10 Best Affordable Countries to Study Abroad in 2024

If you wish to study abroad but are unable to fulfill your dreams because some of the countries where you want to continue your higher education are not really affordable, here are the top 10 most affordable countries to study abroad in 2024.

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Best countries to study abroad

Where Should I Study Abroad? 10 Best Affordable Countries to Study Abroad in 2024

Thousands of students in India wish to study abroad. Unfortunately, they’re unable to fulfill their dreams of studying abroad because some of the countries where they wish to continue higher education aren't really affordable.

If you’re one such student, then there’s nothing to worry about. That’s because there are as many as 10 best affordable countries to study abroad in 2024. All these countries welcome foreign students and some also have special seats reserved for citizens of other countries that wish to pursue higher education.

Therefore, you can try to study in any of these 10 best affordable countries in 2024 and even beyond.

Top 10 Affordable Countries to Study Abroad in 2024

In addition to being affordable for higher education, Indian students would also find it easier to get student visas to these countries. Therefore, if you’re serious about studying abroad, here’s my curated list of the 10 best and most affordable countries for 2024. You can check the list of universities and college options as well as their fee structures and living costs. Surely, you would find that it’s easy to study in these countries.

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Best Affordable Countries to Study Abroad

1. The Philippines

The Philippines is home to some superb colleges and universities such as the Lyceum of the Philippines and the Angeles University Foundation, to name a few. The Manila University is also renowned worldwide. Though the Philippines as such doesn’t figure in the list of native English-speaking countries, the language is very widely used there. The medium of instruction in the Philippines is also English.

2. Qatar

Though Qatar is the richest country in the world, it continues to be an affordable place to live and study. The Qatar Foundation’s Education City complex outside the national capital, Doha, is home to some of the campuses of the topmost American and European universities. You can easily get a seat at any of these universities. Qatar is almost crime-free, thanks to its strict laws. The country ranks among the top in the health index too. You can consider studies at any of these campuses at the Education City for your further studies.

3. United Arab Emirates

Close on the heels of Qatar is yet another country in the Arabian Gulf. And that’s the United Arab Emirates or UAE. Most Indians are familiar with the UAE because of its proximity and millions of expatriate Indians work in emirates there such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The UAE also has excellent living standards and campuses of some of the topmost universities in the world, especially near Dubai. Getting a student visa to UAE is also relatively easier than in certain other countries and you will never feel homesick in this country while studying. If you want to extend your stay in the UAE, you can get a digital nomad visa if you find some projects to work for outside the country.

4. USA

Though the USA isn’t cheap by any standards for foreign students, it’s still the topmost destination for studying abroad. Often, strict rules also don’t permit foreign students to work on or off the campus and earn extra money. However, if you acquire some online money-making skills such as blogging or vlogging, among others, you can earn a decent income and yet study in the USA. As a matter of fact, an American degree is the most valued around the world. As a matter of fact, you can find lots of affordable colleges and universities for a course of your choice in the USA too.

5. Russia

A lot of superb medical courses as well as engineering courses are available across Russian universities and colleges. The cost of these courses is almost equal to those in India. And you don’t have to splurge money on your living expenses too, since Russia is fairly inexpensive. Getting visas for studies in Russia is also easy. You might be wondering whether you need to learn the Russian language to study in this country. Not exactly. That’s because most Russian universities now use English as their medium of instruction, after the fall of the erstwhile Soviet Union.

6. China

Maybe you’re unaware that hundreds of Indian students travel to China for higher studies. That’s because China is rapidly emerging as a center for excellent higher studies in various fields of engineering. The country offers superb courses in various kinds of engineering fields including textiles, mechanical, electrical, civil, and metallurgical engineering, among others. In fact, Wuhan, which is said to be the origin of the deadly COVID-19 virus, is also home to superb universities in the field of modern medicine. The cost of living compares well with India and Indian students are welcome to study in China.

7. Italy

Generally, people travel to Italy for a holiday or business. But what about going to Italy for your higher education? You might wonder what kind of courses are available for higher education in Italy. Actually, the answer is fairly simple. You can find excellent graduate and post-graduate degree courses in hospitality management and enology as well as medicine and engineering in Italy. There are superb universities across Italy such as Milan University, where you can find a course of your choice. Italy doesn’t place many restrictions on foreign students working to earn a side income while studying.

8. Australia

Over the years, Australia has emerged as one of the topmost and most affordable destinations for higher studies. That’s because the cost of living in Australia is much lower than other popular destinations for higher education, such as the USA. Australia also doesn’t have strict rules that prohibit students from working on side gigs to earn extra money during their spare time. An Australian degree is also highly honored and acceptable worldwide. Furthermore, Indians can get a visa to study in Australia with fair ease.

9. Japan

Japan is one of the best affordable countries to study abroad in 2024. The reason I recommend Japan as your study destination is simple. India and Japan enjoy excellent bilateral relations in almost every field. Therefore, you can get admission to any Japanese college easily. Japan is renowned worldwide for its indigenous technology in hydroponics and agriculture, defense, and many other pioneering fields. The cost of living also compares well with India.

10. Thailand

Closer home to India is Thailand, another superb and affordable country to study abroad in 2024. Thailand is home to some superb universities such as Mahidol University and Bangkok University. Indians can easily get a student visa for Thailand. The cost of living is fairly economical while the standard of living is superb, as any Indian student would find. Thailand is a good choice for medical and engineering studies. You can also study hospitality in Thailand’s many universities.

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In Conclusion

You can select from any of these top 10 best and most affordable countries to study abroad in 2024. You can opt for a longer graduate or post-graduate course or even a short-term diploma. These countries are friendly towards Indian students and hence, visas are easy to get.

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