The Impact of Modern Lifestyle on Health

Lifestyle plays a vital role in health, wellness and fitness. Today, vast changes have occurred in the lives of all people. 

The modern urban lifestyle causes some negative changes in society and affects our physical and emotional health.

Malnutrition, unhealthy modern life habits, smoking, alcohol consumption, drug abuse, stress, etc., are the presentations of an unhealthy lifestyle. 

Modern Lifestyle
How does modern lifestyle affect our health?

Modern Lifestyle and Health

 Lifestyle cannot explain everything about life and health, but lifestyle is one of the most important instructions for life and health. 

A large number of studies have shown that the main factors affecting human health have undergone fundamental changes. 

The development of society, the improvement of living standards, and the change of lifestyle have brought some undesirable effects on human health, resulting in some new lifestyle diseases, or "modern civilization disease" or "wealth disease". 

The pathogens of lifestyle diseases are not bacteria or viruses, but bad lifestyles, i.e., the result of long-term accumulation of multiple factors such as irrational nutrition, smoking, alcoholism, lack of exercise, and mental health. 

A healthy and happy life has a similar healthy lifestyle; while a sickly and unfortunate life also has a similar "experience"-an unhealthy lifestyle that leads to misfortune and continues to produce disease and pain. 

Therefore, fostering a healthy, civilized, and scientific lifestyle and strengthening self-health management are important means to prevent and treat lifestyle diseases.


The modern lifestyle is the embodiment of the modern economic foundation in the realm of life. 

With large-scale urbanization and various industrial pollution, people's living environment has undergone significant changes. Various natural elements closely related to human existence, such as air, water, forest, and space, are gradually retreating from people’s senses and life and replaced by tall buildings, noisy streets, turbid gas, and rigidity. 

In particular, the quality of the basic natural elements directly related to human health, such as soil, water, and atmosphere, is declining sharply. 

The alienation between man and nature is a mentality. It is mainly manifested in that people's value orientation and life concepts are subject to the trend of technology and commercialization, which makes life present a strong humanistic color.


The greatest achievement of industrial civilization is the creation of huge social wealth and a developed commodity economy, but with the miraculous growth of material wealth and economic prosperity, the spirit has shown a trend of shrinking and weakening. 

On the material and spiritual balance, modern life has undergone a serious tilt. 

The "crisis of faith", "moral slippage", and "loss of value" have become the laments of the times. 

Selfishness, narrow-mindedness, short-sightedness, and superficiality are manifestations of unhealthy personalities. Under the squeeze of material gravity, people's spiritual life has become synonymous with sensory stimulation.


The rapid changes in contemporary social life, the unprecedented increase in efficiency awareness, the rapid development of mass media and the high expansion of information flow have increased the living load of modern people; the differentiation of material interests and the prominent personal standard have caused modern interpersonal relationships. 

It is becoming more and more complicated and difficult to grasp. Under such a big survival situation, modern people are in a state of restlessness, and life is infused with more blindness and competitiveness. 

The nervous spirit, fluctuating emotions, and exhausted hearts have made modern people lose their leisure. In a leisurely mood, life is like a monotonous noise. 

There is no rhythm, just blindly noisy, so the tiredness of living has become a universal feeling of modern people.


The above aspects are interrelated and interact with each other, which not only brings a series of ecological and social problems but also poses threats and hidden dangers to human's own health, leading to the emergence and existence of a large number of lifestyle diseases. 

Lifestyle diseases have many manifestations: such as high-calorie, high-protein, high-fat, which can cause diseases to varying degrees. 

The pursuit of sensory stimulation and a one-sided understanding of nutrition have caused many factors that are not conducive to health in the food composition and eating habits of modern people. 


Another concentrated manifestation of lifestyle diseases is in health and beauty. There are signs that modern people’s physique, stamina, and ability to resist diseases have also deteriorated compared with the predecessors. 

The modern lifestyle has brought mankind into a "semi-healthy era". The prosperity of various beauty techniques and the adoption of a large number of cosmetics are a manifestation of people's rejection of natural forms under the influence of modern culture. 

People pursue external "beauty" while taking on the harmful factors to health.


The report of the World Health Organization confirms that 40% of the problem of human healthy life span lies in genetics and objective environmental conditions: of which 15% are genetic factors, 10% are social factors, 8% are medical conditions, and 7% are living environment and geographic climate conditions. ; And 60% need their own efforts to "build" a good healthy lifestyle.

Therefore, from a young age, one should pay attention to health, choose a healthy and civilized lifestyle, know self-care so that oneself can "be less sick, and achieve a good health goal. 

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