Do Chiropractic Adjustments Hurt? Explained

 If you’re suffering from chronic back pain, neck pain, or shoulder pain, you should visit a nearby licensed chiropractor to address limited joint mobility, chronic pain, and a range of additional health problems. Know what chiropractic care is? What chiropractic can treat? And do chiropractic adjustments hurt?

Chiropractic Adjustment
Chiropractic Adjustment

Chiropractic Adjustment: All You Need to Know

If you’re experiencing chronic back pain, neck pain and headaches, joint discomfort, or any other health problem affecting your musculoskeletal system, then chiropractic care could be the ideal treatment for you. 

A chiropractic adjustment is joint and spine manipulation that helps keep your spine healthy and your body functioning. Chiropractors perform specialized chiropractic adjustments to realign your spine so that your body can heal naturally. When your body is “reset” into its proper alignment, patients can experience quick pain relief, better joint mobility, and a full range of holistic health benefits. 

However, if you’ve never been to a chiropractor, you’re bound to have a lot of questions before for your first chiropractic session. Of all the common questions, one in particular seems to pop up the most: do chiropractic adjustments hurt? Here, we’re taking a closer look at chiropractic care to understand who could benefit from this safe, non-invasive, and holistic approach to care. We also answer many common questions and provide information to help you understand that for most patients, chiropractic adjustments do not hurt. In fact, for many patients, these adjustments are even pleasant and relaxing. 

What is Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractors do much more than just crack your back. Yes, chiropractic adjustments are a key service they offer, but there’s much more to this type of treatment. Chiropractic care is understood as a series of hands-on adjustments and other types of treatment aimed at treating various musculoskeletal disorders.


These chiropractic adjustments function in a way to realign the spine into its natural positioning. This type of treatment can have amazing health benefits for the entire body. According to specialists, chiropractic care can be ideal for addressing issues affecting your back, joints, muscles, or nervous system. Since your body is such an intricate and interconnected system (a finely tuned machine, many say), when you treat one part the rest also benefits. This is why chiropractic care is seen as such an effective, holistic treatment. 

What Can Chiropractors Treat?

We all know that a chiropractor can “crack” your back and help to relieve pain and tension throughout your spinal column. But in reality, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what chiropractic care can do for you.


Many patients are amazed to learn at all the benefits that can be associated with regular chiropractic care and the range of health problems it can treat. Additionally, receiving chiropractic adjustments can even boost your overall fitness and athletic performance and can help you prevent future injuries.


If you’re experiencing one of the following health issues, then chiropractic care might be the right treatment choice for you:

  • Chronic back pain.
  • Shoulder pain.
  • Neck pain or stiffness.
  • Headaches or migraines.
  • Joint problems and limited mobility.
  • Whiplash.
  • Knee pain.
  • Sports-related injuries.
  • Car accident injuries.
  • Nervous system issues.

Of course, it’s always critical to first consult a chiropractor or your primary care physician before beginning any type of new treatment program. They’ll be able to diagnose your health issues and determine the most effective type of care for your specific healthcare needs. In most cases, your doctor will be able to refer you to a quality and trusted chiropractor if they believe you can benefit from this type of holistic care. 

Do Chiropractic Adjustments Hurt?

Will my insurance cover a visit to a chiropractor? How long do these sessions take? What should I wear? And of course, do chiropractic adjustments hurt? It’s natural to have all these questions and more before visiting your chiropractor, but the best in the business will work hard to answer all your questions so you’re comfortable as possible before your first chiropractic adjustment even occurs.


So, do chiropractic adjustments hurt? While each patient’s experience is, of course, unique, chiropractic adjustments rarely hurt. You may hear a pop or crack during the session, but it’s very rare for a patient to experience pain during a chiropractic adjustment. In fact, chiropractic care generally provides patients with quick and effective pain relief. So in fact, the opposite is really true. Chiropractic adjustments don’t hurt. Rather, they provide pain relief and can boost your overall wellness.


Additionally, many people prefer chiropractic adjustments to other types of care because chiropractic care is safe and holistic. Unlike invasive forms of care, such as prescription medication or surgery, chiropractic adjustments work with your body (not against it) to unlock your body’s natural healing potential. Safe, natural, and working with your whole body—that’s why so many people love the effectiveness of chiropractic care.


Following a chiropractic session, some patients do experience mild soreness or aches. This soreness is comparable to how you would feel after a strenuous workout and is generally a sign that the treatment is working. Of course, if the soreness persists or becomes too extreme and doesn’t dissipate after a day or two, consult your chiropractor. 

Conclusion – Do Chiropractic Adjustments Hurt?

If you’re suffering from chronic back pain, neck pain, or shoulder pain, don’t just reach for that bottle of aspirin. Isn’t it time you find a long-term solution to your health issues? Visiting a nearby licensed chiropractor is an effective way to address chronic pain, limited joint mobility, and a range of additional health problems. As a holistic, safe, and non-invasive type of care, chiropractic care is truly for everyone.


But many people may be concerned about this unique, hands-on approach to care. It’s natural to be concerned if chiropractic adjustments will hurt. While a chiropractic adjustment may cause some initial discomfort, very few patients report that chiropractic care actually hurts. In fact, most patients find the adjustments to be very relaxing or even pleasant. Of course, if there is any pain or discomfort from a chiropractic session, simply talk to your chiropractor and they can make any needed changes to ensure that this type of care is as pleasant, pain-free, and effective as possible. With chiropractic care, you can find quick relief from pain, improved mobility, and get back to that active lifestyle you love sooner than ever.

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