Is it Illegal to Vape and Drive? 7 Steps for Staying Safe

Vaping while driving is technically not illegal in countries where vaping is not prohibited, but it is best to avoid it, and you should be careful as it may be covered under some other laws. Here are 7 tips to help you understand what the law says and how to stay safe while driving.

Vape and Drive, vaping while driving
Vaping while driving

Vape and Drive: 7 Steps for Staying Safe

The market for vaping is rising pretty well, and it is not uncommon to see people vape while driving. While there have been a series of speculations on the legality of vaping when driving, one needs to understand what the law says. 

Whether at the traffic light or in a traffic jam, rather than keeping your hands idle on the wheels, you might decide to pass the time with vaping. However, you need to understand what the law says and how to stay safe.

Is it Illegal to Vape while driving?

There hasn’t been any specific law against the use of vaping while on the wheels. However, you cannot easily conclude that you will have free time vaping while driving. Even though the law is not against it, many states have similar laws related to vaping and driving. 

For instance, the law requires that your windscreen be visible enough for everyone to see in all states. In other words, nothing should block your view – whether nontransparent material or fog/vapor from a vape cloud. As a result, you break the law if you blow vast clouds of vapor that create a fog on the windscreen.

Even if there is no law against careless and reckless driving, common sense dictates that you drive sensibly. As a result, trying to set your vape device or refilling your tank, or engaging in other items that might affect your concentration while driving is classified as reckless driving. Vaping does not necessarily equate to reckless driving, mind you. However, whatever you engage in, that makes you ignore the road signs and jeopardize other road users might get you into trouble with the law. 

Also, using a nicotine delivery device with a minor or pet is against the law. States like California have already enacted such into law. If the law concerns using nicotine devices in the vehicle with a minor, to be on the safe side, you have to assume it concerns vaping. 

Ensure you know the local laws and restrain from anything that can put you into trouble. Here are some tips to guide you if you vape in your vehicle:

Use the Ideal Vape Juice

You don’t need a high VG vape juice when driving as the cloud production will increase, affecting your visibility. Ideally, you want to use a high PG vape juice with the ideal pod when driving. This will give you a good flavor without excessive clouds. Ensure to find the right place to buy vape juice to get assorted e-liquid that will suit your needs. 

Cloud Chasing isn’t Cool, except with an Open Window

Many people are fascinated by the vast clouds of vapor that their sub-ohm can produce. However, the vast vapor it releases can get you into trouble. As a result, avoid cloud chasing when driving, or instead use a less powerful vape device in your car. 

Consider pod systems. While they are satisfying, their vapor output is bearable. However, if you feel you must cloud chase, ensure the windows are wide open and blow the vapor out. 

Vape at Traffic Lights only.

This is just our advice, and you are not restricted to it in any way. Since you can take a couple of drags from your device without having to exhaust the whole thing, taking a couple of puffs at the traffic light is a good idea. 

If you are going on a long journey, you can steal some puff here and there at stoplights or when slow-moving in traffic.

Don’t Vape with Kids and Pets in the Car.

While some states have already made this a law, you should be on the safe side and avoid it altogether. It is even essential to the health and wellbeing of the kids, especially minors and pets. 

It is never advised to vape in a confined space with kids or pets. Their nicotine tolerance level could be low, which might cause nicotine poisoning. If you must vape while traveling with kids, pull over and vape outside rather than vape with them inside the vehicle. 

Maintain a Constant Temperature 

Leaving your vape device in your vehicle on a cold day will affect its functioning. As a result, the vape juice will be thicker, making wicking difficult. This will cause an issue for the battery as it will work pretty hard to make the device work. 

On the other, ensure you don’t leave your device in a hot vehicle. When the battery overheats and is not even in use, it can fail. You might have to deal with venting and damage that could trigger explosion and injury in extreme cases. 

Pullover to Change Setting

While you might think that simply pressing the "i" button on your device is more accessible than texting, you risk being pulled over by the cops. Besides, it also affects your concentration and decreases your reaction time while driving. 

If you need to tamper with the setting, pull over and do whatever you have to do.  

Fill Your Tank Ahead 

If you want to vape in the vehicle, ensure you plan well in advance. In other words, fill the tank, test the settings and ensure the battery is charged. 

With optimum preparation, you might not need to tamper with the device like refilling the tank. 


While the law didn’t specifically prevent people from vaping while driving, one needs to observe some safety tips. This will ensure you don’t run into trouble with the law and also ensure your safety on the trip.
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