How to Find the Best Physical Therapist in Denver

A physical therapist is a health specialist who evaluates and treats abnormal physical function related to an injury, disability, or other health condition.

Are you looking for a good physical therapist for you in the Denver region?  Here's how to find the best physical therapist in Denver.

Physical Therapist
Physical Therapist

Tips for Choosing the Best Physical Therapist in Denver 

Physical therapy is a specialized, hands-on type of treatment that can treat a variety of different injuries and ailments. As a non-invasive and holistic approach to care, physical therapy is both safe and effective. At its core, physical therapy involves a series of specific exercises and stretches that are designed to help your body heal naturally and recover faster.


But if you’re looking for a local therapist in the Denver region (or wherever you live), you’ll quickly discover that you’ve got quite a few options. So, if you’ve never gone to a physical therapist before, how can you be sure you’re matching up with the best one for your specific healthcare needs?


Here, we’re taking a closer look into the world of physical therapy, discussing its many benefits, and offering some practical tips to help you find the best physical therapy in Denver for your treatment needs. 

What is Physical Therapy?

You’ve probably heard of this term before, but have you stopped to consider what it means? According to the renowned American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), physical therapy is a type of care that involves the evaluation, assessment, and treatment for patients who are experiencing an injury, illness, or they’re recovering from a serious accident. 

When visiting a local physical therapy office, you’ll work directly with a licensed physical therapist. They’ll work closely with you to provide a full physical examination to determine your exact needs. From there, your physical therapist will develop a personalized treatment program consisting of exercises and stretches that you can do both in the office and at home. Over time, and as long as you stay dedicated to your program, physical therapy can help your body heal naturally and even help you prevent future injuries. 

How to Find the Best Physical Therapist in Denver

Now that we know a little bit more about physical therapy and its benefits, it’s time to find the right physical therapist for you. Here, we’ve assembled a few practical tips to keep in mind when you begin the search for the best physical therapist serving your area.


1. Receive a referral: who knows your health better than your primary care physician? In most cases, they can refer you to a trusted physical therapist (and also one already in your insurance network). Your doctor can also help you understand if physical therapy will even be necessary for your particular injury or ailment. If you have a friend or family member who received physical therapy, you can also ask them for a referral if they found their experience to be effective.


2. Perform an online search: don’t jump into working with the first physical therapist you come across. We use Google for almost everything we do—so why not your physical therapist? A quick online search will show you all the physical therapists in your area and can help you learn more about their areas of expertise.


3. Experience: you don’t want to be the first patient for a brand new chiropractor, right? To ensure an effective level of care, you’ll want a chiropractic office with thorough experience and a proven resume. Make sure that your potential chiropractor isn’t just experienced, but that they are also experienced in working on patients with injuries that are similar to yours so you know they’re the right fit.


4. Communication: we all have our own communication styles, but when it comes to your health, good communication is essential. There should be no secrets between you and your physical therapist, and remember, this is a two-way street. During your first call or consultation, be open and honest about what hurts and what issues you’re experiencing. This way, they can better develop a personalized approach to your physical therapy program.


5. Patient reviews: looking for an objective account about what it’s like to work with your potential physical therapist? Then be sure to check out some patient reviews. These should be able to be found online, but if not, your physical therapist should be more than happy to provide a few references. Of course, it’s important to remember that you should still take these reviews with a grain of salt. While even the best physical therapist is bound to have a negative review or two, if you saw far more bad than good on the reviews, then this might be an early warning sign to continue your search.


6. Understand your health insurance: there’s nothing worse than finding the perfect physical therapist only to find out later that they aren’t covered by your insurance. One of the final steps to finding the right chiropractor is checking to see if your health insurance actually covers regular physical therapy care. This can usually be accomplished with a quick phone call or an online portal on their site.


Of course, these tips don’t just apply to physical therapists serving the Denver metro area and Colorado. Keeping these tips in mind when seeking out a physical therapist can prove beneficial no matter where you live. 

Conclusion – How to Find the Best Physical Therapist in Denver

 If you’re recovering from an injury, illness, or ailment, physical therapy can be an effective type of treatment to speed up your recovery and help you achieve longer-lasting healing. Receiving physical therapy from a licensed physical therapist allows your body to work naturally to heal and recover faster and can even help you avoid medication or surgery.


But how do you know you’re working with the best physical therapist in your office? Receiving a referral from your primary care physician can be beneficial as they’re already well versed with your healthcare needs. Additionally, you can also ask friends or family members or perform a quick online search to see who is recommended in your area. Once you’ve identified a likely physical therapist, check their experience, and online patient reviews, and be sure that they will accept your insurance. When you find the right physical therapist for your specific injury or ailment, your recovery will be that much better. 

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