The Best eSIM Plans USA: All Advantages of The Technology

Looking for the best eSIM plans USA? There are several ways to stay in touch in the USA. In this blog post, we’ve shown the best way to stay tuned in the USA.

Best eSIM Plans USA

The Best eSIM Plans USA: All Advantages of eSIM Technology

It doesn't matter if you are a tourist or have come to America for a long time — one thing is for sure: you cannot do without cellular communication and the Internet in 2023. 

In this article, we will help you understand the facts about cellular data and the Internet that are available for connection in America and choose the best eSIM plans USA solutions. 

After reading this, you will be able to choose the most trusted United States eSIM best.

SIM: Why is it morally outdated?

The architecture of current cellular networks is characterized by the presence of a SIM card. Without going into technical details, this is a classic black box. A kind of security element that allows you to identify the subscriber with 100% accuracy.

For a mobile operator, there is only one disadvantage — price. Making a SIM card and its logistics to the point of issue costs money. Moreover, logistics from the manufacturer to the consumer is probably an order of magnitude more expensive than the SIM card itself.

For a human client, there is a minus — time. You need to go get it, break something out there, shove it. You can solve this by courier from the operator, but then the cost of logistics will increase even more.

But these are all small problems compared to the problems of an integrator client with a large fleet of equipment connected to the network. That's what he's facing:

  • M2M SIM cards are more expensive, due to the requirements for vibration loads. Inside the ABS plastic — polycarbonate, other glue, and so on.

  • Installing SIM cards in the equipment carries a lot of labor. Moreover, if you install a SIM card at the factory is still normal, then the price and labor costs of changing a SIM card in the field on hundreds and thousands of pieces of equipment look intimidating.

  • From this, it turns out that the manufacturer, having chosen the operator, gets hooked on his needle once and for all. The operator can dictate the price. There is a multi-sim with 2.3 different profiles of the main players, but this is a crutch that solves the problem only partially.

  • Roaming problems. We present a cargo with a GPS tracker that travels from Germany to England. Either pay dearly or change the SIM card to one of the travel cards from several other operators. But the tracker is usually protected, first of all from the driver, and is hidden quite deeply.

And the truck carries local goods today, and tomorrow it will leave for 5000 km. The cost of maintenance comes out again.

eSIM Advantages

The eSIM card is just a small module with a chip about 5×6 mm in size, installed in the device permanently. eSIM is also known as a digital SIM card, electronic or virtual.

The principle of operation can be compared with an NFC chip – when you pay for purchases by putting a smartphone to the terminal. Money is debited from the account, but you do not need to physically have a card from a particular bank. The phone stores data about her.

For the full use of eSIM, even though it is embedded in a smartphone or other device, the technology must be supported by a mobile operator and provide services related to eSIM.

The electronic sim card and the specified profile are generated by the operator in the form of a QR code, but can also be implemented manually, which depends on the services of this operator. Only after that, standard network connections are possible, but already in a completely new version.

This gives many advantages — for example, the operator's offer can be almost completely personalized to suit their own needs, and in case of changes or updates, they can be carried out completely remotely, without visiting a branch or office of a communications company.

Virtual SIM for the USA: What to pay attention to

When planning a trip to the USA, it is important to stay in touch. Older people often choose proven methods: buying SIM cards from a local operator or roaming. However, both of these methods are not cheap and require not only additional monetary costs but also additional time for their registration. 

Also, these methods are not always easy to stop using at any time. For example, when buying a SIM card from a local operator, it is difficult to refuse to use it at any time. You'll have to go to the office again and terminate the contract. 

Roaming is easier, but the costs for it are many times higher than buying a local SIM card from the operator. Many people forget that they are roaming with a limited amount of available traffic or a package of calls, and use them as if they have unlimited access in a foreign country.

The Best eSIM Plans USA

It doesn't matter if you are planning to travel to the USA or going on a business trip, the best option would be to use eSIM. 

Despite the variety of different services and tariffs, we recommend paying attention to eSIM Plus — one of the most popular providers of virtual SIM cards in the world. 

eSIM Plus is a cloud service that operates in more than 100 countries around the world. At the same time, you can not only use mobile communication but also connect to unlimited Internet. The functions can work both in one specific country and in several at the same time. It all depends on the users' goals.

To use it, you just need to install the application, register, select a tariff, and pay. Then, within a few minutes, the selected tariff is activated on the phone.

Everything is fast and easy, and most importantly safe for users. If you encounter any difficulties, you can always contact the service support service.


Whichever SIM card option you choose to stay connected, it will be the right one for you. However, if you want to save not only time but also money, while always staying in touch, then it's better to choose eSIM — a reliable and secure virtual SIM card service, whose tariffs will help you stay connected anywhere in the world.

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