Top 5 Fashion Styles For Boys: Ultimate Men's Style Guide

Boys! Your era has started. No more repeating the same outfit over and over again. Now you can too snatch the attention of a room full of people. It’s your turn now!. To know more, read more.

Fashion Styles For Boys, Men's Fashion Trends
Latest fashion trends for boys

Fashion and Style Tips For Boys: Top 5 Men’s Fashion Trends You Need To Know

You know how fashion trends work, today they are in, tomorrow they are out. In this continuous in and out process most styles fade away, but few stay. The same goes with men’s fashion, they too change from time to time. So, men should stop defending themselves saying ‘we only have shirts and pants to wear. 

The recent collections for men brought by designers like Fendi, Tom Ford, Dries Van Noten are impossible to not look at. Trust me there is going to be some cultural phenomenon. 

In this article, we will discuss the top 5 men's fashion trends this year, enlightening men to try to spice up their dressing sense.. So, they no longer have to wait for their wives to get dressed for hours, rather they both can share the hours. 

Top 5 Fashion Styles For Boys

This year is not only the standout season for fashion but also for some pathetically hot chaps. So take a look at these top five fashion styles for men.

1. Baggy Tailored Suitings 

When it comes to men’s attire we think of something that would bring forward his features, therefore encouraging them to wear tight shirts and straight pants. But let me say something, they too want to look different and not really okay showing their iron figure, because not all men have that.

The oversized tailoring pieces are fresh and newly arrived. We are familiar with classic suits and slim fits but the baggy tailored suits by Fendi, Hed Mayner, and Emporio Armani are just enough to just rest the case.

To pair your baggy tailored suitings, wear a loose tie around your neck. 

2. Utility Clothing 

Generally, menswear is all about utility clothing. What's new in it, is the way the shapes are changing from well-fitted to irregular ones. The new fashion trend for men has already kicked in and designers are ready with ample inspiration.

From the military-man-inspired canvas by Ambush and Lemaire to Etude’s safari Finish along with Bianca Saunders’s right jackets, things are going to come off pretty strong. 

Men are liking this appeal as the trend lies in practicality and fits effortlessly into an existing wardrobe. The functional pocket is absolutely fit for wearing jeans with it. 

To pair up any utility clothing, man! you should wear boots or sneakers with them. 

3. Bermuda Shorts 

Whenever we saw men wearing bottoms we saw them fitted. The rule is for shorts but designers started a new chapter. The fashion trend for men warmed up to ‘Bermuda’. In recent fashion shows, men are seen wearing relaxed shorts and walking. 

Dsquared2, Etros and Dolce and Gabbana started improvising the style as well. 

Therefore now men have something to wear during summer. A creased, button-down shirt with matching, relaxed Bermuda along with tube socks and dark hue sneakers. 

So, men try these Bermudas and follow the bandana fashion band, by wrapping it around your neck. 

4. Minimalism 

Wearing clothes in a minimalistic way is always a good choice. It brings the natural you. Minimalism is now the new keyword for men’s fashion style. Designers have decided to create drama as men are terrible at handling it. 

Therefore the coming season will be simple, the extra things will be removed. Solid color is the best way to show how minimalistic can fashion be if necessary. 

To finish off the minimalistic look, just pair it up with square or round sunglasses

5. Oversized Trench 

To look comfortable and classy at the same time, trench coats, I mean oversized trench coats are a yes. Clean-cut designs, extensive silhouettes, and softer hues are the highlight features of the trench coats men’s fashion. 

Although trench coats are worn in fall or winter, designers have come up with trenchcoat ideas that are comfortable to wear during summer and spring. 

The shades that dominate oversized trench coats are midnight blue and caramel.

Oversized trench coats look stunning with some accessories paired with them.  

Wrapping It All Up

The only clothing for men were only shirts, t-shirts, and pants. Whatever might be the religion, men were seen wearing similar clothes. Even men themselves complained that women can dress themselves up in various ways. 

But now, as humans are becoming more straightforward and asking for their own space, things have taken turns, in the fashion industry as well. Men are now free to style themselves the way they want according to the trend. 

Designers have given the Alphas several options to choose from. 

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