How to Choose a Watch that Suits You

Choosing the right watch for yourself may become a little overwhelming because of the vast variety available in the market nowadays. Here are some useful tips to help you choose the watch that is perfect for you.

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6 Tips On How to Choose a Watch That Suits You the Most

A watch is the epitome of class and style. Yes, it is an important accessory, but the type of watch you wear tells a lot about your personality and taste. Therefore, it is safe to say that a watch is an extension of yourself, so it has to be perfect. If you want to buy a new watch for yourself, you must look for something modern and stylish, but you should also select something that represents your personality. Choosing the right watch for yourself may become a little overwhelming because of the vast variety available in the market nowadays. However, here are a few amazing and useful tips to help you choose the watch that's perfect for you and suits you. 

1. Always Prefer Your Interest

When buying a new watch, the most important thing is to look according to your interest and style. Give a look at your wardrobe and decide the kind of fashion you are interested in. Answering some of these questions can make this process easier.

  • If you wear simple or classic clothes, mechanical watches are the best for you because they have a classic style. 
  • If you are interested in older and vintage clothing, you can move towards vintage men's watches. These watches have an elegant design that never goes out of fashion. Antique pocket watches are perfect for people who are interested in vintage. 
  • Is your closet full of bright and bold colors? If yes, you should go for luxurious watches as luxurious watches and bold clothes complement each other. 
  • Are you interested in making a statement? If you have a lot of colorful scarves or flashy ties, you may need a slightly glittering watch to go with them. 
  • Is there a mixture of various fashion styles in your wardrobe? If so, go for a design that fits everything, including simple, classic, and traditional styles. 

2. Check Your Size 

Checking your size is a very simple process and is very helpful when it comes to selecting a perfect watch. Watches vary in size, and you should choose according to your preference and size. The good thing is that you can easily choose your perfect watch size. For that, you will need a measuring tape. Measure around your wrist and find out the size of your dial with a chart present online on the internet. Large 40mm watches are currently the most popular. These pieces complement most people quite well and look good on average to above-average wrists. However, if your wrist is small, choosing a watch with a small dial is best. Not only will it fit your wrist well, but you can also explore styles that are compatible with your body build.

3. Figure Out the Features that You Need 

If you want to narrow down the choices of watches that you need, figure out the features you want. Appearance is important, but features are what makes a watch useful. Therefore, spending money on watches with the right features is very important. Different designs come with different features, and you must select the one that meets your demands. Here are some of the features you must check out before buying a watch.

  • Analog or Digital Dial?

Analog watches have a classic dial that is commonly seen in many timepieces. Class and fame are depicted once you wear this watch. For this reason, you must keep an analog for your formal gatherings; however, it can be worn casually as well. Digital watches are easy to understand, but their designs are usually not formal. For this reason, they are not worn in formal gatherings and are always preferred for casual wearing. Below are some of the features you should look for while buying a watch.

  • Large or high contrast dials to check time easily
  • Water resisting capability 
  • Band adjustability
  • Battery power
  • Stopwatch feature 

4. Determine Price Range 

Experts say narrowing down your options is the best way to select the perfect watch. So you must decide how much you can spend once you find the type of watch you need. Before shopping, choosing a price range helps you narrow down your options and avoid confusion. Luxurious watches always cost you more money than simple and traditional ones. However, if you want to show your class and style, you can always choose a mechanical watch in the mid-price range. 

5. Know your Brand 

Once you've decided on price, features, and size, the next step where you may get double-minded is branding. Regardless of the budget that you have finalized for shopping for your perfect watch, there are many great pieces you can go for. It is because you can find a lot of budget-friendly brands in the market that make elegant and classy designs. However, when it comes to the top-of-the-line luxurious brands, they don't compromise on their quality. But you must know that every brand has its strengths and weaknesses, and with a little research, you can quickly choose the one you want to buy from. 

6. Try the Watch before Buying

After you are done with everything, the last logical thing you must do is try the watch once before buying it. Once you try it, here are some factors you should consider and questions that must be answered.

  • Is the band link pinching your skin? If so, go for a band that fits perfectly to your wrist. 
  • Is it easy to replace the band when worn out or when you want to change its look?
  • Can you adjust the band according to your wrist measurements?
  • Does the watch feel heavy on your wrist? If it is the case, try a watch with a smaller dial.
  • Is the watch getting caught in your sleeves? If yes, then you should get the band adjusted. 

Since a watch is so much more than just an accessory, it is important to put some effort into finding the right timepiece for yourself. Use the tips shared above while buying to make the right decision. You should also look at the watches you already have to get insight into the type of timepiece you want. Just prioritize your preferences and buy something that complements your personality.

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