Engagement Ring Shopping Tips For Men & Women

 Do you want to buy an engagement ring? Let's figure out some tips to ease your engagement ring shopping. These enlisted points will surely help you to sort out all the confusion you feel when it comes to shopping for engagement rings.

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Shopping For Engagement Ring: Tips For Men & Women

Did I hear the good news of you getting engaged? Heartily Congratulations to you then. 

Well, it’s gonna be a lot of work to do right from the day you said “yes” to your partner. Choosing an engagement ring as a token of love and proof of your commitment is such a big task. 

Gone are the days when people used to pick any random ring for their engagements or weddings. With changing times it’s actually a big deal for the millennials. They love to express their love and emotions in a very special and everlasting way. Whether it be a wedding proposal or celebrating their first wedding anniversary or first date anniversary, they want it to be memorable forever. 

So, while we discuss your big day, let’s just figure out some tips to ease your engagement ring hunt. These enlisted points will surely help you to sort out all the confusion you feel when it comes to shopping for engagement rings.

  1. Figure out your ring budget

The first most basic thing while going shopping is to decide the budget. When you fix a certain range, it helps you to save and you don’t bother to see anything else to confuse you more. Just tell your fixed range to the retailer, he will get the right thing that falls in your budget. This saves your time and you never go for anything beyond your pocket. 

You must always check out your bank balance and lifestyle while looking out for an engagement ring. It’s not always necessary to cut your essential expenses for buying an expensive stone. It’s all about expressing your love and it can never be weighed by money. So, don’t shove your money for showing off or faking it for the sake of social media or your jealous friends. After all, it’s gonna matter to you and your fiancée only.

  2. Don’t catch up on a trend

Buying a jewel piece is not everyone’s cup of tea. It takes a lot of experience to choose the best of all that stands out. So most people just follow the ongoing trend without having a look at what actually suits them. While choosing an engagement ring, you must go for some classic, timeless designs. These rings last forever and look outstanding even after decades. 

Another thing to consider is your partner’s choice. You must check out their jewellery collection and dressing style for reference. This tip will help you choose the correct ring that enhances your lover’s true style.

  3. Narrow down your choice

Since you are ready for the hunt now, you must start your research on the different shapes and cutworks of engagement rings. This will help you decide the particular shape you want for your partner. Always keep 2 or 3 shapes in your mind when you finally head out for shopping. It gives you options otherwise you get disappointed if your specifically chosen design is not available. 

  4. Choose a metal for the band

And of course, choosing the right metal is quite a task. A metal decides the overall cost of your ring. It can change the final look of any ring you have certainly decided in your mind. Moreover, you can choose a band without any stones, go for different coloured metals like rose gold or black metal. People largely choose platinum over silver. It is quite expensive as compared to silver and looks much shinier, classic and timeless. However, choosing a metal completely depends on personal preferences and one’s budget. 

  5. Choose a Design that compliments your wedding ring

A new trend is getting much hype now. Buying a set of rings is popular among new era lovers. These couple rings have 3 rings in general where you wear the first ring on your engagement, the second band on your wedding and the last one is an eternity band that compliments the entire set on your anniversary. You can buy this entire set at once or buy separate rings that complement each other while stacking up on the same finger. This point is totally optional for the people who love to choose something unique and antique. 

  6. Know the 4 Cs

If you have decided to go for a diamond ring, then you must do complete research on the 4 Cs of this field. These stand for the colour, cut, clarity and carat of the diamond. Many people emphasize one factor and leave the other three. Whereas you must check out all the aspects while investing a huge amount in these priceless stones.

Colour: A coloured diamond is not its purest form. These diamonds are a bit cheaper than the colourless ones. Colourless diamonds are considered to be the purest ones and are rarely found. 

Cut: The cutwork of the diamond determines its sparkle and radiance. A well-cut diamond is worth the money. It enhances the beauty of these rare gems.

Clarity: Diamond is not what you actually see as the final product. Its raw form is much different and needs to get cut and polished to get that mesmerizing shine. Most of these stones hold inclusions. The best of all will have the least inclusions. Always check out your diamonds for the possible inclusions. It affects the final cost and value of the diamonds.

Carat: The carat measurement refers to the weight of the diamond. Always weigh your diamonds correctly before buying the product.

  7. Get it insured

And as you already know much about how to get the perfect engagement rings; a final tip is to get them insured as soon as you buy them. Many retailers and online companies get the task done within 24 hrs of purchase. You can ask your insurance company if they can cover up your jewellery items too. This is needless to say that you have to present proof of purchase. This is a smart option for frequent travelers.

  8. Plan the perfect moment

Once you are done with all the shopping for that Big Day of yours. Plan something romantic and unforgettable to seize that memory. Your spouse and you are certainly never gonna relive this moment again. Cherish these memories with these love symbols on your ring fingers for the rest of your lives.

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