Top Exterior Paint Color Trends for a Beautiful Space

Choosing the best exterior paint is a tedious process because the exterior appearance gives the first impression of your home and increases its value and worth. These top exterior paint color trends will help you make your home appealing and attractive and give it a modern and timeless look.

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Best exterior wall paints and colors

How to Choose Exterior Paints for Your House: Top Exterior Paint Color Trends

Are you looking for the best exterior wall paints for your home? This blog post can help you choose the best exterior paints and colors for your outdoor surface.

Paint adds beauty to your house and casts a good impression on the viewer. Choosing an exterior paint color is a daunting process as your exterior casts the first impression of your home. It increases its value and worth. Exterior painting not only beautifies and makes the home appealing but also adds to the functionality and durability of walls. It protects the house walls from environmental damage, keeps bugs such as termites away, choice of colors makes the look of your home unique and appealing, is cost-effective, and increases strength. In addition, exterior painting also increases the value of your home as the beauty increases the worth of things.

A wide range of paints are available in the market, therefore choosing the best type of paint and the trendy color is tricky. There are a few colors and types of paints that we have compiled for you, probably including the top trends this year. These paints will help you to make your house appealing and will give it a modern and timeless look.

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Top Exterior Painting Trends of 2022

  • Masonry Paints

These paints protect walls and give them a bold or neutral look. Masonry paints in acrylic form are the best waterproof paints. They not only protect the walls from moisture but also evaporate the already present moisture on the exterior walls. As they improve the longevity of the walls, therefore, they are the most demanding paints of 2022.

  • Textured Paints

Textured paints are also gaining attention due to their versatile role. These types of paints play a vital role when your exterior walls are damaged due to dents, lumps, holes, bumps, etc. These types of paints are a perfect demand to hide the weather-damaged walls and have not lost their importance in 2022 also.

  • Paints having Primer and Sealer 

Primer and sealer are the main components that help paints to stick on the walls and improve their efficiency. Such paints are in the markets which already have primers and sealers in them and therefore, additional sealer and primer coating on the wall is not required. Such paints are gaining attention and will be the most favorite choice for 2022.

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All-time favorite Colors for Exterior Paints

These are the most popular and trending exterior paint colors for your house.

1. White

White, a reservoir of positive energy, is a timeless and all-time favorite of homeowners and builders. It is the most suitable for homes having green surroundings and lawns in front of the house. In addition, bright sunlight increases the appeal of the house having a white exterior. Rather than bright white, other soothing choices are warm white and cream colors. Warm off-white color gives a cozy look to the exterior. It is the most demanding color of the year 2022 as it gives decoration and richness to the building.

2. Black

The most sophisticated color of all time is black which adds uniqueness and prominence to your home. A black-painted exterior with white windows and doors gives a timeless and enchanting look to your home. Charcoal is getting popular due to its rich shades. Dark walls with a light color front door give an artistic look to your house. It is one of the top trendy colors of 2022.

3. Vibrant Green

Green is the color of nature. A house that does not have a sunny side all day can be painted green. It is still a trending color in the areas having suburbs in the surroundings. Green gives earthy color to the house; therefore, it is still trending for those who want to add a natural look to their house. It is also used as a base color on a brick home. Green adds liveliness to home.

4. Brown

The wooden look has been a favorite of all time and people prefer it. Brown color gives a wooden look to the house. It is my favorite because it is less harsh for the eyes. It has a very soft and soothing vibe.

5. Gray

Gray roofs are very appealing compared with white, brown or black walls. It gives a refreshing look. In addition, the combination of the gray roof with green walls is especially good. The bluish-gray is also catching trend in Pinellas Park FL homes due to its vibrancy. Another nature-inspired look is by painting gray-green. This is a calming range of color and is among the demanding exterior wall paints of 2022.

Classic gray is timeless-neutral and gaining top trend among the light shade colors.


In a nutshell, it is concluded that the best paints are not just color-dependent but are those that improve the look of your house and give it a new and refreshing appearance. They hide all the weaknesses and enhance the beauty. They may be textured paints, masonry paints, the composition of paints or colors or shades. While opting for any type of paint, choose wisely. The business of exterior painting in Pinellas Park FL has gained a boost for a decade.

If you are planning to give your home's exterior walls a new look, choose the best exterior paints and colors. Several exterior painting companies are providing quality services that are cost-effective. You can take their services whenever needed. 

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