Why Is Random Drug Testing Important In Workplace?

Implementing a random drug testing program can be a bit daunting, but it is essential to ensure the safety of the workplace and employees. Find out the reasons why random drug testing is important in the workplace.

Random Drug Testing In Workplace
Why Is Random Drug Testing Important In Workplace?

Random Drug Testing: Why Is It Really Necessary in Workplaces

It is the topmost responsibility of the employer to offer a safe working environment to their employees while assuring their employees are being productive. 

One of the biggest misconceptions associated with random drug testing is that employers have a trust issue with their workforce. But that's not the point, since it doesn't only safeguard the company but also the employees. 

According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, drug usage in the workplace can lead to a high injury rate, absenteeism and loss of production. For that reason, numerous companies and businesses maintain the practice of random drug testing to deter drug consumption and secure sober personnel without singling out any particular person. 

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Below, we discuss random drug testing and why it is essential in the workplace. 

Why Implement the Random Drug Testing Practice? 

People who consume any psychoactive compound are most likely to take more sick days and tend to have a higher turnover rate. If the employees are under the influence of any psychoactive drug, their productivity will indeed go down. Moreover, this will cost to a great extent to the company. 

The surprising part of all is that personnel who are under the influence of drugs are competent enough to hide their addiction. As a result, random drug testing is an ideal way to ensure the employees and the workplace atmosphere are safe. Random drug testing is associated with lowering the liability and cost considerably.

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health 2018 report shows approximately 1 in 5 were under the consumption of any prohibited substance in the previous years. The majority of employees used Marijuana, while others were binge drinkers. 

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Why is it Vital for Businesses to Test their Workforce Randomly? 

Importance of Random Drug Testing in Workplaces
Importance of Random Drug Testing in Workplaces

Workplace drug usage has been one of the significant safety risks. As per a study conducted by the U.S Department of Justice, the majority of U.S businesses lose $ 140 billion each year on drug and alcohol abuse. 

An employee under the influence of any drugs can quickly cause danger to the entire staff. Following are the reasons why random drug testing is worthwhile. 

Staff Drug Usage is a Major Liability 

Drug consumption nowadays is an entirely different picture than before. Today, drugs have become vigorous and are pretty common in the workplace. So, if your employees are constantly taking cocaine, painkillers, and weed, it all drives towards the same effect. Moreover, the safety of everyone is immediately jeopardized and strengthens the odds of serious injuries. 

On the contrary, if the accident occurs on the company property and is considered responsible, the business is held liable. 

Random drug testing safeguards the business from legal proceedings by identifying any employee who acts as a threat to others' safety. 

Random Drug Testing Make Sense 

People who are active drug users generally don't wish to work for a company that actively conducts drug tests. By implementing random drug testing, you automatically remove the applicant you don't want to have a drug addiction. 

On the other hand, an employee who is an active user of drugs will surely test positive on their test. This is a chance for the workman to get help and no longer become a safety threat for the other staff. Meanwhile, the employer gets the opportunity to turn into a wholesome workplace for everyone. 

The employer wants to know who is sober at work 

Random drug testing allows the employer to assure that all staff members are sober at work without choosing the specific individual names you might doubt is under the influence of any Phyco-active substance.

People who are associated with drugs are good at hiding their drug addiction. Whether you hold a staff of 100+ employees, more than that or maybe a large number in diverse locations. It's nearly impossible to figure out which employee is sober or not. 

Random drug testing handles the guessing work so that the employers don't have to act like mind readers. 

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Random Drug Testing Protects the Business 

Several state and federal laws especially commend the owners to implement a drug-free workplace. So, the employer must conduct random drug testing practices to obey the rules. 

If an employee is under psychoactive effects in the workplace, the authority will hold the business responsible for the employee's actions. In such situations, random drug testing is the only way employers avoid such circumstances. 

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Implementing a random drug testing program can be a bit daunting, but it's vital to ensure workplace and employee safety. After all, the success of the company depends on its employees. Also, the employees will stop the consumption of drugs if they already know they could be asked to test anytime. At last, lesser drug usage is the roadmap of success and higher profitability.

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