Basic Coffee Gears for Home-Barista

Want to make your favorite café-style coffee at home in minutes? The perfect coffee machine can satisfy your desire and make your life easier. Here are simple tips to get you started on creating your ideal home barista set up with the right set of coffee gears.

Coffee Gears

Best Coffee Gears and Tools for Home-Barista

Home baristas sometimes focus entirely on a small number of basic brewing gear, ignoring everything else, including furniture, décor, and ambiance. However, they often forget to have all the necessary coffee gears and tools. At the same time, there isn't a single setup that is best for everyone, and not every basic set guarantees a great cup. As they say, the best of coffee is in how it is blended.

Here are some suggestions to get you started on creating your ideal home barista set up with the right set of coffee gears & tools.

Convenient Storage

First and foremost, the fundamentals: Coffee should be kept in a cold, dry environment. If the coffee has a one-way valve, it has already been placed in its ideal container. Just ensure to properly close the pack after each usage, and drink the coffee quickly enough. Open coffee bags are only used for three days in many coffee shops. It's a good motivator to drink a lot more delicious coffee regularly!

If you have a lot of bags, remember to keep the oldest ones closest to the front so you may use them first. Consider putting entire beans in the freezer, where the dehydrating climate is optimal, and you'll have more time to browse through the coffee at your leisure.


After grounding your coffee and placing it in the brewing handle, you'll need to flatten and compress it. Otherwise, the water will go too quickly through the system. These coffee gears & tools are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Measure the top of your metal filter basket using a ruler and subtract 3-4mm. The most common size is 58mm, therefore if your measurements are close, you should opt for the 58mm base.

French Press

The flavor of good coffee is frequently found in fats and oils. Many of the oils in your coffee grounds are absorbed by paper filters in drip machines. The coffee in a French press does not absorb flavor and instead contains tiny pieces of coffee grounds that percolate flavor.

Bulk tea can be steeped for several minutes, depending on the type of tea you're using. The final product is a cup of tea that is excellent. Coffee brewed in a French press is no exception. Since the grounds are steeped rather than filtered, the coffee has a superior flavor.

Everything is in the cup except the ground coffee when you use a French press. You get to taste all of the tastes, which adds to the fun. All five senses are used to experience the coffee, thanks to this addition to the list of coffee gears & tools.

Espresso Machine with Two Boilers

Most home espresso machines only have one boiler: the pressure chamber, which converts water to steam and drives it through the packed beans to produce espresso. With a single boiler, you'll typically wait a few moments after brewing your espresso before the machine is ready to steam milk or create a second cup. Having a second boiler is a luxury that greatly simplifies your coffee experience.


The Aerobie AeroPress, a beacon of innovation among the bunch of coffee gears & tools, is the most innovative and adaptable coffee maker ever created. The AeroPress is the first coffee maker that uses air to pump water through ground coffee.

The AeroPress can brew espresso-style, American coffee, filter coffee, cold-brew, cold-drip, and various other coffee varieties. 

One of the nicest features is that it's extremely light and compact, making it ideal for travel, and it's made of extremely durable BPA-free plastic. AeroPress additions such as the Fellow Prismo or PuckPuck are available on the market to make it even more flexible. Aerobie has released the AeroPress Go, a smaller version of the AeroPress that fits inside its cup!

Milk Thermometer

Milk should be steamed to a temperature of 60-65°C, the temperature at which the sugars and proteins in the milk caramelize perfectly. Not only can milk burn at temperatures of 70°C and higher, but new investigations have revealed possible health hazards. Even well-textured milk will bubble if it gets too hot, thus a thermometer is an essential tool that is frequently overlooked.


A coffee scale is a useful addition to your armory of coffee-making gear if you're serious about brewing coffee. If you only drink drip coffee or espresso, you won't need it, but if you want to try new things, this is a tool you'll want to have on hand.

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Finally, Some Cleanliness!

Microfiber towels are also necessary for maintaining the appearance of your espresso machine. They effortlessly accumulate dust, coffee grounds, and spilled coffee. You don't want just one cloth, though; you want two.

A Bar Cloth: This is your all-around rag. It's for your machine, spills on the counter, and anything else you can think of.

A Milk Cloth: This rag is only for your steam wand, and it prevents coffee grinds and oils from entering the wand. It's difficult to get them out after they've gotten in.

Enjoy your home barista experience!

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