6 Cities Americans Are Moving Away From

Why are People Leaving US Cities? Top 6 Cities Americans Are Moving Away From

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With rising costs of living, inflation, and with a growing trend of remote work where people prefer staying in suburban locations that have lower rental costs, many metropolitan cities in the US are witnessing an exodus of people. On top of that, high tax rates and the crowdedness of major metropolitan cities is also a factor that is making people leave. 

According to recent statistics, the 10 cities witnessing the highest number of people leaving include: 

  1. San Francisco, California
  2. New York City, New York
  3. Los Angeles, California
  4. Washington DC.
  5. Chicago, Illinois
  6. Boston, Massachusetts 
  7. Seattle, Washington
  8. Denver Colorado
  9. Hartford, Connecticut 
  10. Portland, Oregon

Crowding is one of the primary reasons people leave urban areas, especially since most modern families prefer quieter neighborhoods. It doesn't come as a surprise that besides Hartford, all of the cities on the above list are also featured on the US Census Bureau's list of most populous places in the country. 

On the flip side, there are cities that US residents are moving to. Miami in Florida, Phoenix in Arizona, and Las Vegas in Nevada are topping this list. This list is not as diverse as the moving-out list since most of the cities are from two states, Florida and Texas. This shows that migration trends are not something to raise concern about. 

If you want to move in or out, Miami movers can help ease the process. That being said, let's take a more detailed look at some of the cities that people are leaving and why:

1. San Francisco, California 

San Francisco is deemed the second most densely populated city in the United States, but this is no surprise given that it is a cultural, commercial, and financial hub in Northern California. The city has everything to offer, from scenic views to incredible economic opportunities, but given the immense population and increasing concentration, the costs of living in San Francisco have grown considerably. 

The economic factors, increasing drug usage, and mounting crime have raised concerns, especially for business owners operating in the area. This segment makes up the biggest chunk of people moving out of the city. Individuals also cite high rental and property rates, exorbitant taxes, and competitive job markets as reasons behind leaving. 

2. New York City, New York

New York City is by far the most populous city in America. It is a business and tourist hub thanks to the iconic Times Square and various other attractions in the city. However, as attractive as this city may be, it is no longer the place most people can afford or want to live in. Residents of the city often say that New York is a great place to live if you are young and broke or old and rich!

Over time though, perspectives have changed. Not many of the younger and middle-aged lot find the crowded city as attractive as it used to be. Rental prices have gone through the roof and property prices are also exceptionally high. Crime rates are also a factor contributing to people leaving the city, and for families, the deteriorating standard of public schools is also a reason. 

3. Los Angeles, California

Most of the problems people associate with moving out of San Francisco can be mapped out in the rest of the state of California as well. For Los Angeles, since most companies are now offering remote work options, people are also exploring options to move out of the country to nations where the costs of living are exceptionally low. Metropolitan areas in California are extremely crowded, which means that the state may offer breathtaking views but not the quietness that people crave. 

4. Washington DC

Once known as the Evergreen State, Washington's title has come into threat because of the rapidly rising property costs and the overall unaffordability that people are experiencing with respect to various aspects like groceries, transportation, and schooling. Washington residents prefer places like Idaho and Oregon as their new homes because, for instance, the overall cost of living in Idaho is 7% lower than in Washington. The state's housing crisis is also worsening daily, which is another pertinent reason people are quoting when leaving. 

5. Chicago, Illinois

Most residents of Chicago state that they never thought they would leave but decreasing employment opportunities, high tax rates, and inability to find affordable housing are forcing them to reconsider. In fact, 29,000 more people moved out of the state as compared to those moving in. Population numbers in Chicago and the state of Illinois, in general, are dropping considerably.

Furthermore, there isn't much to offer solace to residents. Crime has risen substantially, the weather is hot and dry most of the year, with global warming adding more insult to injury, and extremely high traffic volumes that lead to constant traffic jams are pushing people out much faster than expected.

6. Boston, Massachusetts

The population loss in Massachusetts is attributed to retirement and employment-related factors. People are either not finding adequate jobs or are looking to relocate closer to their loved ones post-retirement. In the previous year, the state saw an overall decrease of 15,489 households. 

Even though recent data demonstrate solid growth in GDP and a healthy economy, these factors are not translating into compelling reasons for people to stay. Quite the contrary, though, much like its neighboring states and various cities, Boston's recent push for remote employment has made it possible for families to leave densely populated places and opt for more suburban living outside of its borders.

The other cities in America have more or less similar reasons for people moving out, but considering the fact that these places, which were once the preferred destinations for people relocating, are now losing their relevant status, there is a significant trend shift on the horizon. 


Costs of living and tax rates have risen in most metropolitan areas of the United States, but in recent years, the rising ability to work remotely has motivated more people to explore migration either to less costly states within the US or to more affordable countries across the globe. Global dynamics are not what they used to be, and especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, behaviors have changed quite radically.

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