The Most Common Causes of Early Morning Headaches

If you wake up in the morning with a severe headache, you are not alone.
There may be several reasons for early-morning headaches. Depression and anxiety are most commonly associated with chronic tension-type headaches in the morning.
The most common causes of early morning headaches include: sleep apnea, brain tumors, chronic hypertension, severe high blood pressure, alcohol and drugs, bruxism, and serious health problems.
Here is a quick look at some common causes of early morning headaches.
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What causes early morning headaches

The Most Common Causes of Early Morning Headaches

Early Morning Headaches

Do you suffer from headaches as soon as you wake up and do not know the reason?
Many people get a headache every morning immediately after waking up. 
People who have a morning headache problem think a lot before they go to sleep they realize that they will suffer and have pain in the morning. 
There are many diseases or wrong habits that are committed daily, cause early morning headaches.

The feeling of headaches in the morning is strange. Usually, the person is more active and energetic in this period after waking up, so the incidence of morning headache is very annoying.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), one in every 20 adults suffers from headaches at a daily rate in the world. 
The organization added that headache disorders cause pain and disability.

What Causes Early Morning Headaches?

The most common causes of the early morning headaches include:

1. You may have a migraine
Migraine headaches can cause headaches during the early morning. This type of headache can affect your ability to work or study.

Migraine usually occurs between the hours of four and nine in the morning.
During this period, your body tends to produce fewer endorphins and encephalins - deadly hormones for natural pain - and increases the secretion of adrenaline, which affects blood pressure and regulates the expansion or contraction of blood vessels, that may cause morning headaches.

Migraine is often genetically, meaning it is not much you can do to treat it definitively, but you can alleviate its symptoms by following a good diet, getting meditation sessions that may ease your stress, and your doctor may also be able to describe the appropriate medication for your situation.

2. Insomnia
Insomnia, which prevents you from getting enough sleep, may be a major cause of your morning headache, and other complications such as migraine may occur. 

Insomnia and all sleeping problems can increase the appearance of morning headache.
 Especially in the winter because many people have increased cases of depression in the winter. 

3. You are severely stressed
The headache that gets you in the morning can cause muscle pain in the neck. 
So you may need to re-evaluate the status of your sleep and pillows that you use, so as to reduce the possibility of getting a headache when you wake up early.

4. Your teeth sound squeaky
The person who is grinding his teeth or rubbing each other to the point of the sound of squeak, and may occur the grinding of teeth at night as a result of sleep disorders.

One of the reasons for the grinding teeth is the person's tension and anxiety, as he tries to vent his tension by pressing his teeth. It may also be caused by a person's suppression of his feelings or anger, or it may be a kind of practice that he does when he feels aroused or challenged.

Sore teeth may lead to sleep apnea, tooth and jaw damage. So you have to deal with stress and reduce it, by listening to music and practicing yoga techniques and meditation.

Your doctor may give you a piece of plastic called a "Dental Mouthguards (night guard)" to prevent tooth contact at night.

5. Depression or anxiety
In one study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), anxiety and depression were one of the main causes of morning headache.

So you should stop thinking too much, and exercise some activities that will reduce depression as a sport or change your routine.

6. Snoring or sleep apnea
Intermittent sleep caused by snoring or sleep apnea may be a primary source of the headache as soon as you wake up. In this case, headaches can last for up to 30 minutes.

Snoring can occur without cause or may be a symptom of sleep apnea. You can treat sleep apnea through the airway pressure machine.

Morning headache is also increased in patients with sleep deprivation for any medical reason, especially those with the obesity hypoventilation syndrome, an advanced condition of sleep apnea.

Obesity hypoventilation syndrome causes a severe and significant decrease in oxygen, high carbon dioxide in the blood, and high pulmonary arterial pressure.

The most common cause of morning headaches is snoring in people whose partners snore during sleep; snoring is usually accompanied by sleep apnea.

7. Try to keep away from caffeine
Morning headaches may occur in people who eat multiple cups of coffee throughout the day and then suddenly decide to get away from them.
This may cause them to have a neurological episode such as those that occur with those treated with alcoholism. 
If you're trying to stay away from caffeine, do it gradually.

Depression and tension are generally associated with early-morning headaches as one study revealed that depression and tension may cause morning headaches.

The study, conducted on about 19,000 people in several European countries, found that those who drink alcohol, especially in large numbers, are more likely to complain of morning headaches.
Those who take the antidepressants were more likely to develop morning headaches by about 17%.

The grinding of teeth is one of the causes of headaches, since the occurrence of squeak in the teeth increases the pain in the teeth during the night, and the squeak bothers others without feeling the person does not feel this during sleep, and increased the grinding of teeth, especially when drinking a lot of stimulants such as tea, coffee or alcohol.

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