How to Get a Job as a Network Architect

Want to become a network architect? Let's learn what skills you need to be a network architect and how to quickly get hired as a computer network architect.

Computer network architect
Computer network architect

How to Get a Job as a Network Architect: Effective Tips to Get Hired Fast

Online networks are becoming more and more important to the business system. It makes it easy for employees to talk to each other and share information.

With such an important job, organisations will need to find network architects who regularly design, update, and maintain systems.

So, how does one get a job as a network architect? Here's how to impress employers:

  • Get a bachelor's degree or take classes in the right area.
  • Gain experience in the real world.
  • Get valuable certifications.
  • Try to get a job.

This article will give a detailed analysis and walk you through the road map step by step. Sounds like fun? Scroll Down.

Who is a network architect?

A network architect is an IT expert who may also be called a network engineer or computer architect. It is their job to build and improve computer networks.

The main goal of these systems is to help people share data and talk digitally.

They can be big networks in many different places, or they can be small networks in one area.

Because of their ability to bring people together, these people usually work for companies in the financial, telecommunications, and insurance industries.

Network engineers can also work in the IT department of companies that design computer systems. Here, they will take orders for new systems from many different businesses.

What Does Network Architects Do?

As an IT specialist, a systems architect's main job is to design and build network models, take care of them, and keep information secure.

These experts will analyse and plan to build the right system based on how the organisation works and what it needs to do. Their specialties are local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), and LANs (LANs).

The job of computer systems engineers is to set up and take care of important hardware like computers, routers, and modems.

These professionals will need to work with a team of system administrators, system architects, and other technical experts to make sure the workflow goes smoothly.

They also have to work with departments in higher management to find ways to solve technical problems through communication.

Types of Jobs opportunities for a Network Architect

For many IT jobs, you need to know and have experience with systems architecture. You can choose the right job based on your skills and work history.

Here are the three jobs that network architects do most often.

System Administrator

Systems administrators are in charge of providing, setting up, and organising the infrastructure system that helps the business run.

They will choose the right hardware and software for the network and set it up. To do this, these professionals will have to figure out what the organization's IT needs are.

After installing and setting up the best system of hardware and software, systems administrators teach users how to use the hardware and software correctly.

Security Analyst

A lot of important information is stored in the network and computer systems of an organisation. So, businesses need people who specialise in security to keep them safe from attacks.

Their job is to keep the systems safe by setting up firewalls and installing software and encryption programmes. So, these professionals make sure that sensitive information stays safe and private.

You can easily find online boot camps that teach system security skills.

Computer Systems Analyst

For computer systems analysts, the most important thing is how the IT systems of an organisation work. They are always looking for ways to make systems better by designing and improving them.

These experts must also set up and install new systems to meet the operational needs of the organisation. Cloud storage and different software programmes can be used on these systems.

Network Architect Certification

Candidates will have to meet different needs, depending on what the company wants. Get as many licences and certifications as you can if you want better pay and benefits.

Some certifications and training programmes from software system vendors are:


The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) is a major provider of IT certifications that aren't tied to any particular company. There are a lot of useful courses for system architects here.

Some licences and training programmes you might want to think about are:


Cisco's training and education programmes give network engineers a place to learn and use Cisco networks to get better at what they do.

Cisco will also hire people with these certifications if they want to work at its facility. There are five entry levels to their credentials: associate, professional, expert, and architect. Check out the Cisco Certification Cost details at & make plan accordingly.


To become a network architect, you will need to learn, keep practising, and improve your skills and knowledge. This job role requires some management-level qualities, but you will also get some other benefits you deserve in return.

Check out some of the full-time bachelor's programmes at the university. If not, you can go to community colleges or boot camps, which are cheaper and take less time to learn.

No matter what, you still need to work hard. Always try to get better at what you do, and you'll get better offers.

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