7 Tricks You Must Know When Using Dry Chana

 Chana Dal is a part of a highly rich lentil that also entails its elite importance in our daily healthy routine. India is a home of spices and among them, Chana Dal or baby chickpeas is a conducive one. Here are the 7 best tricks you must know when using dry chana. 

Dry Chana
Dry Chana

7 Best Tricks You Must Know When Using Dry Chana

It is time to acknowledge the fact that human health is way more significant than any other luxury. Especially after the uncontrollable waves of the CoronaVirus, we have already deciphered what should get more importance. Now, our kitchen has some special spices that not only taste good but also provide numerous enriched nutrients to our bodies. India is a home of spices and among them, Chana Dal or baby chickpeas is a conducive one.

Chana Dal is a part of a highly rich lentil that also entails its elite importance in our daily healthy routine. To say more about this dry chana we are here to let you know the exact nutrition value of it. And more precisely, we will also propound how one can use baby chickpeas in making eminent recipes. If you are a perceptible person to discover more about Chana Dal stay with us throughout this article. 

Enrichment Value Of Chana Dal:

Leguminosae is the family of Chana Dal that is widely used in India and appreciated because of its versatile figure. This particular Dal is a natural organization of nutrients and protein fibers that are arguably salient for the human body. According to USDA, boiled Chana Dal is a production house of nearly 8.86 g of protein that is a fresh example of healthy spices. An amount of 49 mg Calcium, 27.4 gm carbs, 2.89 mg Iron is found in the basic facet of baby chickpeas. 

Therefore, denying this element in our daily routine is not going to improve our health proclivity. If one wants to gain weight such as a gym-going fellow he or she can easily build their bodies with healthy spices. Let us discuss some diligent recipes that one can try out and take several fruits from it. 

Dry Chana
Dry Chana

Tasty 7 Tricks To Utilize Chana Dal:

As we have discussed how beneficial Dry Chana is for maintaining our inbuilt health structure, now consider the following recipes. 

1. Baby Chickpeas Salad:

Nowadays salad is a popular breakfast or supper used avowedly among the weight gainers as well as the ones who want to lose weight.  Here is an easy-to-make recipe using Chana Dal to start one's day with a healthy starter. To make this, one needs a bowl to place boiled baby chickpeas, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, green peppers, etc. Next add in some olive oil, salt, a few drops of lemon juice, and crushed pepper to confer a good taste salad. Then all the ingredients should be mixed up properly and served as a perfect day starting food. 

2. Chana Pancake:

Another mouthwatering recipe of Chana Dal is here to make and serve easily at home. Firstly, soaked chickpeas need to make a smooth paste incorporated with water. Next add ginger, curry, fenugreek leaves, carrots, chilies, oil, curd, salt into the paste and mix well. When the mixture is well-combined, heat a pan and place a few drops of olive oil. As soon as the oil looks hot, add one big spoon of batter and fry it on low flame. Now, when it is done, following the same pattern makes four to five more like it. Now serve it by placing one above another and garnish with some spices and serve hot with green chutneys.

3. Sattu Drink:

Sattu Drink from Chana Dal is known as a summer drink that is widely used across India. Make one cup of Dry Chana Dal powder and add it to a half glass of water. One can make this powder at home by soaking Chana Dal overnight and then drying them under the sun. Later, make a dry powder form of Chana using a blender and then use it. Add some salt, pepper powder, lemon juice, black salt, etc. to the mixture. Mix all the elements well using a spoon and make a medium-thick drinking recipe. 

4. Chana Dal Tikki:

This is also a famous recipe that is trending in northern India and is also called Chana Dal Suran Tikki. Suran or yam is added to the paste of Chana Dal preceded by salt, pepper, green chilies, ginger and garlic paste, chopped red onions, finely chopped mint leaves, etc. In a hot pan followed by one teaspoon of oil pour this mixture in a small amount and give it the shape of Tikki. Make all the Tikki in low to medium flame until the external shape turns brown. Serve it with chutney that is made of curd and green chilies soothing a perfect mixture. 

5. Chana Dal Halwa:

Halwa is a favorable sweet cuisine of Indian food that is also preferred by people outside of India. This halwa has an attractive and sprucing color and delectating taste. On heating, the pan adds some oil and then adds paste of soaked Chana Deal and fry it until it becomes golden. Then add water and milk while stirring the mixture well and then pour sugar as per taste and cook it well. At last, add some saffron, some cardamom powder, and almonds to it, and serve it in bowls.

6. Chana Dal Kebabs:

As a starter recipe, this Chana Dal Kebabs can be served at any festival and made easily at home. The top ingredients to make this tasty kebabs recipe are Dry Chana Dal powder and raw Bananas. Chopped cabbage and green chilies by adding to the dough of kebabs are then followed by other rich spies that can make one surprise. So, try out to make kebabs from the dough and serve hot with your guests and family. 

7. Spinach Baby Chickpeas:

This is also a great recipe to give a try that needs palak or spinach and cooked Chana Dal. To make this at first, heat oil in a pan by adding a few mustard seeds. When the smell of roasted seeds comes out add onions and chilies to the pan. Add the palak to it and roast it for two to three minutes and then add the cooked chickpeas to it. As per taste add some salt and pepper or chili powder and one cup of water and then serve. 


Dry Chana Dal proposes explicit health benefits that are too valuable to our bodies. As it also offers various tastes in combining with other healthy ingredients we should include this in our daily lives.

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