10 Best Ways to Organize Your Home Desk

Working from home means you can design and maintain your office any way you want. Here are 10 home office organization ideas to maintain your home office desks and make your home office space functional and attractive.

home office organization ideas
Home office desk organization ideas

10 Ways to Keep Your Working Home Desk Organized

Being organized can help you in many ways. It will help you to avoid misplacing documents, and you will also find things easily. Along with that, it will help you to boost your energy and to do something more productive. So, you must start with keeping your home desk neat and clean. 

Desks are highly functional and can help boost work productivity in multiple ways. Apart from providing you with ease and convenience of working, there is nothing preventing remote working professionals to amp up the aesthetics of their home office. With different styles, materials, colour options, sizes and textures to choose from, when it comes to work desks, the sky is literally the limit.

Everything must be sorted on your desk so that you don’t have to be messed up or spend much time finding your documents during your work. You can keep all your important documents at the top and the least priority ones at the bottom. Doing this will be very helpful for you to find the documents your boss is asking for. 

Furthermore, being organized also prevents bacteria and other problems caused due to unclean areas. Here, we will discuss some specific ways that will help you to keep your home desk organized. 

Best Ways to Retain Your Home Desk’s Spick and Span Condition

It is not unknown to us how being organized can be really helpful. We have already talked about this in the previous section. But, we often become careless, and our desks stay disorganized. To keep things in order on your home desk can take a little time. Because you never know how much being disorganized can cost. 

So, to help you, there are certain tips to maintain your home desk assembled condition. And, we can assure you that you won’t waste your time, rather you will invest in it. You don’t need days to sort out things on your home desk, just a few minutes and your work is done.

  1. Get rid of things you don't need

There must be many things that you don’t need on your desk, but still, they are there, and it’s messing up your desk. Rather than keeping them on your desk, just take them off your desk. By doing so, you will manage a lot more space to keep other important things. 

Don’t try to cover all areas at once; just take one area at a time. First, clean one portion of your desk, and then go for the other. It will be very helpful, and you will clean the mess in much less time. Make sure to go through every single piece of paper and file on your desk.

  1. Space to keep personnel belonging

There are things that you need daily at your office, so keep them in a separate space. This will help you find things easily when you are in a hurry during office hours. So, try to make it a habit. And, for your essential belongings, like wallet, phone, car keys, make a separate space on your desk in a corner. You won’t regret your decision after following this way for a few weeks.

  1. Use floating shelves

A floating shelf can be very helpful to get rid of a messed-up desk. Find a wall where you can place the floating shelves, also make sure your home does not look disordered. Place it right beside your desk so that you can easily get what you need from there. 

Further, you can put the extra files, books, important paper, etc., on that shelf. This will make more space on your desk, and you can comfortably do your work. Even if you want to search for any files or documents, you can easily get them without any hassle.

  1. Use two tray system

You can also use two tray systems to keep your desk organized. Rather than papers being scattered all around your desk, this will keep them in the right order. Use a two-tray system to arrange all your important papers. This will help you to manage things during work from home. And, the papers will be in the right place where you want them to be. And, for example, one tray for important files, and another tray for loose papers. 

  1. Handy notebook

To jot down certain important points, you can maintain a handy notepad as a reminder. It will help you to remember everything step-by-step. If you want to add any new note, you can simply open the notepad and write it down. Earlier, people used to prepare to-do lists, and it was a good habit. But, due to advancing technology, people don’t follow this habit anymore. If you still follow this handy notepad idea, it can serve you well and encourage you to do work accordingly. 

  1. Create a digital world 

If you are good with technology, then you can also take advantage of them. If you rightly use devices, then it can be a blessing. You can use a digital calendar to keep your projects up to date, or you can also download a reminder app. Further, you can also use the note-taking app for all the updates and reminders. Day by day, you see that it is becoming a habit, and your work is becoming a lot easier. 

  1. Use sticky notes

Sticky notes can help you to keep notes and sort out important things. When you are trying to figure out things, and if any ideas pop up in your head, you can just write them down on these sticky notes. Moreover, when there are a lot of papers or trays, you can use these sticky notes to mark their role on the work desk.

  1. A trash can

A trash can will be a good option to keep your desk clean and all the scattered paper in one place. You can just put all the unused paper in it. Whenever you come across any paper that you don’t need, don’t put it on the desk. If the clutter piles up on the desk, then it might take up a lot of space. Further, you won’t be able to place other important files or documents. So, this can help you to stay organized. 

  1. Try deep cleaning

Make it a habit of deep cleaning your desk once a week or once after two weeks. This will make sure that none of your important documents go missing. And, at the last moment, you won’t endure a loss due to a messy table. Hence, to avoid this kind of situation, you need to deep clean your desk just once. 

  1. Clean the drawer

For extra space, you can also clean your drawer. After cleaning the drawer, you will see a lot of extra space. This will help you to keep more things in an organized manner. You can keep all your files and folders in the drawers. This will also protect the important documents from dust and the stress of losing them.


These are 10 essential ways to keep your desk organized and clean. You won’t regret following these hacks. Because, these are quite simple, yet the best ways to keep everything arranged on your working home desk. This will also help you to develop more concentration, and you can complete all the tasks efficiently.  

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