Simple DIY Projects to Do This Weekend

Want to do something different this weekend? We've got some fantastic weekend DIY projects for you to peruse. You can easily tackle these DIY projects this weekend.

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Simple DIY projects for home decor

Easy Weekend DIY Ideas: Simple DIY Projects You Can Tackle This Weekend

Everyone wants to update their homes and make them into beautiful spaces at home in any home and gardens magazines, yet many aren't sure how to make that happen for their own space.

Want easy home d├ęcoration tips that will instantly transform your space?

Are you stuck for something to do this weekend? You can tackle some simple and easy home DIY Projects this weekend to make your space look like a million bucks in no time.

These are the top DIY projects you can try at home this weekend to organize your home desk and update how your home looks without hiring help!

Change Cabinet Hardware

The hardware of the average cabinet could use an update!  Changing this small part of your kitchen or bathroom cabinetry can make a large impact on how the entire room is perceived.

To do this, look at how the current cabinet hardware is attached.  Does it need two holes drilled into every door, or is it just one?  Try to find hardware that fits those same needs so that you don't have to fill one of the holes or drill new holes into your cabinetry,  

When you remove your current hardware, make sure to scrub the outside of each of your cabinets so that you're not putting something new onto a dirty or stained surface.  Read here: The Ultimate Guide to a Green and Eco-Friendly Kitchen.

Create Your Own Wall Art

Wall art can make a room feel different and special.  Create your gallery-sized wall art by following tutorials on Youtube or Pinterest to make “pour art.”  All you need is acrylic paint, canvases the size you want, and a cup. You can create color combinations and unique looks that you'll adore!

Turn Street Facing Windows Into Faux Stained Glass

When looking at Vancouver homes for sale, you might have liked the idea of having windows that face the street in your living room, but now that you live there, you may feel uncomfortable knowing people can see in easily. 

To fix this, buy stained glass window decals or window-safe paint, and cover your windows.  This ensures that what light shines in is beautiful and has multiple colors while also giving you a barrier from the outside world.

Create Storage Organization

Keeping your home well organized can allow you to fit more items in storage or drawers without enabling them to build up in clutter.

To accomplish this, you'll need foam board, box cutters, a pencil, and tape.  Measure the inside of your drawers or boxes, and cut the foam board to fit as a divider.  This allows you to stack many items that are alike without having to worry that they'll fall over and create a large pile of things that you don't know what to do with. 

This can work for bins or drawers of any size!  Use your tape to allow boards that touch to stick together when nothing is pressing against them.

To take this a step further, you can also cut out slats so that the foam board joins together, and you can cross it instead of cutting several pieces to divide a box into multiple squares.  It can take practice to ensure you're getting the shapes and sizes you want, but it's worth it! 

DIYs make any weekend more exciting!  Try some new things and make your house your dream home.

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