Do Novel Ecosystems Provide the Use for Some Native Birds?

Ecosystems and Native Birds
Ecosystems and Native Birds

Do Novel Ecosystems Provide the Use for Some Native Birds?

According to scientists, "ecosystems", which have been replaced by human activities, can provide suitable housing for native birds.
A few days ago, researchers had concluded that some original birds are sensitive to the novel ecosystem, while others do not seem to mind.
Study results should not be taken to mean that habitat restoration is in vain for historical conditions and all novel ecosystems are acceptable. But they show that habitat restoration can be given priority.
Many times back, the utility of a novel ecosystem for native wildlife was a concept. Now we have empirical support because new figures show that by controlling non-native plants, some nesting birds cannot get significant benefits, yet we are spending a lot of time and money to restore these ecosystems. We need to think more about restoration priorities seriously. "

For the study, researchers compared the bird population and behavior of birds in Zumwalt Prairie in northeast Oregon with birds in human-designed public parks in Perth, Australia. On the Zumwalt Prairie, the original grassland plants still dominate the ecosystem but non-native plants are present and available for use as breeding sites. After the Prairie was opened to return home by the white settlers in the 1860s, the herds of animals were limited by fencing and cultivation was practiced in local areas. Early households often used these rangelands with non-native grass to increase forage production.

Due to the dry and cold climate, the houses were finally abandoned and the farming was stopped except the extreme southern areas, which are wet and less rocky.

While studying ground-nested birds, scientists determined that most species of nests in Prairie were successful nests in native and non-native flora. They classified them as novel ecosystem users. Savannah Sparrow seemed to be affected by the presence of non-native plants and was considered a novel ecosystem avoider for them.

"There are many ecosystems like Zumwalt Prairie, no matter what we do, they are not brave for what they were 250 years ago.

Although often incorrectly described as 'degraded', some of these non-rehabilitation sites may provide suitable housing for novel ecosystem users. Non-native plants probably provide resources for these birds or do not come in their way.
In Perth, the researchers found only one group of species - Amritwire, which included birds like Honeyeater and Warbirds - which were sensitive to the presence of non-native plants in urban gardens. The majority of the original garden birds were novel ecosystem users.
"While our gardens do not work for every bird species used to roam the Perth metro area before the European bird settlement, our study has highlighted that they have an opportunity to support urban biodiversity, Syed, scientists Can play important roles.

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