How to Spot Fake CBD: Top 7 Tips to Help You Identify Fake CBD Oil

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the chemical compounds known as cannabinoids found in cannabis or marijuana plants.

CBD oil is an essential component of medical marijuana, derived directly from the hemp plant that naturally contains high amounts of CBD.

There are many CBD products flooding the market, so it can be very difficult for you to tell the genuine from the fake.

Here are some simple tips to spot fake CBD products and identify real and high-quality CBD oil.

How to Spot Fake CBD: Top 7 Tips to Help You Identify Fake CBD Oil
7 tips on how to spot fake CBD oils on the market


How to Spot Fake CBD Oil

With so many CBD products flooding the market, it can be extremely hard for consumers to tell the genuine from the fake. 

But there are certain things they can look out for to help them avoid purchasing a potentially harmful product and get the one with the best quality. 

Below are 7 tips that can help consumers identify fake CBD oil.

1. Writing

If the site of a CBD company reads like it was written by someone from China or Bangladesh, you might have stumbled into a fraudulent site. And while mistakes are unavoidable, a truly professional company will try to catch these mistakes on their official website. 

Watch out for misspellings, weird use of words or phrases, or intimidating language as these are all signs that you might be dealing with con men or opportunists and not genuine CBD dealers.

2. Reviews

Ever since online shopping became a thing, it's been very easy to research a product's authenticity. 

Sellers can't hide behind flashy marketing and photo editing anymore. Reading product reviews is a great way to see if the CBD product is legit or not.

Those who want to buy weed online shouldn't find it hard to look for customer reviews and vendors shouldn't try to hide it. 

Look out for several verified product reviews that signal the company is doing things right and offering genuine products.


3. Pricing

Watch out for CBD companies that charge more on their products. If they're already offering fake products, most likely they're going to jack up the price as high as customers are willing to pay. Similarly, if the product is suspiciously cheap, you might be looking at fake CBD. 

Sellers often lure uninformed customers into their site using very cheap and affordable products.

When you're searching for products online, make sure you do a product comparison between different sellers. Price should be one factor that you pay attention to and see if there are any extreme differences.

4. Checkout

It might be a surprise to some but many customers give up on their online transactions because of complicated and confusing checkout pages. 

A credible CBD company that sells genuine CBD products should make it easy to make an income, meaning they should make it simple and straightforward when customers want to check out. An outdated and clunky checkout page should be a sign that the company doesn't have all its acts together.

5. The label

A high-quality CBD should have the right label which is why it's so important that customers spend the time reading it before buying the product. 

Look for labels that state the product is certified CBD, pure cannabidiol, full-spectrum, or hemp-derived.

The label will also inform consumers of the concentration of the product and other ingredients have been included. Such ingredients should be organic or all-natural. If not, it could be that the product is not legitimate CBD.

6. Verified by third-party

Almost all CBD products should be tested by an independent third-party lab and an honest and reputable manufacturers will share such information freely to all their customers. 

If a product you are considering buying doesn't state that it's been tested by a third-party or if you find it hard to acquire the results, you are most likely dealing with a sketchy vendor.

Similarly, you should also take the time to know how the CBD product has been manufactured. 

The most common method and one that is eco-friendly is through CO2 extraction. If the cannabinoids have been extracted in a different way, the quality of the product might be subpar.

7. The farmer

The same way that you are extra careful with the food that you consume, you should also be aware of where things like CBD that you put inside your body comes from. 

That's why many experts and dispensary owners recommend consumers to know where the product is sourced and who the farmers are. 

If the company is trustworthy and reputable, they will share this information and more like if the CBD comes from hemp or where the plant is grown. 

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