Ultimate Tips and Tools for making logos Online

A good-looking logo design is very important for your brand identity. How can you create custom, memorable logos? These ultimate tips and tools can help you make logos online.

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Online logo design tips

How to Design a Logo: The Ultimate Tools for Making Logos Online

Sometimes it is not necessary to go to a professional. Sometimes you can do things yourselves, and you need the right tools and knowledge. So here, this post has decided to collect design tools for designing logos. And you don't even require being a professional designer.

If you want to create an effective logo design, you must understand the importance of a logo. A logo design is the foundation of your brand identity. It makes a strong first impression, fosters brand loyalty, and separates you from your competitors.

There are several things that you must take into account. The logo is more than just a set of images and letters. It is the face of your company, its identification, how you will be remembered and recognized. That is why it must be legible, unique, and generate visual impact.

What are the Characteristics of a Logo?

  • A good logo avoids having superficial decorative elements, that is, ornaments that are unnecessary to convey your message as a brand.
  • It must be original, easily remembered and identifiable, and easily differentiated.
  • It has to capture the essence of the project and fit in with the audience it is aimed at. It must be eye-catching to the target audience and adapt to ages and preferences. It is not the same to design for a toy brand as, for a neckties line, audiences vary in age and interests.
  • It must be reproducible at any size, so you can use it in your business cards to label any other element that you can customize.
  • Be adaptable to different formats. It has to look good in all kinds of sizes, if you use it as a watermark, on a transparent background and black and white.
  • It must be present in all the project elements, signs, stationery, digital material, etc.
  • It has to be timeless, the logos must survive the passage of time, but they are allowed to make adjustments to project a dynamic and modern image without losing the original essence.

What should you avoid when creating modern logos?

Your logo will look great and be modernized constantly based on fashions and trends.

Change the logo when your audience already identifies you.

Logos purchased in image banks will find many projects with the same design.

Use an overly ornate or difficult-to-read font.

Design an ornate and detailed logo.

Copy competitor's logo.

Currently, graphic design experts suggest logos in a minimalist style, with fewer letters but memorable symbols and fewer colors. When talking about colors, there is psychology where each one awakens different sensations in the viewer. Although it is no longer entirely a secret, here are some details.

Take good use of the logo colors


It symbolizes sympathy, harmony, intelligence. In general, it is a color that calms and inspires confidence, reduces appetite, is associated with cleanliness and health. Depending on the tone used, it will be appropriate for technology, relaxation, or gaining seriousness. It is used a lot on social networks.


It is related to love, passion, courage, and warmth. It stimulates adrenaline and blood pressure. It is associated with danger and violence in the worst case. It is a color that attracts attention by increasing the visibility of concrete elements. It is appropriate for logos of car companies, extreme sports, energy drinks, and in some cases, as a complement for restaurants.


It can connect with fun, optimism, spontaneity, and joy. It is a vibrant color and the most active of all. It symbolizes happiness and is widely used in food franchise business logo design. However, it is not suitable for companies that offer or promote luxury or men's products as it looks somewhat childish. The use of this color should be measured since; being such a bright color, too much yellow can overwhelm the viewer.


It is related to nature, youth, hope, fertility, in addition to being considered refreshing, it tends to relate to both freedom and health, provides security and relaxation, but is considered more informal than blue. Green is perfect for companies selling natural products or offering medical services when designing logos.


It is an exotic color, quite striking, and it represents the originality and, depending on the tone, cozy. It is a very vibrant color without becoming as active as red, orange to have the ability to stimulate creativity and appetite and provide sensations of heat.


It represents devotion, faith, vanity, fantasy, fashion. Currently, it is associated with religion and royalty and transmitting wisdom and loyalty. When designing a logo for a brand or company, you must know how to use purple to produce nostalgia, melancholy, and sadness.


It symbolizes romanticism, illusion, femininity, tenderness, and delicacy. It is attributed to feminine qualities and stimulates sensitivity. It can be considered childish, representing a significant advantage in logos design for companies associated with children's products and toys.


It represents truth, honesty, purity, and innocence. White conveys goodness and spirituality, but it is also associated with cleanliness and health, making it suitable for designing logos for hospitals, medical services, cleaning , or hygiene products. Thanks to combining it as a color, it is used in a complementary way in logo design.


It is a sad and sober color that symbolizes elegance, mystery, magic, conservation, and power, so it is appropriate for the design of logos for architecture, design, photography companies, among others.

Once the importance of logos and their colors is established, you can start designing, but you are not a graphic designer and hardly know how to use PowerPoint to make great presentations. How will you make the face of your brand, company, or business? It's a lot of pressure.

But you must remain calm. It is incredible how the internet helps you in everything. Currently, endless platforms can help you with this task, allowing you to create modern logos, free and with a professional finish. Let's start?

3 online pages to design logos


If you want to use a platform to get new ideas for your company logo design as soon as possible before you sign up and pay, DesignEvo is a great choice for you. It has over 10,000 logo templates, plus millions of icons and shapes.

If you want to get ideas from the templates of this platform, DesignEvo is a comprehensive and complete platform. After entering its template gallery, select the category, see the matched templates, and then choose one. Finally, when this website completes your design and personalization, you can download the logo in PNG and JPG format.


It is perfect for designing business logos, which require a degree of seriousness and professionalism. Once you access the website, it asks you the name of your brand, business, or company. When entering it, it generates a great variety of pre-designed logos. It also allows you to design your corporate image, cards presentation, documents, letters, among other stationery options.

It offers a wide variety of fonts; however, to download the images in the highest quality, a $ 19.99 must be paid, and the design to download for free will come with a watermark from the tool.

Despite its disadvantages, it is an application that is well known and used in the business world thanks to its practicality. After entering your name, you can select the category that best suits your theme from the list. Then you choose the logo that best suits your needs. You edit and modify the design to be even more in line with your company, and you create an account to download it.


It is a program to make free logos simply and effectively. To design your logo, you can choose the category closest to your project, add your name, and choose the design you like the most. It is enough. But if you are more demanding, unlike Logaster, LogoGenie gives you. You can select the font, size, color, change the logo icons, add a background, elements such as lines and shapes, and download and save it finally.

It is one of the simplest platforms to use without neglecting the professional finish, and like most, you must register to download your design.


Now that you know the importance of a logo, what it should have, what you need to avoid, what colors to use, and the most versatile pages on the internet, you no longer have an excuse to start your projects. However, you must take this work very seriously. As explained previously, it is more than a simple design, and it is the face of your work and key to being recognized by the audience.

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