The Importance of Friendship in Our Lives

A solid friendship is very important in our life. Friendship can enrich your life in many ways and ignite the part of the brain that makes us feel good.

Having solid friendships helps make better lifestyle choices, provides comfort and joy and prevents loneliness and isolation. Friendship has many benefits that we will learn about in this article. 

 The Importance of Friendship in our Lives

Why Friendship is Important?

Friendship is very important in a person's life, as every person needs a friend who will stand by him and support him in all areas of his life.


Friendship is the key to life, so your happiness is with your friend, you act with him spontaneously without being overly concerned, and you share your dreams with him, and you may share the same dream, you see him happy when you succeed as if he is the one who succeeded and progressed in his life.


A person cannot live alone without a friend, and having a true friend is a treasure in this world that must be preserved.

Friendship makes you forget misfortunes and worries in life. A friendship develops from childhood to youth and even after each person has a family, and he sees that all these stages and all this time could not erase that friendship, but rather it increases day after day to extend and reach the family.


Friendship is a precious treasure that is filled with love and honesty, so you do not see lying or hypocrisy there. Hearts are pure and carry the love that removes all bad feelings, thus reducing psychological pressure and limiting many health problems.


The Importance of Friends in Our Life

Feelings of friendship are among the most beautiful feelings, as they are pure as water and beautiful as the moon.

A friend is a brother that your mother did not give birth to, and he is the companion of the path and one who shares your sorrows before your joys, he is the well of your secrets, he is the twin of your soul.

A friend is a person with whom you find comfort with whom you talk, laugh, and cry in front of him as if you were sitting with yourself in front of a mirror.

There are no limits to what you say or do, you are sure that he sees you and feels as if he is inside you.

Why Do We Need Friends in Our Life? 

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Why Friends Are So Important in Our Life?

Friends can Help Combat Loneliness:

Friendships have a huge impact on your life and your happiness. Good friends provide comfort, joy, and prevent loneliness and isolation.

The existence of friendship limits the human feeling of loneliness, as friends share their experiences together, and live some situations specific to each other’s lives, and they often have common views, principles, beliefs, and traditions. Together, they witness the various changes that occur in life, whether positive or negative changes and they share with each other both sad and happy occasions.


Friends Help Boost Your Productivity:

The idea of friendship applies not only to our personal lives but also to our professional lives. Having a “best friend” in the workplace makes your job more enjoyable, increasing your productivity and creativity.

One of the studies was conducted on adult life, and it came out with many results, the most important of which is that people who have close friends for a long time achieved better results at the level of work than those people who did not have friends. That's because friendship improves mood, and thus improves work performance.


Friends Help Improve Your Physical & Mental Health:

Friendship plays a significant role in promoting your overall health.  Friends can help increase your sense of belonging, improve your self-confidence and help reduce the risk of many significant health problems, including depression, stress, anxiety, high blood pressure and an unhealthy body mass index.

A study at Harvard University found that having strong friendships in a person’s life contributes to enhancing brain health. In addition, friendship can reduce the feeling of tension and enable a person to choose the best lifestyle that preserves his strength. It also contributes to getting out of health problems faster.


Friends Help Learn How to Interact with Others:

Friends can help you meet people, start a conversation, and create healthy connections that improve your life and well-being.

Getting to know others does not mean talking to them only, but also learning from them, and this is what happens in the relationship with friends, where they are seen in their various situations when they make mistakes, forgive, laugh, and have a dialogue. These things contribute to learning how to interact with people, even with those who have different points of view.

On the other hand, friendship is the essential component of any relationship, whether it is in marriage or with work colleagues or others.


Friends Help Build a Supportive Network:

When a person has friends, it becomes easy for him to face different life situations.

True friends provide assistance whenever they have the opportunity to do so. They can help you celebrate good times and provide support in tough times, or during bad times.

Scientists who have studied human relations in-depth have found that people who have good friends live longer so that their health conditions are better. A good friendship is directly related to a decrease in the level of stress, reduces blood pressure, and makes people with good friends less likely to suffer from stress and depression.


Friends Help Achieve Happiness and Success:

A person is more likely to be happy if he has a true friend and thus is able to spread this happiness to other people around him.

 A person who has a happy friend who lives close by can feel happy, and having friends reduces the feeling of sadness or depression.

 People who receive social support from friends or family are considered better able to cope with their grief.

A true friend can highlight your qualities and help you become a better person. This increases your positive emotions and allows you to feel confident about your potential and pursue your goals that can lead to success.


Friendships can Help Children Develop Emotionally and Morally:

Friendship prevents loneliness and gives children a chance to offer needed companionship and increases their sense of belonging and purpose. 

Friendship is important for school-age children because of its great benefits. Friendships help boost a child's happiness, well-being, and self-confidence, increase a child's capacity for empathy and altruism and promote a positive outlook on life.

Research has shown that children who do not have friends can have mental and emotional difficulties at a later time.


The importance of friendship is not limited to increasing fun, but rather helps in the moral and psychological development of children, in addition to the child's acquisition of many social skills through friendship, such as communication and cooperation in order to solve problems.

Through friendship, the child also learns the ability to control emotions and respect the feelings of others, and the ability to think and negotiate different situations that arise in their relationships.

Friendship can also affect a child's performance in school because a child who has friends in school tends to have better attitudes about school and education.

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