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How to Use Telegram Messenger as an E-Learning Tool for Teaching and Learning

Telegram Messenger as an E-Learning Tool
Telegram Education Channels to Learn Something New

How to Use Telegram Messenger as an E-Learning Tool for Teaching and Learning

Telegram as an E-Learning Tool

Nowadays we find ourselves in front of many applications and software that appear on a daily basis for the purpose of social networking, but few of us are looking for the possibility of using them in education. Therefore, the importance of social media programs, sites, applications and software in the educational process increases; As educators, you should look for the possibility of investing the means and applications of social communication in the educational process in a practical and functional manner, with the aim of facilitating a lot of tasks for the teacher and the learner in the educational process.
In this article, we will discuss a social networking application that can be employed in the educational process with a lot of tasks and homework and so on. Many activities can be carried out through social networking sites, the most important of which is web-based collaborative learning. Telegram Messenger plays an important role in this area.

What is the Telegram Messenger?

A Telegram is a software used for communication and instant messaging and offers many possibilities such as sending various media files, in addition to making voice or video calls. Initially, Telegram was created in August 2013, it was later developed through several versions and added much modern technology and security capabilities.

The Useful Telegram Features You Should Use
The Telegram software has several advantages and features including:
➤ It is a free program.
➤ It can be used on various operating systems (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows NT, Linux, macOS, Web application).
➤It can be used through mobile devices and desktops and you can open it through different web browsers.
➤Downloading requires a small space.
➤All types of media files can be sent to different parts of the world using Telegram.
➤High-security rate within the program compared to other programs through a high encryption system.
➤You can use multiple Telegram accounts in one device and multiple profile pictures on one account.
➤ Possibility of preparing groups for common interests.
➤It has a special (self-destruct) messages in secret conversations.
➤You can modify and delete messages easily.
➤There many more features are in Telegram Messenger such as Telegram Bots, Auto-Night Mode, Mute Contacts and Groups, Customize Your Telegram, etc.

How to Use Telegram for Educational Purposes

The Telegram program can be used in education in many ways and means, some of which can be mentioned as follows:
⇨ The possibility of communication between the teacher and his students through him.
⇨ Send assignments and tasks by students to the teacher.
⇨The work of groups and channels on the telegram for the classroom.
⇨ Add the program to one of the educational sites as a synchronous support tool.
The supervisor can prepare a group through which the researchers to show his observation to them.
⇨Working seminars and scientific through the Telegram through the preparation of a group of all researchers, scholars, experts, and professors in each discipline separately.
⇨ Advertising for training courses and workshops in various disciplines through Telegram.
⇨Working groups and channels on Telegram to respond to queries of students by the school administration or university.
⇨Working group special course.
⇨ Communicate with students from other schools.
⇨ Connect with other cultures from around the world.

⇨ Parents communicate with teachers through him, to follow their children and their level of education constantly.
⇨ Provide e-content for the home side in the reverse learning strategy.
⇨ Make voice or video and audio communications together with experts in the specialty from all over the world.
Thus, each teacher or the faculty member can use the Telegram program to serve his teaching material to his students; he can employ it in accordance with the special educational conditions so as to achieve the greatest benefit in the educational aspect.

Telegram Educational Features
- Security and privacy.
- Get tasks done faster.
- Communication and participation between the academic community.
- Send tasks and duties.
- Announcing the dates of lectures and study schedules.

Telegram Messenger in E-Learning Environment
Recently, with many different electronic environments, it is necessary to employ the appropriate means of communication within them. Educators employ many of the most popular messaging programs, including the one we highlight in this article. If used in electronic environments - many of the advantages that can be addressed as follows:

➩It can guide the electronic support of learners in any part of the lessons presented in the e-learning environment.
➩Easily send and receive any type of file that serves the learning process within the e-learning environment.
➩ It can be published through the announcements and dates of study, schedules, and follow-up, school days, scientific forums, conferences, and seminars, as well as dates for the start and end of lessons for students within the e-learning environment.
➩It is possible to make groups and channels for each class or each stage or each course, which communicates within the teacher with his students in the entire curriculum.
➩Feedback can be provided as a kind of response to learners to everything related to e-learning content.
- Make voice communication with one of the learners to clarify what cannot be clarified in writing by the teacher.
➩Divide the students into groups within the program if the learning is within the framework of an experimental study conducted by a researcher to measure the impact of technology on a dependent variable.
➩It can bring together as many interested students from different countries as possible to discuss differences in lessons on a topic.

Finally, as a teacher, you can now add to your list of technology tools you use in the educational process a new free tool that you employ in the appropriate way for your students and your specialty, and you can provide direct support to your students without any intermediary.

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