented reality and Nanotechnology.

5 Most Amazing Technological Advances That Are Changing the World

Five Mind-Blowing Technological Advancements

The world around us is moving steadily towards evolution and change. When it comes to technology, we are talking about our future.

We are the modern generation. We are currently living on the threshold of a pivotal stage in the lives of individuals and their interaction with technology.

Soon our science will go beyond magic. We would dare to expect it.

Every day and every hour, something new is discovered that will make our lives easier and enhance our use of technology more easily and in an unprecedented way.

In spite of the multitude of these technologies and their multiplicity, there are things that always come in the forefront, with their effective impact and different uses, which you should at least know a simple introduction around them in order to be able to keep pace with evolution and changes.

In this article, we will talk to you about five amazing and incredible new technologies that have changed the world.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things
New technologies that are Changing the World - Internet of Things (IoT)
Internet of Things (IoT) devices impact society in a meaningful way
Internet of Things (IoT) term or trend is one of the things that has emerged recently and burst into our lives both suddenly and gradually. 
The concept of "Internet of things" is given below:

"The new generation of the Internet (network) that allows understanding between interconnected devices (via the Internet Protocol). These devices include instruments, sensors, various artificial intelligence tools, and others. "

Most of the things we use on a daily basis will become connected to the Internet, and we will deal with them digitally, without the need to use traditional methods.

These things come from the smart clocks that have become very important in our lives, through the clothes we wear, furniture, human organs, even toothbrush, and cooking utensils, and one day it will become something digitally connected to the Internet. IoT is the end of everything used in a traditional way.

According to a survey by Business Insider and Gartner, it is expected that by 2020, the size of the Internet market will be greater than the market for mobile phones, computers, and tablets combined.

Where the number of Internet devices will reach 35 billion devices connected to the Internet, and Internet market revenues will reach more than $ 600 billion by the same year.

This technology will enable us to do all the work in a smarter and faster manner and will affect the process of collecting personal data related to a given activity, as well as the effectiveness of this activity and the overall impact on the lifestyle of individuals.

There are currently hundreds of Internet-based products that emphasize the extent to which this technology has control over the future, for example:

Smart toothbrush: A smart toothbrush connected to the mobile phone, and then you follow the process of cleaning your teeth effectively, with an easy and enjoyable system and periodic tips to improve your teeth cleaning habits and other wonderful things!

Mother Machines: A set of sensitive sensors placed in the home, connected to a device connected directly to your mobile phone, gives you full reports of what happened in your home at the time of your absence, the income and out, when your children returned from school and all the things you care about, durable by this device.

Hue Personal wireless lighting: one of the outstanding devices produced by Philips, which is a collection of LED lamps that connect together and enables the user through the mobile phone to control the lighting or not, the colors of lighting and also strength and brightness, etc. It is an integrated lighting system.

My Fox Collection: It consists of five devices that connect together and work as a private guard for your home and you can buy each device alone, they record all the movements and actions in your home, and tell you, as well as a smart alarm and other devices you can discover yourself.

Sports T-shirt: A T-shirt with sensors that track your athletic activity, analyze your performance, your physical activity, breathing, and heartbeat by contacting your mobile phone.

There are many other products that demonstrate the success of this purification, and it will also be one of the most important trends in shaping the digital future.

 Big Data

Big data
New technologies that are Changing the World - Big Data
Big data is very important in today's business and technology world
In the midst of the amazing technological development, we are experiencing now, there is a huge amount of data being collected every moment, making the task of dealing with this data very difficult, which led to the emergence of the term "Big Data" and it is defined as:

"Big data is a collection of data sets that are so large and complex that they are difficult to process using only one database management tool or traditional data processing applications.
Challenges include data capturing, storage, analysis, participation, sharing, transfer, search, querying, updating, visualization, information privacy, and data source."

Because this data is very large and very complicated, you need to use nanobyte, megabyte, gigabyte, etc. to measure up to 280 bytes, which is a huge number.

Since 2012, more than 1.2 gigabytes of data per year, equivalent to 1021 bytes, or enough to fill 80 billion iPhone 16GB devices, each of us generates 2.2 million terabytes of data on a daily basis.

There are 12 Terabytes of tweets a day on Twitter with 25 terabytes of Facebook access and more than 200 million active users write more than 230 million tweets on Twitter every day.

Big data is characterized by three characteristics: volume, variety, and velocity). 

Volume refers to the amount of data and the size of the data we launch or create.

Variety refers to the number of types of data we launch or create.

Velocity refers to the speed of data processing and the extent to which these data are structured and configured, whether they need coordination and preparation, and how quickly data collection and configuration occur.

The importance of large data is the volume of data that can be grouped around specific people and objects, which will enhance the ability of companies to make effective decisions that increase the growth and success of the company relying on actual numbers and facts from actual users.

Big companies that have a large number of users such as Facebook, Twitter and others are collecting and comparing millions of images, videos, and huge numbers of data every single second.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence
New technologies that are Changing the World - Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence (AI) - the simulation of human intelligence in machines
Imagine that there is a mechanic who helps you in the work of the house, plays chess with you and performs multiple operations.

The Complicated and complex surgery is often dangerous, moving goods from one place to another with a specific mechanism, solving complex mathematical issues, explaining purely scientific theories, you will naturally be astounded.
But all this with artificial intelligence will become available, seeking scientists to enable robots to do human functions with the same degree of intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is a digital revolution in machine science and machine learning in general, some consider it to be part of computer science or rather robotics; but even more so, it has come to rely on this field from all walks of life.

 Artificial intelligence is defined as:

"AI is the specific behavior and characteristics of software that makes it simulate human mental capacities and modes of action.
One of the most important features is the ability to learn, infer and react to situations that have not been programmed into the machine".

However, this definition is controversial because there is no specific definition of intelligence.

There are daily discoveries in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence, through which humans can build an automated person who can deal with people and perform certain functions in an excellent and highly rewarding manner and have the ability to learn anything about anything, the ability to think and use language in formulating ideas.

Scientists predict that in the coming decades, robots will break into our daily lives and become an integral part of them as the computer did and began to spread in the early 1980s and contribute too many fields and industries.

Examples of devices that rely on the artificial intelligence system, and are the smartest robots that have been manufactured so far such as Android, Atlas Industries and development of Boston Dynamics and Googlebot, etc.

Augmented Reality (AR)

 Augmented reality
New technologies that are Changing the World - Augmented Reality
Let's experience the real-world environment with superimposed computer-generated input
One of the most exciting new technologies, a modern information technology that can transform the real image into a virtual image on the computer screen.
For example, the movement of the human hand in front of a small camera can become a movement of a mythical animal on a computer screen.

AR technology can transform real objects into simulated virtual objects that can be figures, people, or anything else.

AR technology will make things around us more interactive and more fun, as well as major companies such as Microsoft, are developing products that are fully functional.

AR technology will fully integrate the digital world with the real world and a new way to transform our ideas into visual objects as well as the way we interact with each other.

For example, the Holograms technology, which Microsoft has relied on to develop its flagship product HoloLens augmented-reality headset.


New technologies that are Changing the World - Nanotechnology
Nanotechnology is the manipulation and manufacture of materials and devices on an atomic, molecular, and supramolecular scale
Nanotechnology is one of the most recently developed and widely disseminated technologies.
Nanotechnology deals with very small components measured by a special scale called the nanometer, which includes dimensions of one nanometer to 100 nanometers in length.

There are two main factors that make the properties of these nanomaterials different and distinct: their quantum effect and structure.
The handling of materials on this micro-scale provides very large advantages resulting from the small working space.

Soon we will see micro-expedition ships sailing within humans to detect diseases and complete surgeries, as well as glass that does not adhere to water or dust.

In addition, there is a new material that is added to plastic, ceramic and metal. It also becomes strong, such as light steel, such as anti-ice and heat resistant, up to 900 degrees Celsius.
Nanotechnology has many uses, especially in healthcare, airframe and others.

There are other great trends besides the five that will undoubtedly contribute to shaping our future, generating new habits and ways to use things in our daily lives, such as self-learning, cloud computing, and many others.
This article is a quick look and practical examples of five of the most important trends in the world of technology.

Modernity that has become something you should at least create a superficial knowledge about what it is and how it works.

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