Understanding Broadcast Text Messaging in SMS Marketing

Broadcast messaging is one of the powerful techniques to deliver information to lots of recipients at once and easily reach your target audience. Let’s understand the benefits of using Broadcast Messaging in SMS Marketing.

Broadcast Text Messaging

Maximizing Your Reach: Understanding Broadcast Messaging in SMS Marketing

The rise of smartphones gave birth to new mobile marketing tactics and technology. SMS marketing is a major part of mobile marketing, which also streamlines communication and makes it more accessible to reach users than ever before.

Text messaging has become extremely popular because it allows reaching customers directly on their devices. There are several ways to reach your target audience and broadcast messaging is one such method to reach your target audience at scale.

But what exactly is broadcast messaging and how do you use it to maximize your reach? Let’s find out:

What is Broadcast Messaging?

Broadcast messaging is a powerful way to reach a mass audience through the SMS channel. It refers to sending one or more messages in bulk to a list of contacts or customers to promote your product or service.

Broadcast messaging presents a meaningful way to interact with customers and offers greater efficiency, deliverability, and security. It enables you to leverage the speed and efficacy of bulk messaging to reach your target audience at scale.

Using the right automated texting tool, businesses can broadcast time-sensitive deals, reminders, special offers, and other promotional or marketing messages. However, before sending such messages to any of your contacts, make sure they have opted in to receive such messages.

Having such express permission from your contacts helps avoid the risk of being reported as spam or fraud. Broadcast messages are ideal for driving more conversions and helping your business grow cost-affordably.

To make it more hassle-free, segment your contacts to send targeted messages that turn out to be more effective and generate desired outcomes.

How Does Broadcast Messaging Work?

Message broadcasting follows a simple process as listed below:

  • Acquiring information about customers who opted in to receive messages and importing the same in your SMS automation tool. You can create a subscription page or build a form to collect data. The stronger the data, the better it is for you to target users.

  • Select a business texting platform to automate sending and broadcasting messages to your recipients.

  • Segment these contacts so you can better target them with tailored and personalized messages.

  • Now craft broadcasting campaigns in advance to send automated texts to intended recipients to save you time and focus on other important tasks.

  • With a click of a button, you can schedule and broadcast the message to your entire list of contacts.

Differences Between Broadcast Messages vs. MMS Group

MMS group messaging helps businesses quickly and efficiently communicate with their customers. Here, you can send multimedia messages like images, videos, emojis, and others to multiple recipients simultaneously.

It works by sending one message to a group of people on their phone numbers where each person can respond to the sender creating a text message chain that other recipients can see. In broadcast messaging, on the other hand, the recipient can respond to the sender in private which other senders can’t see.

Broadcast messages ensure that your users’ information such as their numbers, locations, and others remain fully secure and out of other recipients' reach.

When to Use Broadcast Messaging?

Almost all industries and business types will find a use case for broadcast messaging. Still, here are a few ways to deploy broadcast messaging:

1. Promotional and Marketing Messaging

One of the common uses of broadcast text messaging is to send marketing and promotional SMSs to keep your audiences informed and engaged. Since the majority of people own text-enabled phones, it presents a lucrative opportunity for you to capitalize on the higher deliverability and open rate of messages.

Moreover, it saves you time as you can automate the whole workflow and broadcast your promotional message to the whole masses.

2. Time-sensitive Deals

The biggest benefit of broadcast messages is they are delivered almost instantly to people’s SMS inboxes. This makes it perfect for sending time-sensitive messages, deals, and offers like flash sales, delivery information, and others.

You can easily schedule and automate messages to send personalized texts at scale to inform users and boost conversions.

3. Send Appointment Reminders

Another use case of broadcast messaging is to send appointment reminders to people who have subscribed to attend events like seminars, workshops, webinars, and others. Since most Americans check their phones 352 times a day, such reminders will ensure that people attend the event they register for.

You can craft a personalized message with the help of an SMS automation tool and include details such as appointment date, time, location, and contact information.

4. Collect Feedback

Customer feedback is essential as it helps increase the social proof of your brand. According to one report, almost 95% of consumers read reviews and 58% would pay more for products with good reviews. Through broadcast messaging, you can send feedback survey forms to your customers and request a review submission.

You can also send follow-up text messages to increase review submissions and increase your brand’s online reputation.

Benefits of Broadcasting Text Messages?

The benefits of broadcast messaging speak for themselves but here are a few to convince you more:

  • Cost-efficiency: Broadcasting is where you send messages at scale to reach mass consumers, which saves you time and money to send them individually.

  • Mass Reach: With broadcasting, you can send messages to mass audiences in seconds. You can schedule and automate the whole process of sending messages to hundreds and thousands of people.

  • High Visibility: As seen above, people check their phones 352 times and spend around 3 to 4 hours per day. This gives you high visibility when running your broadcast messaging communication.

  • Personalization: To get better responses from your contacts, you can personalize your broadcast messaging for each individual. You can add information like name, birthdate, location, or others when creating broadcast messaging campaigns.

Wrap Up

Through the power of SMS and broadcast messaging, you can reach and connect with wide audiences in just a few clicks. With the right SMS marketing automation tool, you can strengthen your relationship with customers by broadcasting important messages.

The instant deliverability of broadcast messages ensures that your customers get all the alerts, promotions, and time-sensitive messages. This only demonstrates your increased ability to reach the right audiences at the right time with broadcast messaging.

Author Byline: Philip Portman

Philip Portman is the founder/CEO of Textdrip, a business texting platform for insurance, mortgage, real estate, and solar sales. He has created several startups from the ground up. He is a leading expert in SMS marketing and automation in digital marketing.

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