Why a Full Stack Developer is the Best Bet for Businesses?

 10 Reasons a Full Stack Developer is the Best Bet for Businesses

Full Stack Developer for Businesses

Over the years, there is a lot that has been spoken regarding Full-Stack Developers.

He is a professional who is well-versed with the full-stack development process of an application. This includes a database, API, front-end technology, back-end development language, and a version of the controlling system.

Responsibilities of a Full-stack Developer

If you are an entrepreneur, you must have come across front-end and back-end developers.

The front end developer will be building the interface while the back-end developer develops, updates, and recollects data required for the software.

Basically, the full-stack developer is responsible for anything: designing, coding, server-side scripting, client-side coding, building, and managing databases and anything that the project requires.

The key responsibilities of a full-stack developer include:

  • Web development & management
  • Code applications and programs
  • Introducing testing techniques for the web app
  • Coordinate with other developers and teammates
  • Troubleshoot issues

Every full-stack developer has a stronghold on the technologies that determine the appearance of the website and also its functions.

Plus, they have a good understanding of CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Ruby, Angular, PHP, Node, MySQL, Apache, MongoDB, etc.

If the developer also possesses adequate knowledge about graphics, animation, and design, then it’s a cherry on the cake!

Nowadays, the skill-set of full-stack developers has evolved as well as extended. Earlier it included Apache, MySQL, Linux, and PHP, termed as LAMP.

But today, any full-stack developer who works on the front end used CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. On the other hand, the back-end developer uses Node and Express using MongoDB and MySQL.

Techpreneurs have started paying heed to hire full-stack developers for the development of MVP while creating a website or API application.

Most of the startups come up with the MVP stage before shifting their focus onto the web product.

This is the stage where you implement ideas and take customer feedback into consideration.

The MVP stage helps in tuning the product towards customer requirements before the official launch.

A full-stack coder can execute agile projects with the skill and proficiency, putting in all the experience and proficiency into it.

The professionals have a detailed understanding of the project and can call the shots whenever needed, to drive the new software project to higher heights of success.

The Benefits of Hiring a Full Stack Developer:

There are countless benefits of hiring a full stack developer to oversee your project from ideation to launch and beyond.

Let’s begin!

1. Accomplished web/app developers

You know that full-stack web developers have experience as well as qualifications to add incredible features to your product.

You can rely on great expertise. Not all can have the skills to handle the project from a 360-degree perspective.

2. Versatility

Every full-stack developer is skilled in frontend and backend development. Backend developers are responsible for prototype code that connects the official website into the content management systems.

The front end developers develop codes with the help of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

This controls the appearance and interactivity of a site in a browser. A full-stack developer has the skill to perform both of these tasks.

Well, they are goal-oriented, always being foresighted about customer expectations and introducing new solutions without leaning on others.

3. Vast Experience

Many full-stack developers have successfully accomplished a diverse range of projects.

The experience equipped them with in-depth knowledge in the field of web and app development.

You can then expect that full-stack developer’s insight will help in the long run.

They are highly beneficial to the performance and market reception of your project.

4. The Bigger Picture

The biggest advantage of full-stack developers is they can help with the whole design structure while proving the input on any level as per requirement.

The services that they provide range from web development to maintaining and optimizing existing systems.

5. Up-gradation

As per a recent study, 94% of professionals feel that web design is the reason they loved the website.

Hiring Professional full-stack developers will make your web project more user-friendly.

They are always upgraded with all the latest technological innovations. All the smart features in your project can be easily implemented so that your clients get the best responsive and interactive website.

6. Comprehensive Work

Beyond being a tech lead and coming up with new ideas to improve your website, full-stack developers also have the ability to represent your company and product to stakeholders in conferences.

They have the skill to switch from one operation to another like this helps to streamline processes and fast-track development.

The major benefit of taking the help of a full-stack developer is that they plan the entire project.

They feel it is completely their responsibility to structure and add valuable inputs to the project as and when required.

They not only accomplish the Full-Stack Development project but also maintain and optimize the existing solutions.

Besides, every full stack developer puts additional and much-required efforts to represent the product.

In addition, they also represent your firm at conferences and seminars. They can quickly switch operations and swiftly work on them to streamline the entire process.

7. They can troubleshoot issues

Experienced full-stack developers are well versed in every aspect of development.

They know how to identify issues that may pop up during the project. Their next step is implementing long-term solutions for the optimal functioning of the website or application.

8. Budget-friendliness

If you are a startup or SME having budget constraints, full-stack developers will be your saviors.

Having a limited budget but still envisioning something extraordinary means only a full stack developer can help you out.

As they can handle various job aspects, you don’t have to employ multiple developers on a single project. Hiring the best full-stack developer saves a lot of money.

9. On-time delivery

When a team of full-stack developers becomes an extended version of your already existing in-house team, it becomes easy to share responsibilities among all team members so they can all coordinate for the best results. This further helps in faster delivery of the final output.

10. They can assume all project ownership

You can leave all the stress and anxiety at bay when you have a full-stack developer by your side.

He takes care of your project requirements and business objectives. Also, he will be accountable for the MVP development from the start to finish.

Even if they take up the project in the middle, they definitely chart the best way forward. Full-stack developers also assist with quality assurance and quality control of the design project.

Every full-stack developer helps in giving your web/app project the edge it needs to command market dominance.

It not only manages the MVP development but they can also control the server-side and client-side of the application to streamline and fast track delivery. 

Basic Knowledge That Your Full-Stack Developer Must Have

Besides the basic skill-set, the developer also needs to have basic technological knowledge.

They must know the various languages and styles used for web and application development.

This will tell if they are suitable for your business or not.

Take a look at the list here:

a) HTML and CSS

The content on every webpage is styled by the developers with the help of CSS and HTML.

HTML uses markup to define the structure of the webpages while the presentation of HTML elements is determined by CSS.

When both of the aforementioned work together, the result is amazing for the application.

The diverse range of tools offered by them amplifies user experience. You can create a compatible site that can be used for all browsers.

A single code can be utilized for different platforms, markets, and devices. This clearly defines that you can use resources for other purposes. Besides, your website is likely to enjoy good page ranking.

b) Back-end language

This development is something that empowers the web. The back-end language is entitled to manage page database operation and also user authentication.

c) JavaScript

You all know that JavaScript is an object scripting language. This language is used on HTML to add behavior to it.

Developers take the help of scripts to write codes for the client-side, servers, and the back-end.

Almost 94.5% of all the websites worldwide use JavaScript as a web technology.

JavaScript helps developers to implement client-side scripts and design dynamic and interactive web pages.

They club JavaScript, CSS, and HTML to design appealing web pages for platforms, browsers, and devices.

It is important that every full stack developer should have basic as well as the latest knowledge of its features and framework. This way, JavaScript can be used optimally.

d) Web architecture

It has to be understandable by the full stack developer how the code structure functions and how it is developed.

They should know how and where to place the data in the database. There has to be a crystal-clear understanding of computational tasks and how to separate files.

e) Web storage and Databases

One of the most popular attributes of applications is that they generate data. It is vital to store this data securely.

A developer must understand the relationship between databases and memory storage.

Also, they should know how to differentiate relatable and non-relatable databases.

f) REST and HTTP

HTTP is a protocol that acts as a communication bridge between clients and servers.

On the other hand, REST is an interface that uses HTTP either to generate operations on the data or obtain it in the desired format.

The REST API assists the back-end to understand the front-end properly.

g) GitHub and SourceTree

It is very important for a full-stack developer to know how GitHub functions. They may or may not have a profile on GitHub.

Especially when they are working on solo projects. The knowledge of Github also comes in handy when they are working as a team.

GitHub helps in tracking every minute alteration to the application.

Well, this is it!

Wrapping Up

The aforementioned are the reasons that you should consider hiring a full-stack developer.

As you can clearly see, there is a lot that a full stack developer can bring to the table. However, the best way to work with a full-stack developer is to hire a team of full-stack developers from an outsourcing company.

It is undoubtedly the best idea to hire a full-stack developer. This is because they bring in a lot of expertise and experience full stack development companies bring in to your projects which is phenomenal and game-changing.

Get in touch with us if you intend to work with the best in the industry.

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