CBD Oil for Dogs: Know about the Environmental Benefits

CBD oil is quickly becoming a staple in both ours’ and in our dogs’ medical cabinets. Know about the environmental benefits of CBD oil for dogs.

CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD Oil for Dogs: Know about the Environmental Benefits

Without hemp and cannabis crops, we couldn’t have CBD oil and all the fantastic benefits it can have for health. From reducing anxiety to helping those going through cancer treatment, CBD is quickly becoming a staple in both ours’ and in our dogs’ medical cabinets. 

But what kind of impact is CBD’s rapid growth having on the world and the environment, which has seen a significant increase in the amount of hemp plant it carries? 

The go-to argument for those in favor of cannabis legalization is that it’s a renewable crop that’s easy and fast-growing, and has a wide variety of uses that can replace resources demanding on the environment.


But CBD puts that to a test, as it’s not inherently replacing other health products. Despite that, hemp’s benefits to the environment still outweigh the negatives to growing it commercially. Here are 5 ways it does that. 

What is CBD Oil And Its Relation To Hemp 

CBD oil is created by extracting the resin from the flowers of cannabis crops. In particular resin from the hemp variety as it has non-intoxicating levels of THC.  

This resin is chock-full of over 100 molecules that uniquely appear in cannabis. To create hemp CBD oil, all we really need are hemp flowers and fat to pair it with. While some companies like Innovet Pet use hemp seeds to procure this fat, it can come from other sources like coconut oil. 

All parts of the hemp plant can be used. Some examples include the flowers being used to create therapeutic aids, the stalks for textiles, and the seeds for skincare and wellness products like moisturizers. 

When extracting CBD oil, the stalks and seeds are preserved, allowing them to be used elsewhere, and this is how hemp can always have a positive impact on the environment. 

1. Hemp Is A Renewable Resource With A Wide Variety Of Uses 

As we mentioned above, hemp has three main parts, the flowers & leaves, the stalks, and the seeds, and all three find themselves in a wide variety of common products. Food-wise, there is hemp juice from the leaves, hemp milk from the seeds, and then a favorite of vegan bodybuilders, hemp protein — also derived from the seeds. 

Hemp seeds are rich in protein, unsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants, and a range of vitamins and minerals. Not only healthy to consume because of these compounds, but hemp seeds are also beneficial for external use, moisturizing hair while eliminating inflammation and free radicals that damage and age the skin. 

Then the fibrous stalks can be used to create clothes, shoes, carpet, paper, coffee filters, sheets, curtains, and more.  

2. Purifies The Air 

For every ton of hemp produced, 1.63 tons of carbon is removed from the air. And that’s why it’s been called a potential aid in solving climate change

3. Cleans Toxic Soils 

Not only can hemp help clear the air, but it can also help clean and enrich soil too! Hemp is a phytoremediation crop, meaning it can uptake toxic heavy metals from the ground. And, its ability has been put to the test too. In the 1990s, Ilya Raskin and his team of scientists and researchers grew hemp crops in fields contaminated by the Chernobyl nuclear plant disaster.  

4. Renewable Biofuel 

Hemp converts to biodiesel at a 97 percent efficiency rate, and that combined with the ability to grow it in poor, even infertile soil are the reasons some hope it can be a potential source of sustainable diesel fuel.  

5. Feed The World 

While CBD oil derived from the flowers has received more attention than any other product taken from these charitable crops, it is the seeds that might help change the world. 

Not only are hemp seeds a great source of highly-digestible protein, but they are also one of the most nutritionally dense foods on this planet. And with their ability to be turned into flour and oil, hemp seeds may just be the answer to world hunger. 

Final Thoughts

More and more dog owners are taking extra steps to care for their dog’s health, which often includes their mental health. And not only is this wonderful to see, but hemp is also there to make caring for both a whole lot easier. 

But with hemp CBD oil, not only can we help improve our dogs’ health, we can help change the planet for the better at the same time. 

Mother Nature has given us an incredible plant. And whether it’s caring for your dog’s health, feeding the world, or replacing destructive nonrenewable resources, hemp may just be the poster child for the healthy and sustainable agricultural practices of the future.

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