Temporary Classrooms: A Flexible Solution for Schools

Temporary classrooms can be flexible space solutions for schools. If you need to adopt modular classrooms to enjoy flexibility, affordability and other benefits, this article will explore why schools should use innovative temporary classrooms and other space solutions.

Temporary classrooms and school buildings

Temporary Classrooms: A Flexible Solution for Schools

The cost of construction has gone up over the past few years. This has made it more challenging for schools to invest in more classrooms. However, temporary buildings offer a cheaper and more versatile solution.

Building temporary classrooms takes a shorter time and is the best choice during emergencies. The structures also have plenty of benefits over conventional buildings. Herein, we explore the concept of temporary classrooms and delve into their advantages.

What Are Temporary Classrooms?

Temporary or semi-permanent structures are built using prefabricated materials. The materials are delivered to the site ready for construction, which cuts down the time and labor required. Most temporary buildings don't need a unique surface for construction.

Common temporary buildings available at Smart-Space are industrial tents, steel-frame structures, and interim-steel buildings. Bespoke designs are also available depending on the client’s needs. The structures can be customized to make the spaces livable.

Benefits of Temporary Classrooms

One of the most significant advantages of temporary classrooms is their flexibility. The structures can be modified for different use cases. For example, industrial tents can be used to set up an indoor gym or warehouse depending on the occasion. This eliminates the need to have multiple structures for different purposes.

Conventional construction projects for brick-and-mortar classrooms can take years to plan and complete. This isn't a practical solution during emergencies and is expensive because of labor costs. In contrast, temporary classrooms can be set up in a matter of weeks or even days depending on the size of the structure.

There is no doubt that building permanent structures can be costly. It also requires substantial investments in materials, labor, and time. Temporary classrooms or structures are a cheaper alternative. As mentioned, the materials are prefabricated and ready for setup. The classroom can also be built on any surface.

Temporary structures are designed with energy-saving benefits in mind. Steel-framed classrooms come with clear-span roofs to let in natural light during the day. This means that the school will spend less on energy bills. You can have extra padding on the walls for insulation during the cold seasons.

The structures offer adequate floor and head space. Most temporary buildings can be 12 meters high and as long as required. In addition, there are no support beams running through the structure's mid-column.  

What to Consider When Investing in Temporary Classrooms

Temporary and semi-permanent solutions are still new. The options on the market are few, and it is critical to do your research before purchasing. We recommend talking to a construction expert for guidance on building regulations and planning permits.

Consider your budget before purchasing. Temporary buildings with bespoke designs will attract higher fees than regular builds. The customizations can also be limited to avoid destroying the building’s structural integrity.

Summing Up

Temporary classrooms are a great solution in the education sector. The structures offer versatility, rapid deployment, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability. While they come with challenges, careful planning and consideration can help eliminate these issues.

Besides being a practical solution during emergencies, temporary classrooms provide a practical solution that bridges the gap between immediate needs and long-term planning.

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