Most Popular Diamond Shapes for Engagement Rings in 2022

Diamond Shapes for Engagement Rings

10 Most Popular Diamond Shapes for Engagement Rings in 2022.

Every girl dreams of getting her best dressed and looking like a fairytale princess on her engagement and wedding day. The options for your engagement rings are endless, but nothing beats the love for diamond rings. 

You might have approved a diamond ring for your big day but choosing a perfect one is not as easy as it seems. 

The jewellery business has become excessively optional. Luxury jewellery to a small jewellery shop around the corner of your street gives you endless diamond ring options. To be honest, you can easily pick a diamond ring if you don’t have any budget issues. The top luxury brands make sure to serve you with the best. But for beginners and people with a limited budget, it is essential to learn about the types of diamonds for your engagement day. 

As we step further, it’s necessary to know the fundamental difference between the shape and cut of a diamond. Technically, shape tells you about the outline of the diamond when seen face up. The most famous diamond shapes are round, square, heart, and oval. Now talking about the cut of a diamond, it describes more about the facet arrangement of a diamond. A perfect cut gives brilliance, brightness and sparkle to it. A raw uncut diamond may seem darkish. Thus, a well-cut diamond is worth your money. 

    1. Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds:

Round shaped diamond is an age-old traditional shape for a diamond ring. Whenever you imagine a diamond ring, a round shape comes to you automatically. The Round Brilliant cut diamonds are also favoured for their usage as secondary stones on engagement rings. The Round Brilliant cut is a timeless style for engagement rings. The setting of diamonds may vary to give a new look to a diamond ring, but the basic round shape is always favoured by the buyers.

   2. Square-Shaped Princess Cut Diamonds:

Square-cut diamond rings are the second most loved diamond shape. This ring is relatively cheaper than round-cut diamond rings. Square-shaped diamond rings are ruling the diamond industry for centuries. The princess cut is the new addition to this particular shape. This cut gives tremendous brilliance and radiance to this type of engagement ring. Square-shaped princess-cut diamond rings are the best options worth your money if you are looking for a contemporary design for your engagement ring.

   3. Pear-Shaped Diamonds:

The pear shape has always been in the raw diamond rings, but this shape was not as popular as its contemporaries. Pear shape diamond rings are often referred to as teardrop-shaped rings. This shape is pointed at one end and round-shaped at the other end. Pear-shaped rings are less sparkly than the above two stated ring shapes, but this shape is a better option for people looking for big stones at a comparatively lesser cost. 

   4. Marquise Shaped Diamonds:

People not so familiar with this shape will be surprised to know that this diamond shape dates back to the 18th century. Marquise diamonds are commonly known as boat-shaped diamonds. This diamond shape is a standalone diamond shape that can or cannot be accompanied by side stones. This engagement ring is undoubtedly eye-catching. The elongated shape makes your finger look graceful and longer than usual. Marquise rings can opt for a statement ring.

   5. Oval-Shaped Diamonds:

Oval-shaped rings are quite like marquise rings but a little less elongated. Here, the tips are rounded and not pointed like the marquise rings. This particular shape gives a variety of options as a solitaire ring. Oval-shaped rings can be paired with round-shaped, emerald-shaped diamonds for a more classic look. 

You can combine modern and vintage elements for a more artistic look. You can even get your diamond rings decorated in coloured gemstones with an oval-shaped diamond in the centre.

   6. Cushion-Shaped Diamonds:

While looking at the cushion-shaped diamond rings, you will get an illusion of a square-cut or rectangular-cut diamond ring. You must have heard many people calling it a pillow cut diamond shape. The cushion cut shape has extreme brilliance just like a brilliant cut diamond. The softer corners of this diamond cut make it an affordable and elegant choice for modern designs. 

   7. Emerald-Shaped Diamonds:

Emerald-shaped diamonds are the synonyms for sophistication, style and class all in one place. Emerald cut diamonds are known for their classic shape and clarity. The Emerald shape looks superb as a centre stone as well as a side stone. Emerald cut diamonds are often seen in diamond bracelets, necklaces and tiaras. Emerald cut leaves no place for inclusions. A single inclusion can be easily seen in this type of diamond cut. 

   8. Asscher Shaped Diamonds:

Asscher shaped diamonds are modified versions of cushion cut, square cut shaped cut diamonds. These are precisely longer, geometrically step-cut facets and angled corners. This precision makes this diamond shaped bolder, tidier and modern. You can choose it as a solitaire without other side stone settings. Asscher diamonds are extremely sparkly but still less costlier than round cut diamonds. 

   9. Radiant Shaped Diamonds:

This cut was invented in 1977 by Henry Grossbard. Radiant shape is designed particularly to add brilliance and fire of round cut diamond to an emerald cut diamond. It's a hybrid shape that has a soft corner to an emerald cut diamond. Radiant cut diamonds are extremely popular for low cost and tremendous brilliance and scintillation. All thanks to the large table and numerous facets compared to cushion cut diamonds. 

   10. Heart-Shaped Diamonds:

The heart shape is a sheer representation of love, romance, compassion and care towards a loved one. There are numerous jewellery options with heart shapes. The heart shaped lockets are the most popular ones in this category. 

Seeing this popularity, jewellery designers started making heart shaped diamond rings for the couples. This shape is obtained by modification of round cut diamonds. 

To make it visible you need to choose a heart shaped diamond ring weighing more than a carat. 

It's a token of love and a smart option that lies in your budget. The designs are rare which make this type of diamond cut more desirable.

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