The Importance of Chemistry in Everyday Life

Chemistry supports understanding and progress in nearly every field of science and technology, economics, commerce, and industry. There are many reasons why we study chemistry. Let's find out why chemistry is important and useful in everyday life.

Importance of Chemistry
The Importance of Chemistry in Everyday Life

Why Should We Study Chemistry?

Chemistry is a science that deals with the study of elements and compounds, their properties, the composition of each of them, and the reactions they undergo in terms of producing or absorbing energy for their occurrence.

The science of chemistry is concerned with the study of atoms as they constitute the cornerstone of chemicals, as well as the study of the complex cohesion of materials and interactions leading to the formation of new materials, and the study of the structure of different materials.

The science of chemistry consists of five main branches, namely:

  1. Analytical chemistry. 
  2. Physical chemistry. 
  3. Organic chemistry. 
  4. Inorganic Chemistry. 
  5. Biochemistry.

Chemistry is often called the central science

Chemistry is often referred to as a central science because it links mathematics and physics together, biology to medicine, and earth sciences to the environment. Therefore, knowing the nature of chemicals and chemical processes gives insights into many different physical and biological phenomena, And knowing a little about chemistry is useful for building a base for understanding the universe around humans.

Develop an understanding of the world

Chemistry enables people to understand changes that occur in the natural and physical world and provides them with the understanding needed to make informed decisions about consumer products, manage resources, determine the properties of different materials, and be able to transform these into new and useful materials. In addition to providing explanations about various phenomena, such as: why leaves change color in autumn, why plants are green, ow cheese is made, and how soap works.

Develop useful materials

The study of chemistry is important because it enables people to develop a wide variety of useful materials, such as medicines for the treatment of diseases, materials that can be used as sources of alternative energy, materials that protect the environment, and structures that are advanced in building technology. Chemistry also helps in understanding climate change.

Chemistry plays an important role in drug discovery

Organic chemistry has been the driving force for drug discovery since ancient times. Where the chemical composition of the compound is responsible for the possibility of using the element in the drug. Therefore, many studies in the field of chemistry were needed to contribute to the medicinal chemistry required to improve chemical compounds for use as human medicines. Chemical research should also contribute to the development of organic chemistry to reach compounds with ideal physical and chemical properties, by developing new synthetic methods.

Provide a variety of professions

The study of chemistry opens the way for people skilled in it to take up positions in a variety of useful, interesting, and rewarding careers in industry, public services, and education.

A chemistry degree is also an excellent basis for advanced study in a number of related fields. Even in times of high unemployment, a chemist is one of the most sought-after researchers for various jobs. This is because the study of chemistry provides knowledge in physics, medicine, biology, mathematics, earth, and environmental sciences, and determines the nature of materials and chemical processes. 

Chemistry provides a perspective on a variety of physical and biological phenomena, and an excellent basis for understanding the physical universe.

A chemist who understands different phenomena is also able to confront the different problems facing modern societies; Such as measuring the number of pollutants in drinking water, comparing protein ratios between different meats, as well as developing a new antibiotic.

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The importance of chemistry in our daily life

There are many reasons why studying chemistry is important and useful in everyday life, including:

  • Chemistry is useful for learning useful skills, such as objectivity and problem-solving.
  • Chemistry helps to keep the person safe by knowing which household chemicals are safe and which ones are dangerous when mixed with other chemicals so that they can use them safely.
  • Studying the basics of chemistry helps to read and understand the labels of different products.
  • Chemistry is a very important factor in cooking. If a person understands the chemical reactions to increase or balance acidity levels in baked goods, or in thickening a sauce, he or she is likely to become a skilled chef.
  • Chemistry is found in the basic elements of food, as it is found in proteins consisting of complex molecules of amino acids, and in carbohydrates consisting of starches and sugars, and chemical reactions occur between them and the body so that the cells of the body can do their work, and essential fats to moisturize the cells of the body.
  • Chemistry can help a person make informed decisions because they will have enough knowledge to determine the quality of a product, and whether that product really has the properties that have been promoted, or is it just propaganda.
  • Agrochemists are interested in studying agricultural crops and the possibility of increasing their productivity and protecting them from pests by using chemicals. In addition to their interest in studying animal genetics to understand its reproduction and work to increase the efficiency of animal production and its freedom from diseases.
  • Chemical engineers work to innovate and develop new materials that increase the efficiency of products at a lower cost, in addition to designing processing plants, ensuring the safety of handling dangerous chemicals, and supervising the manufacture of all products.
  • Environmental chemists are interested in studying chemical reactions in nature, in the soil, and in the air, and the impact of human activities on environmental pollution. Where they check the water quality by testing the water coming from the rivers for its content of minerals, the percentage of dissolved oxygen in it, its acidity, and whether it needs fluorine and chlorine treatment.
  • The study of organic chemistry is very important because it studies life and chemical reactions in living organisms, and understanding the interactions of carbon compounds such as polymers that form many materials around us, including: nylon and acrylic, and various petrochemicals such as gasoline, medicines, detergents and many others, and cosmetics are organic chemicals. . It is important to study the effect of its interaction on the skin and the possibility of developing it to treat various skin problems.
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